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Published at 1st of April 2020 04:25:09 AM
Chapter 1017: 1017

Chapter 1017: Beauty Crisis

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Upon seeing this, Song Ming stepped forwards and said: “Feng Jiu, since we aren’t in a hurry, let’s take them with us! Look at her, she’s injured! They’re just two weak women and an old woman, something might happen to them if we let them make their journey by themselves . ”

“That’s right Mister, I’m old and have two young granddaughters with me . We don’t go out much, please let us travel with you Mister!” The old woman begged and the two beautiful women next to her looked at Feng Jiu with tears in their eyes .


She looked at the three women and glanced at Song Ming who was staring longingly . Feng Jiu’s mouth curved upwards slightly and she said: “Okay then! We will take you with us . ”

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When he heard this, Song Ming froze, he was about to say something else to persuade him as he didn’t think that he would agree so easily . Although he found it slightly strange, he didn’t think much more of it but instead delightfully told the two young women that they didn’t need to worry anymore .

Duan Ye and Ning Lang’s eyes flickered slightly . The two of them had spent more time with Feng Jiu than Song Ming . Through their journey together, they knew that Feng Jiu’s mind did not change easily, something must be wrong .

However, as he didn’t say anything, they would just observe in silence .

Thereafter, Feng Jiu instructed Duan Ye and Ning Lang to help Song Ming take one woman each . She took Cloud Devouring with her and set off on her flying feather while the others followed behind her on Royal swords .

Royal swords usually fly very fast . However, the three of them are carrying passengers and needed to rest after travelling some distance . Therefore, they’re slowed down by this factor . They would usually be able to arrive at the next town within a day, but now that evening was approaching, it seemed like they wouldn’t even have reached the next town .

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At this moment, the woman that Song Ming was travelling together with had suddenly fainted giving Song Ming a fright . He shouted for the attention of his travelling companions in front and brought the woman off the sword and down to the ground with him .

Feng Jiu was still sitting on her flying feather as she turned back to look at them . There was a forest below them with few people . When she saw that they were all descending into the forest, she also followed them .

“Feng Jiu, please take a look at her quickly . I don’t know why she’s suddenly fainted . ” Song Ming held his arms around the woman, his face full of worry .

“It would probably just be that she had sustained some injuries and is tired out from the journey . Don’t worry . ” Feng Jiu said, she looked around at their surroundings: “It’s getting late, let’s rest here for the night and continue our journey tomorrow . ”

“Okay, we will pick some branches for fire and look around for some game to hunt for our evening meal . ” Duan Ye and Ning Lang said . Feng Jiu nodded and they left together .

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Feng Jiu smiled as she watched them walk away and said to Song Ming: “Help her to the tree over here! I will go and see if there is water nearby . ”

“Feng Jiu, I will come with you!” The other young woman said, looking at Feng Jiu shamelessly . Those beautiful eyes were mesmerising and fascinating as they stared at Feng Jiu .

“Okay!” She smiled and nodded, leaving Cloud Devouring behind to stand guard as she walked off in the other direction with the beautiful woman .

Upon seeing them walk away, the old woman looked at Song Ming . There was an inexplicable light in her eyes as she wept tearfully covering part of her face: “My poor granddaughter…”

On the other side, the young woman who had left with Feng Jiu was peeking at her sideways . She saw that her expression had changed and her legs buckled . She cried out softly as she fell onto Feng Jiu……

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