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Chapter 88
CHAPTER 88 Help Her Wear Clothes

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl

“Ah!!!” After she screams, An Chuxia hurriedly covers her eyes.

Han Qilu’s face is beyond dark. He mercilessly stares at An Chuxia; his expression, apathetic. He is a man, and it is no big deal to be seen. He slowly walks to his huge wardrobe selection and opens the closet door to retrieve clothes.

As long as he isn’t angry, he is the epitome of dignity.

After donning on pajamas, he takes one of his robes and hands it to An Chuxia. He squats and asks, “What did you see?”

“Ah?” An Chuxia is

dumbfounded. She doesn’t dare open her eyes and is afraid to move. Because of what transpired, her mind remains blank.

Han Qilu jokingly elicits a smile. His eyes could not help but glance at her chest. Although she’s mostly covered, he can see the top part of her cleavage. Ah, she’s not entirely flat-chested… .

Despite not seeing anything, his body suddenly reacts. Damn it! He scolds himself in his head but why can’t he stand being tempted?

He raises his hand and throws the garment at An Chuxia’s head. Han Qilu turns his back to her. “What are you still doing there? Are you dead?

dead? Get dressed quickly.”

Listening to his tone, An Chuxia presumes he’s dressed. She moves a bit. She is puzzled when she looks at the robe thrown her way. She looks down and realizes her torn outfit…

“Ah!!!” she screams.

“If you want me to see your little chest, hurry up and give me the robe. I have something to say to you,” he says.

She doesn’t speak while he maintains his posture against her.

As she swallows hard, she digests the mental image of what Jiang Yuan witnessed. Picturing what she saw, she’d expect… things to be not so simple.

But she didn’t dare think too much.

too much. She is afraid Han Qilu would turn around at any time. She quickly takes off her nightgown and changes into Han Qilu’s robe. But then, the robe is f**king big: she can wear the top and mop the floor with the cloth dragging on the floor.

She waves the long sleeves. Ooh, they can be playthings!

“I’m dressed…You wanted to say something?” She is anxious to get over this conversation so she can explain to Jiang Yuan what happened. She is afraid she misunderstood what she saw.

He was about to tell her to listen well until he faced her. He can’t help but laugh help but laugh at her comical appearance.

“What are you laughing at?” She touches her hair. He laughs every time she moves but she isn’t sure if he’s really laughing or smirking.

He doesn’t answer her question. Instead, he takes a few steps to her. “You’re so stupid. You can’t even tie the belt to your robe.”

He actually bends over to help secure the belt around her. An Chuxia is suddenly paralyzed.

Didn’t she say the devil may be childish but handsome as well?

She watches him as he knots the belt. When he suddenly looks at her, her face flushes red. “I… I will tie the belt.”

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