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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 83 I Will Formally Pursue Her

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

“Oh,” Qilu says. "Our fathers may be very familiar with each other, but I don't recall us being like them. So, for you to ask me a question, why should I listen?"

An Chenchuan has always been aware of Han Qilu's bad temper, so his cynicism doesn't make him angry. Instead, he finds it embarrassing.

He chooses his words carefully. "It is about An Chuxia."

Upon hearing her name. Han Qilu's face changes. The lines on his face become more defined. "I don't quite understand why you think she is a topic for you to ask."

An Chenchuan shakes his head and repeats his question nicely. “I do not expect you to answer me, but I just want to ask. Master Han Qilu, is your relationship with An Chuxia truly just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill kind of relationship?"

“Ordinary relationship?” Han Qilu cocks his head, shooting him a puzzled look.

An Chenchuan unconsciously clenches his fist. “I mean, do you like An Chuxia?” With great determination, he finally asks the question.

Han Qilu chuckles, but his smile doesn't radiate warmth. His face goes stoic. Han Qilu coldly replies, "Hasn't anyone told you, it is rude to ask such a question?"

He certainly knows it is very rude, but if he doesn't outright ask about it, he won't be able to sleep.

“Please answer me!” He stubbornness surprises him. His usual demeanor would've shrugged off the unanswered question.

Han Qilu is silent for a moment. Then, he takes a few steps forward. He stands in front of An Chenchuan. Although they have the same height, An Chenchuan is far less of a deterrent compared to Qilu.

"You like An Chuxia?" Chenchuan doesn't answer. In the depth of Qilu's eyes, Chenchuan is aware of the coldness that lays.

Chenchuan faces Qilu and replies matter-of-factly. "Yes, I like her!"

Han Qilu continues to prod. "Like her… for what reason? Can you remember her favorite place? She isn't beautiful, and she doesn't have a great figure. She is stubborn. She has brains, but is a fool. There is no reason for anyone to like her."

Chenchuan raises his head slightly and looks at Han Qilu. "I like a person despite their shortcomings!"

“I was asking you what you liked!” he asks, raising his volume again.

Silent for a moment, Chenchuan replies, "Liking a person is not a reason?"

As he responds, Qilu counters, "That response is too broad. Having no reason to like a person only shows you do NOT like her!"

“No! I like her!” An Chenchuan argues firmly.

Han Qilu stares at An Chenchuan for a while before sneering, "Whatever."

Then, he turns and walks out.

“Wait a minute!” An Chenchuan walks up and stops him. “Starting tomorrow, I will pursue her!"

“Oh?” Han Qilu shows no emotion. “Do not forget, you are nothing but her brother."

He takes a deep breath. An Chenchuan puffs his chest and says, "How's that possible? I like her. Tomorrow, I will make every attempt for her to like me."

CHAPTER 84 Come to my Room

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Han Qilu stares deeply into An Chenchuan’s eyes. He lets out snort. "Whatever."

An Chenchuan shoots a chilly look at Han Qilu as he watches his back disappear down the steps. Chenchuan's head is a mess. He thought Qilu would be angry with him on the spot. Instead, he was relatively cold and indifferent.

Is he wrong in his assumption that Han Qilu likes An Chuxia?

It's undoubtedly good news for him if he's wrong. Therefore, there's nothing stopping him, right?

“An Chuxia, feel free to stop by often and play here,” An Yishan kindly states. However, she thinks he should be ashamed about his invite. He is willing to be her father to be in good graces with Han Liuhai. If he knew she is his biological daughter, would he still treat her this way?

He just might immediately push her away.

"I will accompany her so she will play here frequently." Han Qilu takes a step toward An Chuxia and puts his arm around her shoulder. "Isn't that right, my fiancée?"

He is deliberately distracting An Chuxia so she won't fixate on An Yishan. Like a stupid piece of wood, she doesn't answer An Yishan's words.

Upon hearing the sound of Han Qilu's voice, An Chuxia recovers. Turning to Han Qilu with grateful eyes, she finds her voice and says, “Sorry, foster father, I'll do what I'm told."

She specifically uses the word ‘father’ bitterly with a particularly heavy tone.

An Yishan is oblivious to her double entendre. He smiles and turns around and wishes Liuhai farewell. They were back at the Korean mansion by nine o’clock. The dinner they just attended was really long.

"You have returned?” Steward Han stands at the gate, waiting to greet them as they drive in. He's been working for the Hans for 40 years. He was 10 when he first stood in front of the Han's door.

It can be said he, as a guardinan, watched Han Qilu grow.

"Steward Han.” An Chuxia gets out of the car. "Where did you put my books and papers?"

He bows for a few seconds before happily replying, “I have placed them in your room; on the desk."

She nods and runs through the gravel road to the hall. The hall is dim, the huge crystal chandelier lights up the hall even without daylight. She had just come up the stairs when she hears a sound from Han Qilu's door.

“An Chuxia, will you please come to my room?” As she turns and looks, Han Qilu is sitting on the sofa, eating fruit.

Strange, why would he want her in his room? An Chuxia disregards his order. She should go back to her room and focus on what she's supposed to teach in class tomorrow.

“Yeah! Nine!” Jiang Yuan yells like she is in a charity auction. Han Liuhai helps her in the house and up the steps. She drank more than a mouthful of red wine and she has become noisy.

"You should not write today. Go back to the room and sleep. Otherwise, tomorrow, you'd wish you were dead.” Han Liuhai persuades Jiang Yuan.

Han Liuhai was about to turn in but he sees Han Qilu sitting, eating an apple. He goes to his son and deliberately sits next to him. “Why was Chuxia acting strangely?"

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