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Chapter 69

She steps out of the classroom, puzzled. “Why are you here?”

Ling Hanyu sullenly says, “Looks like you’re annoyed to see us. Fine, I’m leaving. Don’t stop me.”

An Chuxia stares at him in confusion. Xiao Mingluo is indifferent. Neither of them stop Hanyu.

“Hey!” Hanyu angrily stares at them. “Neither of you is stopping or blocking me?”

Xiao Mingluo puts his hand on his chest and raises his chin with disdain. “You told us not to stop you. You think we’d be able to talk to her if we walked away?”

“I… .” Ling

Hanyu hangs his head and walks back to them.

An Chuxia groans. “Are you looking for something?” She deliberately rephrases her statement from “Why are you here?”

Ling Hanyu shrugs. “We just heard you aced the general exam. We came over to specifically congratulate you. We were hoping you’d join us in celebration at Atlantis? Oh… not…no, handsome guy .”

“What’s wrong with you?” Xiao Mingluo pushes Hanyu aside. “We came to remind you to be careful of Mo Xinwei. Hanyu said you don’t want us to help you. But I wish you’d take up

up on our offer to help you.”

He says it with such sincerity An Chuxia is touched.

“Why would you want to help me?” They are good friends with Han Qilu. From any perspective, they shouldn’t extend any help to her.

Xiao Mingluo suspects Chuxia doesn’t believe them. “Han ayi told us to help you. Qilu may be fickle at times, but he’s actually a nice guy.”

After hearing it is Jiang Yuan’s concern for her safety these two boys are around, she feels relieved.

“Okay,” she says with a nod.

“An Chuxia.” A boy from the classroom

the classroom emerges. His name is An Chen Chuan and he’s the only boy who resisted the review. An Chuxia found it strange when he stayed behind after the rest of the class left. He’s very animated. Although she’s only been in the class for two days, she finds it odd for someone popular in class acknowledge her.

He’s usually the first out of the classroom. What’s with him today?

“Chen Chuan, why haven’t you left?” She turns and smiles at him pleasantly. She’s usually gentle to others… with Han Qilu being the exception. And the exception. And these two boys. No matter what, she can’t like them.

An Chen Chuan unconsciously blushes as he sees An Chuxia smile. He is so nervous, he doesn’t know where to put his hands.

“I was hoping you’d finish your business with Chuxia. I have something important to discuss with her.”

Xiao Mingluo pulls his senior rank on the little boy. It seems the little boy has taken a liking to Chuxia.

An Chuxia turns around and stares down Xiao Mingluo’s arrogance. She looks at Chen Chuan and grins. “I’m sorry they’re acting like this.”

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