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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 55 Feeling Distressed Because of Han Qilu

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Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

T/N: Bofu (伯父)- means father’s elder brother / term of respect for older man

Han Liuhai reveals to An Chuxia Qilu doesn't have real childhood friends. Their high family status has people getting close to him because of his money and connections, not in spite of it.

He's always wanted to make friends but time and time again, the people he befriends break their promises. Since then, he's lost his trust in people. His personality changes to something more volatile. He smiles one minute, and in the next, stab a person on the belly.

It was after kindergarten when he met other children with similar family status. Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu have become his… sunflower. Their bond normalized him. But still, he prefers living a more solitary existence. He is suspicious of anyone. He distrusts people, and he hates anyone suddenly appearing next to him and in his thoughts.

She doesn't know why, but when Han Liuhai speaks about his son, his expression becomes inscrutinable. But just as quickly, it reverts to being normal. She suddenly dismisses her thoughts.

After hearing Qilu's story, Chuxia's heart is suddenly filled with sadness.

Her family may have been poor but she doesn't lack true friends. Her friends are sincere despite their low status. Her childhood was very lively and happy.

But children from rich families have poor childhood memories. They don't have actual friends. Perhaps, it is ordinary for poor people to have friends, while it's a luxury for the rich.

She's suspects he doesn't trust because he doesn't want to be lonely, but why does he suddenly hate her?

She suddenly understood Han Qilu.

“Han Shushu, I think I know what you're trying to tell me.” She flashes a pleasant smile.

“You know, he is a good boy,” he says. “There are times when he is like a wayward three- year-old child, but I hope in time, you can understand him a little more."

An Chuxia nods.”I will, Han Shushu."

Han Lu Hai waves his hand and says, "Do not call me Han Shushu. Call me bofu. Calling me Han Shushu makes us feel like we are strangers."

An Chuxia smiles and calls him bofu.

"Well, it's about nine o'clock. I'll see you at breakfast? I'm off to see your bomu," Han Liuhai says before heading for the stairs.

This is one of those moments she truly envies Qilu. Although his father looks very stern, her heart already loves him like a father. And maybe it's because she grew up without one. She likes him treating her like his feral child.

She wipes the tear in her eye before mounting the steps. Sighing, she remembers today's homework still needs to be finished!

While in the other side of town, Xiao Mingluo's home is not as harmonious.

"Are you alright? You really want to sleep here?" Xiao Mingluo asks. He answers the door in his white robe. He looks like he’s been woken from sleep.

"What, you're kicking me out?" Qilu jumps on the bed.

Confused, Xiao Mingluo says, "If your mom is looking to blame me, I don't want to be your scapegoat. Don't take advantage of me. Go home."

Han Qilu walks over to Mingluo and cups the back of his neck. "You really want me to go back?"

CHAPTER 56 Stiff Neck

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie

As soon as Xiao Mingluo sees Qilu's creepy smile, he swallows and says, "Well, next time you need to go somewhere to sleep, remember to choose Ling Hanyu's!"

At the mention of Ling Hanyu's house as a place to sleep, Qilu immediately chortles. He shoots his friend a 'you've got to be kidding me' look.

"You don't know them. He is a night owl. Last time I went there to sleep, his mother asked me to stay up with him and play all night long!"

Mingluo shrugs off his statement. "Maybe he's not nocturnal anymore. Well, before going to bed, I was taking a bath. I almost died… ."

Achoo! A guy who is concentrating on an online game suddenly sneezes.

“Who's talking about me?” Hanyu asks himself. He shrugs and then continues to play World of Warcraft… the pattern-matching version.


An Chuxia pulls an all-nighter.

"Get up, lazy, get up!" The alarm clock suddenly beeps. An Chuxia opens her drowsy eyes halfway and finds herself resting on the table.

Looking back, she remembers finishing her homework. Since it was still early, she made herself a cup of coffee and started studying the English version of I Have a Dream. She must have fallen asleep since she woke up on her desk.

She stands up and discovers she has a stiff neck! It isn't bad but she can't can't quite twist her neck. She should've had a pillow to counter the unparalleled pain!

She quickly washes her face before getting into her uniform. She descends down the steps slowly. Grabbing the medicine box for some pain relievers, she tries to be as quiet as she could to avoid being detected by the over-protective Jiang Yuan.

Breakfast is like yesterday's. Jiang Yuan and Han Liuhai sit at the table. It looks like they just started. Their breakfast remains untouched. The only difference from yesterday is Han Qilu's absence.

“Good morning, bofu, bomu.” She smiles, puts the book aside, and sits down at the table.

Jiang Yuan stares at An Chuxia for a few seconds. Puzzled, she asks, "Xiao Xia, are you stiff?"

Of course she is seen through… she tried hard to hide her stiff neck but she was still found out.

“Well,” she nods slightly. "It's not a big deal."

“You, ah!” Jiang Yuan frowns, pointing at An Chuxia. “I heard from the servant you were in the kitchen last night. I know you study hard, but can you do what's only required?!"

“I will.” she says. Right now her feet don't hurt. Otherwise she will be nagged by aunt for days.

Just as she is about to pick up her sandwich, she hears the servant out by the door greeting, “Master, you’re back."

She looks up at the door. Han Qilu is wearing his clothes from yesterday. He puts his feet up on the table and says, “Yesterday evening, I was in a hurry. I slept at Mingluo’s."

"Chuxia, don't mind him. Eat!” Jiang Yuan knows Han Qilu wants to converse with her but she deliberately ignores him.

Han Qilu doesn't say anything. He immediately goes up the stairs. He still needs to get dressed for school.

An Chuxia can't taste her food. In the end, she stops eating. She gets up and says, "Have a good breakfast, bomu, bofu."

Jiang Yuan nods. "Move slowly and take care of your stiff neck."

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