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Chapter 5
Become a Maid


Startled, An Chuxia looks at Han Qilu. Who knows whether he’s saying these things jokingly? He deliberately wants to upset her.


Shocked for only a second, An Chuxia adjusts to the mood. She slightly nods and smiles at everyone. “I hope to be good friends. I will help with whatever is within my capacity.”

The girls look at each other, their eyes flashing stars between An Chuxia and Han Qilu. They realize the quickest way to be with Young master Han Qilu is by being his maid!

Seeing how his plan to slander Chuxia failed, Han Qilu enters the College unhappily.

Chen Sheng pushes girls out of the way so An Chuxia can pass. He says, “Miss An, you’re obviously Young Master Han’s future little lady, how can you become a maid? If this gets to the Lady and Master, I do not know how to die!”

An Chuxia shrugs and holds the steward’s shoulder. “You do not have to say anything to aunt and uncle. Anyway, the young master is just having fun. And … I can do what young master Han wants. So if this makes him happy, I can consider this a contribution.”

Looking at An Chuxia’s relaxed disposition, Chen Sheng shakes his head. “Well, since you said it… I will stay in the principal’s office. Let’s go and meet the principal. If they want you to do anything, come get me at the principal’s office and I’ll do it for you.”

An Chuxia nods, but she vows never to trouble the steward. She was raised to do a lot of work. Doing some maid duties shouldn’t be difficult. Moreover, those girls seem to be friendly to her. It shouldn’t be difficult for her.

As she enters Stein College, she quickly understands what makes it a ‘Royal College’. The architectural design of the building is a mix of European and American: seemingly the same style, but different, after closer look. For example, the main building has a steeple, but the building next to it has a dome. Much to An Chuxia’s surprise, a huge ancient clock stands in the middle of the white building.

The bell rings. A group of white pigeons ascend to the sky, marking the passing of time.

Did she ascend to heaven?

“That… Miss An.” Chen Sheng sees An Chuxia’s expression of awe. He really didn’t want to disturb her but he didn’t want her getting into trouble for being late for her meeting with the principal.

“Yes!” She replies, embarrassed by her own reaction toward the steward. “Sorry, it’s too beautiful here.”

She’s going to be attending classes here. Her dream is coming true.

“Oh, come with me.” Chen Sheng leads her.

Soon, they arrive at the teaching building next to a special political building.

“Is this Miss An?” A kindly middle-aged man greets her by the door. “Sure enough, such as her name, An Chuxia. People who like looking at the early summer scenery are quiet and beautiful.”

“You win the prize.” An Chuxia says, patronizing the principal.

“Principal, about our problem,” Steward Han reminds him.

The principal takes her to class A. “The learning environment is particularly good. I’ll take you there right now… Steward Han, please wait for me in my office. There are some documents we have to fill out.”

Chen Sheng nods. “I am also interested in this so I will accompany you and Miss An.”

“Where …,” Both the housekeeper and the principal are polite to each other. She listens to the principal as he boasts to her the legendary ‘learning atmosphere’ speech as they head to class A.

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