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Chapter 343
Teacher, I Really Don't Image from Meraki Archive

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by newbienoona

It's night, Han Qilu once again closes his eyes. His heart stabilizes, and his breath gradually become even.

———Hello, Dear. I called not for you to disconnect———

"Huh? Where is she?" Xiao Mingluo returns to the library with several small and large bags. He looks everywhere, yet, he doesn't see her diminutive figure. Could she be goofing off and have taken a break?

"Ah? Young master Xiao!" The librarian trots over holding a staff's meal. "Miss Chuxia seems to have found the book. I called for her earlier, but she ignored me. I reckon she left to return the book."

"Ah." He nods his head, a wooden expression on his face. He similarly takes out each container of food from the back. The librarian immediately helps set the lunch, and suddenly… .

"What!!! You said she found it?!!!" Though his mental state is slower than some organisms, but when he cries out, he almost scares the librarian out of her skin.

He originally thought that finding a manhua in such a large library would be like finding a needle in a haystack, but it seems now that sometimes, the insurmountable is possible.

Forget it. Since she found it, then she will go find Hanyu. Never mind, He'll fill his stomach first and talk later.

He who was like a mad dog moments ago, has suddenly become serene. He takes out a disposable chopstick and starts eating his lunch, acting as though no one was present. A person cannot function on an empty stomach. Once one stops eating, they will die starving… .

Besides, An Chuxia is running to the boulevard hugging the manhua when someone stops her. Fortunately, she recognizes that the person is her class teacher, but she feels a pang of guilt. Can this count as skipping? The intent is pure.

"…Teacher." This sound of addressing the teacher was deficient of lung power.

Who knew that this big world was full of extraordinary things; the class teacher shoves back his thick glasses and earnestly asks, "Chuxia student, didn't Jiangnan student inform you?"

"Ah?" She asks.

"Didn't she inform you? I told her to tell you that if your stomach is still upset, you should go to the hospital and get a full examination. Although a student's academics is important, your health is more of a priority."

"…" Needless to say, Meng Xiaonan saw that she didn't come back, so she excused her absence with diarrhea as the reason! This damned bastard cannot change the excuse? There are thousands upon thousands of reasons to request leave of absence, it can't be that she only know 'diarrhea' as a reason?

Seeing that she isn't speaking, the class teacher immediately says, "This afternoon, you don't need to attend class. Take a trip to the hospital and have a checkup."

"Teacher, I… ."

"That's my decision; I'm off to have lunch." The class teacher doesn't give her an opportunity to speak. Instead, he turns to leave, holding his briefcase.

The wind is blowing, and the water of the Yi river is cold…. A burst of cold wind blows over, why does it have to be Chuxia's time even though she feels this…cold?

(*T/N: 風蕭蕭兮易水寒。壯士一去兮不復還。excerpt of the poem , was used in the movie "The Emperor and the Assassin")

Teacher, I really don't have diarrhea. T-T

But now it seems she can't return to afternoon classes. Forget it! Just hand this life-threatening manhua to Ling Hanyu, that dunce, first, then decide from there. Her line of sight continuously changes, and finally it changes to a clear, firm gaze.

With great difficulty she arrives at the boulevard but was pulled over by someone.

"Sorry, miss Chuxia. Our young master said no one can bother him." The person who stops her look familiar. If she remembers correctly, his name is Kuni. When they first met, he pointed a pistol at her, almost frightening her to death.

Confronting this type of person, An Chuxia dares not to be impudent. She blinks her eyes and pitifully said, "Handsome brother Kuni, can you allow me to see him just once."

Chapter 344 I Will Die If I Enter

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by newbienoona

Gazing into the pair of incomparable clear eyes, Kuni unconsciously trembles. Could this pair of eyes be the reason that young master is so frustrated?

Kuni tightly purses his lips and recovers himself. "Sorry, miss Chuxia. This is young master's order."

She looks Kuni up and down several times; she understands that a subordinate with this type of mindset, who is unable to compromise, won't give her a backdoor. Now she could only helplessly sigh. "Then, okay… ."

She turns, pretending to leave, when Kuni relaxes his guard. She quickly turns back around, one step forward… .

Before she she can pass him by, Kuni grabs the back of her collar like a small chick. An Chuxia tearfully cries. This guy's reaction speed is suddenly way too fast?!

"Miss Chuxia, please do not make this difficult for us." Kuni bows and respectfully pleads. Despite this statement, it really didn't save her any face.

"Damn!" An Chuxia can't bear it anymore, so she angrily stomps down her foot. "It's not like I will die if I enter? If I go in, I'm not going to do anything to him. I am going to return… ."

"Will die." Kuni insipidly said the line, his gaze changes into one without any expression.

"Eh?" An Chuxia doesn't understand. What do those words mean?

Kuni glances over An Chuxia, before beginning impassively yet silently said, "We, as the Ling house's special forces, our first principle is to fully obey our master's order. If we disobey, there is only one consequence, and that is death."

An Chuxia feels shivers down her body. How could these men still have this kind of regulatory system?! If this is the case, then, if she were to charge in, Kuni and these surrounding individuals standing like statues will have to die?

She firmly swallows back her saliva. She lowers her head as if her lungs were failing her. "Then I still… ."

"Young master!" A burst of resounding voice sounds. Originally the statuesque bodyguards return to their normal state, but after hearing 'young master', they return to statues.

Standing on the tip of her toes, she looks over Kuni's shoulder, just in time to see Ling Hanyu coming in from outbound.

"Hanyu!" She jumps up and down waving her hand. "Ling Hanyu! I am here! Here!!"

Hearing her voice, the emotionless Ling Hanyu looks toward her direction. Moving his lips, he resets himself to his stoic form and continues to walk by.

"Ling Hanyu!" She wants to catch up, but Kuni blocks in front of her way.

"Miss Chuxia, don't make this difficult for us."

An Chuxia immediately stands still in place; this is between Kuni and the young master. This is not amusing. Kuni gives her a slight nod, and then chases after Ling Hanyu, following behind him.

Examining her surroundings, these statues seem to have vanished, except for Kuni, who follows without expression, behind Ling Hanyu.

She glances down at the manhua in her hand, not understanding why. She abruptly feels a sense of sullenness as well as powerlessness. She obviously was doing something good, but how did it still end up like this?

The reason that Ling Hanyu is this angry is of this manhua, and without a doubt, if she gives the manhua to him… .

That's right! Whatever the case, she must hand it to him!

Raising her feet, she speedily runs heading in Ling Hanyu's direction; her gaze resolute.

Even though Ling Hanyu kept walking forward, his heart roars in his ears. He really wants to walk toward An Chuxia. But… that manhua has always been his most precious possession, as well as his heart's only repose.


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