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Chapter 34
CHAPTER 34 Dead Bastard

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by lhie


Dr. Jiang is confused. He asks, “Lady, why can’t you let the young master hear you?”

“Because … .”

The door to An Chuxia’s room suddenly opens. Jiang Yuan swallows the words she was about to say. Out the door comes Han Qilu.

She puts on a smile as she stands up and straighten her clothes.

Qilu stares at her; his face rigid and cold.

“What do you not want me to know?” Han Qilu’s needle-like eyes pierce straight to his mother’s heart. This makes her very conscious. Subconsciously, she is a little bit afraid of Han Qilu. Sometimes, she often thinks, in the end, she

doesn’t know the child’s character!

“Why won’t you talk?” He asks.

Jiang Yuan swallows hard but pretends like nothing happened. “I’m just talking to Dr. Jiang. Can’t we converse?”

She shoots the doctor a look to corroborate her story. Dr. Jiang bows his head and says, “You did not say anything.”

Han Qilu didn’t hear what she asked but she didn’t ask why he asked him to come. So, he simply didn’t question anything. He turns around and instructs the doctor. “Go attend to her. It is best not to let her die. If she dies, my credit card is dead.”

Dr. Jiang is taken by surprise. He nods before walking into the room with

with a medicine box. He thought the young master is the one who suffered from strenuous exercise.

“How could you talk about your fiancée like that?” Han Qilu’s mother asks unhappily. She looks at him with bulging eyes.

He shrugs indifferently to her accusation. “Ma, if you want me to call you a mother, do not mention the fiancée thing.”

“Hello! You… .” The sound of his footsteps gets lighter and lighter.


An Chuxia blinks her eyes. She realizes she has slept for a moment. She gets up without using much of her strength then feels a strange pain up her calf.

Today, she broke the limit… .

“You’re awake?” Dr. Jiang approaches An Chuxia’s bed carefully,

bed carefully, the medicine box perched on her bedside table.

An Chuxia nods slightly in answer. She woke up when he called the doctor on the phone. She pretended to sleep because she did not know how to face Han Qilu.

If there is such a moment, a real moment she is grateful to Han Qilu, it is today. He is only unreasonable on the surface… Until she hears him and Jiang Yuan talking outside her door. Then her heart turns cold once again.

She is wrong. How can she forget the fact Han Qilu is a demon?

Dr. Jiang turns to pour a glass of water for An Chuxia. “Master Han told me you did me you did some strenuous exercise today.Your lips are dry. You’re dehydrated. You have to drink lots of water.”

“Well, I ran for a long time.” She takes the cup, looks up and says, “Thank you. Can you give me another one?”

“Of course, I can.”

A few glasses of water later, she feels alive again… .

“Look at your face. Looks like you’re doing well. I don’t think it is necessary for you to take any medicine. Take a good rest. You should be completely restored by tomorrow. You might feel some calf pain tomorrow, that is a normal response.” Dr. Jiang states.

She knows there will be calf pain tomorrow, because… she’s already feeling it now!

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