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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by pumpkingirl920

Disclaimer: Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me, its contents and characters, are the property of Jin Xia Mo. This is a work of fiction. This is an amateur translation of the novel. Please support this site by reading translations from this page.

Trigger Warning: some violence (slapping, forceful kissing, punching, name-calling, cursing) portrayed in the story. Consider this your warning.

CHAPTER 25 Ying Taoqiu's Insidiousness

As First Year Class A looks exhausted, Mo Xinwei quickly catches up with them.

She runs to the front of the crowd and raises her hands to stop them. “The teacher said the penalty run is only for An Chuxia. Why do you feel like you should be part of the punishment? If you accompany her running, then…"

Ying Taoqiu, at this time, stands up and says, “The teacher has given me the right to supervise An Chuxia. You do not have to accompany her while she runs the laps."

Her words scare a few of the A class students. However, one by one, they were shocked to see An Chuxia.

An Chuxia’s lips are white. Unable to turn around and look at everyone, she says, “Thank you for running with me. I will always remember today and everyone’s kindness. Now go to eat. I’m fine."

Seeing them still standing in place and refusing to go, An Chuxia can't help but raise her voice. "Anyone who doesn't go isn't my friend!"

Her classmates are disgruntled. They want to show support but they understood what Chuxia was trying to do. “An Chuxia, come on!"

One by one, they leave. Fei Lixiya is the only one left; her face, full of sweat, her face is fat and swollen from exertion and is in the brink of collapsing.

“Fei Lixiya, just go. I can do it.” She reluctantly pulls out a smile that was more ugly than the crying Fei Lixiya.

Fei Lixiya leaves, crying. She wants to stay with An Chuxia but she can't go back and run with her. If it weren't for Mo Xinwei, she did not have to be punished.

Seeing Class A gone, Mo Xinwei is very proud. She knew that a person running with a group of people and running alone is not the same, without support, a person's will becomes weak.

“Good morning, An Chuxia.” She arrogantly watches An Chuxia. "Can you still run? Marbles, how many laps left?"

Ying Taoqiu sneers. “There are six laps!"

“What?” An Chuxia frowns, looking at Ying Taoqiu. “I obviously have ran seven laps!"

Taoqiu smiles and says, "I'm really embarrassed. I just had to go get the umbrellas so… I did not see those few laps. Can I trouble you again to run those laps so I can see them myself?"

Hate… An Chuxia clenches her fist. Her hand trembles slightly. She really wants to punch her.

But she knows she could not do that. It will just lead to greater trouble.

“If you do not run, I can find a physical education instructor, tell him… this time you left to go buy mineral water to quench their thirst."

“You… ." An Chuxia is heated. Her already crimson face becomes redder from anger. Eventually, she hangs her head, and continues running.

Behind her silence is a smile. However, the tears leave her eyes uncontrollably.

Mom… I ca do this ! It's only running!

Raising her wrist to wipe the tears, and she forces herself to pull out a big smile.

There is a great man who once said, adherence is victory. An Chuxia, you can't lose to the gang… no matter what, they can not succeed!

Clenching her fist, she takes a deep breath, speeds up and picks up the pace.

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