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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 249 Stein’s Unwritten Rules

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

Taoqiu won't lie to her unless she's impatient. But if what she said is true, then… what about An Chuxia? Her faint headache causes her to throw away eyeliner. She stands up and raises her voice. "So noisy! Did no one hear the bell ring?!"

The class quiets down. No one would like to cause problems for the gang leader, Mo Xinwei. They remember when An Chuxia was made a good example of the results of someone provoking her. She was punished by running several laps around the field. Many don't respect Mo Xinwei, but no one would openly attack her with swords and guns.

"Big miss, you should spare them your temper! I think we should welcome the foreigner? She looks lost, and probably isn't capable." As soon as Taoqiu finishes, Mo Xinwei smacks her on the head with a book.

She glares at Taoqiu with contempt. Raising her brow, she said in a strange voice, “You want me to go to class A, go to Qilu’s classroom to question that woman? What matters most right now is prove the validity of this matter."

Taoqiu immediately claps her hands, and with full admiration, she asks, "What you're trying to say is… find An Chuxia? I mean, am I getting more and more inefficient?"

Her mouth slightly raises upward: “Your head has never been efficient. Let’s go!”

The moment they exit the classroom, they collide head on into the class teacher entering the room. Taoqiu quickly squats down to help the teacher pick up the teaching materials. She does this not because she's afraid of the teacher, but because the headmaster is walking through the corridor. After the headmaster passes by, Taoqiu suddenly stands up, handing her collected materials to the teacher before turning to Mo Xinwei. "Xinwei-jie, it's her!"

 From Taoqiu's direction, people can see the headmaster conversing with a girl. They are all smiles and laughter. The class teacher, embarrassed, steps forward. "You two, didn't you see the headmaster pass by? And yet, you don't know how to show restraint… ."

"Teacher, you scold us now that the headmaster has walked past us? Go teach!" Mo Xinwei pats the class teacher on the shoulder with disdain. Then, she studies the teacher's face. "For heaven's sake, teacher! You should really take care of your body! Your wrinkles are appearing again!"

"Right… Is that true?" The teacher rubs the corner of her eye in confusion, appearing miserable.

Mo Xinwei leisurely takes out a card and hands it to the teacher while smiling from ear to ear. "This card is a free service VIP card to the beauty salon. Take good care of it. As long as you go to any beauty salon belonging to my family, you can use any service of your choice."

Mo Xinwei's family engages in cosmetics business, and many beauty salons are under their brand. They're famous worldwide. In addition, Mo Xinwei's mother is French. Her debut in a film at the age of three made her a celebrity overnight. And so, Xinwei inherited her mother's beautiful facial features.  

The teacher silently slips the card into her pocket as she watches Xinwei and Taoqiu's backs disappear. She can't help but shake her head and sigh. Their learning is not her problem. At Stein Royal College, taking care of the class is good enough. The teachers at this institution know the unwritten rule- Don't get involved in student problems.

"Xinwei-jie, why did you give her that card? She wouldn't complain anyway." Taoqiu looks at Xinwei with displeasure. That card isn't easy to come by. Even she has to beg laboriously for Mo Xinwei to give her one!

CHAPTER 250 You Know This Woman

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by greenapple and anks

Instead of replying to Taoqiu, Mo Xinwei continues to hurry downstairs. Although some people won't openly criticize, she doesn't know what the teacher will say about her to the headmaster. For that reason, she incentivises. Keep one eye closed while the other eye open!

She hasn't even reached Year 1 Class A's entrance yet, but could hear the class reading out loud. Her footsteps slow down while her heart questions. Does this mean that the headmaster has come to this class? Impossible! If the headmaster didn't come, then what’s wrong with this class, reciting the hated formulas that can make them puke?

While strutting to the entrance, she sees no teacher, but the students' heads are buried in the books. She raises her hand, curls her fingers, and knocks on the door, immediately attracting the class' attention.

"Isn't that Mo Xinwei? What did she come to our class?"

"It is possible she came to cause trouble for An Chuxia. How could this be helped?"

She impatiently stares down at the nonsense they were spewing, her gaze fixing on An Chuxia. "Classmate An Chuxia, can I borrow some of your time? Come outside, so we can chat."

Meng Xiaonan, who was assigned to sit behind An Chuxia, shoots her a worried look. Assessing Mo Xinwei's expression, one can tell she's definitely up to no good! After An Chuxia stands up genially, Xiaonan also stands up. "Chuxia, I'll accompany you out."

Shaking her head, she declines Meng Xiaonan's good intention. "No need, you should just sit here. Don't give me any problems by coming out, too. Fuxing's and Stein Royal College's teaching process is very different. You should take advantage of this allotted time to study for the exam."

She can foretell from Mo Xinwei's expression that this time, she isn't harboring bad intentions. However, How's this possible? Last time, she clearly remembers slapping her. Because of the incident and her temperament, she won't let this slide easily.

After she exits the classroom, she deliberately closes the classroom door, obstructing anyone's sight from watching them.

"What did you come find me?" She cuts right to the point. "Is it because the last time we met, I slapped you?"

Taoqiu's eyelids flutter upon hearing this. An Chuxia… slapped Xinwei on the face? Why didn't Xinwei tell her about this? She looks at Mo Xinwei with confusion, biting the corner of her lip, remaining stoic.

"About that incident, I was also partly wrong. After all, I almost got you hurt… ."

"I say, Mo Xinwei, what are you trying to say? Just say it. We don't need to pretend to be polite to each other. After all, our relationship isn't good. What do you say?" She crinkles her brow. Sure enough, Mo Xinwei's complexion changes to that of someone who just ate a lump of excrement; unsightly.

Taoqiu, who has been standing aside, cannot tolerate it any longer. She says through clenched teeth, "Emm, An Chuxia, this time we didn't come to settle scores, rather… ."

"Do you know the deal with that woman?" Mo Xinwei interrupts Taoqiu, going directly into the subject.

This time, it was An Chuxia's turn to question. Her head tilts a bit in heavy thought of "this woman" Mo Xinwei indicated. Suddenly her expression fluctuates. She tightens her chin, and solemnly asks, "You mean… Basa Li?"

This rumor really spreads fast. Basa Li's existence has already been made known to Mo Xinwei.

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