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Chapter 191

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Han Qilu looks at the photo with the corner of his eye before facing An Chuxia. “It’s a good photo.”

“Ah?” She is puzzled… surprised… shocked. Doesn’t he think it’s awkward to walk into the family room and see a photo of a couple kissing? What would he think since he’s older than her? Why did he commend that the photo was taken well? He’s evil! He’s intentionally changing her perception!

Jiang Yuan is elated since her son is very happy with the outcome. She grins like a spoiled brat as she looks at Chuxia. “Xiao Xia, cal me

Ma! I beg of you.”

A black heavy line fills An Chuxia’s head. Deliberating whether to give in, she remains mute for a long time. Han Qilu’s mother is quite endearing, but… ! Han Qilu bounds for the staircase instantly. She wants to cry, but instead, she stares at Qilu’s back, wishing him dead. This won’t help her evade the question. This is awful!

Since Chuxia doesn’t respond, Jiang Yuan lets out a beep, her eyes start turning red. She is saddened. “Your father traveled on official business today and I was feeling melancholic. Now, you treat me like this. I don’t know how to live!

live! I can’t survive anymore!”

As Jiang Yuan cries, the maids try to suppress their desire to laugh as they exchange glances. Their eyes wander everywhere but at her. Otherwise, they’ll laugh out loud rather than sympathize. Originally, she puts on this act to have the young maiden console her. However, she’s aware of her ploy. She won’t commit suicide, but what child would watch a mother cry to their death?

She only sees An Chuxia’s mouth twitch. “Ma… .”

“That’s right!” Jiang Yuan wipes the tears from her eyes. But why should she cry? She guides An Chuxia to the sofa to sit. She decides to openly

to openly talk with her daughter-in-law!

Hall lights dim, An Chuxia and Jiang Yuan sit on the sofa and talk for over an hour. They talked about the philosophy of life from poems and songs, to the future values of the world. In short, Chuxia understands why Jiang Yuan is such a profound writer! She can talk about China and Japan, and relate the issues about Diaoyu Islands.

“I think China can’t give up Diaoyu Islands. Otherwise, we would be an international laughing stock! Don’t you think so Xiao Chuxia?” Jiang Yuan asks angrily as she bites into an apple. She didn’t even chew it. She just swallows She just swallows it.

An Chuxia does nothing but nod. Jiang Yuan starts talking about Sino-US and Sino-Japanese relations again. An Chuxia makes a noise to interrupt her words. “So you’re saying, aunt… Is that it’s not right? Ma ah, can we chat about other things? Like, your work? I know you’re a writer but I don’t know much about it.”

She’d rather discuss current life events than international relations. She’d even talk about academic maters rather than the Diaoyu Islands! The state leaders know what they know. Civilians won’t even have any say in the final decision no matter how much they discuss it!

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