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Chapter 153

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TL Notes: Turtling her neck- pulling one’s head toward the torso like a turtle would tuck its head.

“Did you just… knock on my car?” Han Qilu asks. The traffic officer swallows hard before nodding. He needs to stop himself from crying. The hot, dry air condense around them.

From a distance, a car door violently slams; his middle-aged voice booms. “What purpose do you serve as a traffic officer? You should’ve smashed his window if he refused to open his window. It’s in your line of duty. I have important things to do, and you, traffic officer, are delaying it!” His voice may sound impatient, but

the corner of Han Qilu’s mouth arcs dangerously.

This man is so dead, An Chuxia says in her head. He dares to speak to the prince instead of seeking happiness in silence… Sigh. She shrinks, tucking herself quietly against her side of the door.

“Smash the window?” Han Qilu projects his voice loud enough for the middle-aged man to hear. An noticeable shudder rolls down the man’s body. His footsteps come to an unexpected halt. This voice… It sounds like… .

The middle-aged man takes a step forward to peer into the rolled down window. The person in the car is the company’s general manager… the chairman’s son… the future Han successor, Han Qilu! He bravely

bravely stands in front of the traffic officer before buckling to the ground. His legs have turned into rubber, making him kneel unexpectedly.

Han Qilu’s mouth bows as he raises his eyebrow. “I didn’t think the person who would smash my car was the former planning department manager, Zhang!… What’s wrong? Is my car not pleasing to your eye?”

Oh this low-rate person! An Chuxia curses him from her belly but remains mute. However, this other person isn’t helping himself from being murdered! How unlikable can this boy be? Turtling her neck, she dares not say these words. She cherishes her own life, especially when it’s far away from Qilu.

This other man? He courts bad luck. With the

With the label “Planning Department Manager Zhang”, she surmises he’s a Han Group employee… and he threatened to smash the future laoda’s car… such tenacity!

Beads of sweat form on Manager Zhang’s forehead when Qilu summons him.

Several drivers have exited their cars, preparing to teach the sports car driver a lesson when they see the arrogant man kneel. Rendered speechless, they dare not approach the car. They should’ve guessed that a car that handsome and expensive belongs to someone with importance.

Han Qilu’s eyes fill with contempt as he watches Manager Zhang kneel. The man’s lips move but he doesn’t pay attention to the words coming out of his mouth. “There’s no next time.” Qilu rolls time.” Qilu rolls up the window and starts the engine. As soon as the light turns, he steps on the accelerator and throttles the car like an arrow quickly shot and released.

Manager Zhang kneels until the car disappears completely out of his line of sight. He wipes the perspiration on his forehead with his sleeve as he exhales. He doesn’t care who’s watching him. Soon enough, the stream of traffic returns to normal.

It was only then when the traffic officer felt like he’s been resuscitated. There are just some people he can’t bother.

“You let him off unexpectedly?” The middle-aged man says after he slowly gets up. He should calculate his good fortune instead.

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