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Image courtesy of Tencent Video/Tumblr CHAPTER 151 I Was a Murderer

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Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The blue vein on her forehead, no, not just the forehead, but the neck, bulges. Tang Kayi, you slut! How could she have not fractured her hand back then too?

Why is she bothered by her nickname, Baojun Langjie? The nickname is quite domineering, how come she's never heard of it before?

An Chuxia's expression changes erratically. Han Qilu doesn't hold back as he chortles before fully laughing. He attempts to provoke her and make her a bit more uncomfortable. Chuxia finally gets up from the lying position to that of Buddha's meditation pose before chastising Han Qilu. "Laugh. Laugh again!"

He raises an eyebrow to Chuxia despite her venomous tongue. His smile fades as he drives; thoughts churn in his mind. But the only thing Chuxia sees are his smiling eyes. Bastard!

She swallows her spit and buckles down on the passenger seat while she remains quiet. Then, she asks Qilu earnestly, "What did that slut ask you a moment ago?"

"Slut?" Chuxia refers to the girl recklessly. Ugh, the really cheap, unpleasant perfume still lingers. But he has to admit, the joke she provided was quite funny.

His face reverts to being emotionless. With one hand on the steering wheel, and the other on his phone, he dials a number. Once the bluetooth connects, a loud voice pipes through. "Hey!"

"Reserve a table for two. I'm coming soon." The master speaks. His strong, loud voice suddenly becomes quiet enough to hear him breathe deeply.

"Yes, master! You need me to clear the place?" Compared to how the voice responded earlier, the man's voice is suddenly more cautious and respectful. It's no wonder Han Qilu acts superciliously. He goes all out. From infancy to adulthood, he is treated like an emperor. Wouldn't this distort his psyche?

"No need." He presses a button on the steering wheel and the phone hangs up immediately.

She stares at Qilu before she lowers her lids. "Where are we going? You also scheduled something, somewhere. Where?" Bowling shouldn't be played by only two people. Otherwise, she'll be embarrassed. She needs to think about her employment, her freedom!!!

"Eat," he says. Han Qilu taps a button and jazz fills the car. An Chuxia, who has no artistic cell in her body, thinks this kind of music is boring. She'd prefer listening to the legendary Phoenix <>. However, she doesn't dare voice her dissatisfaction.

After a few minutes, she asks again, "What did that slut say to you?"

He deliberately whets her appetite. Han Qilu side eyes her and teases her. "Guess."

What kind of medicine did she ingest! She states emphatically, "She doesn't literally mean I was a murderer. How could I have killed people?" When it comes to that slut, she really gets riled up.

Obviously, Tang Kayi intentionally made statements left open for interpretation. She was angry and she pulled her arm… she only dislocated her extremity, not a fracture it! Such poor recollection! Adding inflammatory details raises the situation to something more nefarious.

Han Qilu doesn't speak. However, he tries to hide the happy expression waiting to escape his lips.

CHAPTER 152 Spring in the Car

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

He decelerates right before they reach a fifty-second red light stop. Upon hearing Chuxia speak ill of Tang Kayi, he shrugs. "She didn't say you were a murderer… ."

A spark in her eyes he's never seen before attracts his attention. She gnaws on her lower lip before tilting her head and making a statement. "You're taking her side? Were you that attracted to that butterfly? Can't you see, Han Qilu, your vision is primitive? I can't believe you'd stoop so low. I chose YOU!"

With ten seconds left on the red light, Han Qilu loosens his grip on the steering wheel and plants his hands on her shoulders. He suddenly kisses her dry lips, making an effort not to nip too hard on her bottom lip. Is this little woman jealous?

This revelation makes him ecstatic… He just wants to retaliate and make her shut up and not indulge in flights of fancy. Kissing her may have been excessive, but the tip of his tongue can't help but explore her mouth… .

"Lead car, start driving!!!"

"What is the front car doing? Do you want to die?!"

The persistent honking and the sound of drivers swearing awaken An Chuxia. She makes an effort to push Han Qilu away as she absentmindedly unfastens one of the buttons on her shirt. Her blood is boiling, and her hands feel like they're burning.

Damn, he suddenly makes her heart burst. "Let go of me!" she shouts, taking advantage of the fact his lips leaves hers. Her hand pushes him away.

She suddenly remembers this boy watching a naughty movie… The heroine lays on the bed. Her face, crimson, as she shouts. The linen is turned down… .

Hades! She doesn't want this to happen! The first time in the car can be too… brazen! Han Qilu's kiss is hot. He kissed her nape, her clavicle, then… .

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone knocks on the window.

"Let's go, Han Qilu! This is embarrassing! I'm going to die!" He has no reason to look at window. He kissed her lips so she wouldn't speak. However, the person at the window wouldn't stop knocking. He doesn't care what's happening out there. The window tinting his car is done well enough that he can see everything clearly from the inside while no one else from the outside can look in.

An Chuxia's face remains flush as she repeatedly beats Qilu's back.

The rapping on the window gets louder and louder. Frowning, Han Qilu finally releases her. He carefully helps her straighten her hair and clothes, putting everything back in place. He must kill the man who sets eyes on her behind the window.

The persistent knocking is from a traffic police officer. When he realizes the driver is Han Qilu, he freezes immediately. Suddenly, the air drops. Finally, Qilu's ice-cold gaze focuses on his hand.

"Han, master Han… ." The traffic police officer's voice trembles. Each traffic officer is given a set of photos of people they can't offend. One of them is Han Qilu. No matter how grave the mistake, one must walk away immediately and respectfully. Otherwise, death awaits.

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