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Chapter 150
She’s Baojun Langjie

Translated, edited and proofread by newbienoona

TL: 暴君狼姐 (Bàojūn láng jiě)- tyrant wolf sister

“I’m very satisfied with your performance.” Han Qilu looks at her lightly. “Next time, I will remember to introduce myself with those three syllables: fi-an-cé.”

He releases his grip on her shoulder before walking to the car with the smile on his lips. Chuxia, on the other hand, knits her brows. She was sad to see Nian Qingyou look so pitiful since he used to bully her. She shakes her head before sighing heavily.

He suddenly frowns when he sees her sad face. He sticks his head out of the window and asks,

“What’s wrong?”

She doesn’t feel right! Plastering a stiff smile, she opens the car door. Qilu, doubting her emotions, eyes her suspiciously. “I want to sleep in the back seat. I’m really not hungry for lunch. Wake me up when we get to our destination.”

Of course, she’s referring to bowling. Qilu, taut with anger, doesn’t speak. He is about to start the engine when he hears a rapping on the driver side window. He rolls down the window and sees the clinic doctor. He takes the money from his pocket and hands it over. “Master Han, here’s your change.”

Chuxia wants to say to the doctor that Han

Han Qilu won’t miss the money if he takes it. But then, Tang Kayi is standing next to the doctor and is staring at them. “Is this car yours?”

At this point, Qilu is livid. Not only does he feel belittled by having his money returned to him, but now, Tang Kayu asks something so absurd. An Chuxia sighs and asks Buddha to bless her.

Qilu doesn’t speak. He shoots Tang Kayi a frosty glare.

“Do you really want to marry An Chuxia?” Tang Kayi asks. Apparently, she doesn’t see her lying in the back seat. “She really didn’t force you to say, “I’m her fiancé”, right?”

An Chuxia is starting

is starting to see red. Is she that violent? She wants to break Tang Kayi’s right arm so badly… Why is she so good at finding trouble? She didn’t have to compel Qilu to say anything. He said the words on his own accord!

“Is she violent?” Han Qilu asks before starting the engine. Despite the cold stare, he’s relaxed his guard.

She sees the change in Han Qilu’s face and grins. “Far more than violent! When she studied here, everyone called her behind her back Baojun Langjie! Once, I made her look away from her book and she used the book to smack my face! So if you’re still if you’re still keen on marrying her, take this into consideration.”

Tang Kayi dances with joy as she realizes Qilu is listening to her slander. However, he intentionally looks at the car’s rear view mirror to look at Chuxia’s darkened features… Inexplicably, his mood lifts.

Baojun Langjie… He has a name for this Stein tyrant… .

“Thank you for the reminder. I will consider it.” Han Qilu turns his head and looks at the doctor with a smile. “Consider the money as a tip.” He revs the engine after Tang Kayi bends over to whisper into Han Qilu’s ear. Then she stands up, covers her mouth, and shyly leaves.

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