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Chapter 787,
Outside the Death Arena stage, countless Demon Race spectators shouted and cursed but none of them dared to make any rash moves .

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Atop the stage, the surrounding World Energy churned violently .

After what seemed like a long time had passed, a burst of energy that cracked the surrounding earth suddenly burst out with Yang Kai at its center .

All of the World Energy in the area began madly swirling about as if it were being drawn in by a giant whirlpool, crashing against the Death Arena stage’s barriers .

“Such terrifying World Energy!” Yu Mo’s eyes went round as he couldn’t help calling out in shock .

Xue Li also had showed a look of surprise, her beautiful eyes flashing a strange light as she muttered under her breath, “He really has enough capital to act so crazily, this kind of World Energy baptism is comparable to something a Third Order Transcendent Realm Master would face . No wonder he was able to kill Di Xiao . ”

The spectating Demon Race cultivators who saw this scene also didn’t have pleasant looks upon their faces . If the one currently standing on the Death Arena stage was Di Xiao, they would be cheering joyously, but a human boy showing such potential only made them feel uncomfortable .

As a tidal wave of World Energy flowed towards the Death Arena stage, Yang Kai closed his eyes, his face filled with a look of comfort as the faint golden glow shrouding him became more and more dazzling .

All of a sudden, the violent storm of World Energy rushed towards Yang Kai’s body and within ten breaths was completely absorbed by him .

The chaotic aura within the Death Arena also became tranquil .

Staring at Yang Kai now, the expressions of the surrounding Demon Race masters were unsightly as they grumbled in their hearts but were unable to vocalize just how they were feeling at the moment .

Yang Kai, who had been severely wounded in his battle with Di Xiao, was now recovering at an astonishing speed, the minor injuries he had suffered already completely healed while the major ones were no longer a hindrance to his movement .

Xue Li beautiful eyes shrank upon seeing this and she licked her thin red lips as she stared excitedly towards Yang Kai .

Atop the Death Arena stage, Yang Kai gently clenched his fists and felt the power flowing through his body, extremely satisfied .

This time’s breakthrough had gone incredibly smoothly .

The insights and sentiments he had gained over the past few months of difficult fights had been like nourishment for his body and Soul, allowing him to reach the edge of a breakthrough, and after a fierce battle with Di Xiao, he managed to spy on the mysteries of the Second Order Transcendent Realm .

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The purity and density of Yang Kai’s True Qi had risen to a new level, and even his Spiritual Energy had sublimated, becoming more powerful than before .

Yang Kai couldn’t have been more pleased with this outcome . The only thing that made him feel helpless was that he was still standing in the middle of the Death Arena, surrounded by Demon Race masters .

What’s more, Xue Li was looking on!

The killing intent Xue Li had towards him had not gone unnoticed by Yang Kai, so he never dropped his guard against her, but with the huge gap in their strength, he still couldn’t help feeling powerless .

Although Yang Kai didn’t understand why she suddenly decided to protect him and allow him to break through here, he knew this woman didn’t do so out of kindness . His best option was still to leave Sand City as quickly as possible .

Considering all this, Yang Kai turned his eyes towards Xue Li and shouted, “Senior Xue Li, are the words you spoke to me before still valid?”

Xue Li’s beautiful eyes narrowed as she laughed charmingly, “What words are you referring to?”

“You promised me that as long as I can win in this battle, you will let me and my companion leave! It can’t be that Senior Xue Li doesn’t intend to keep her word?” Yang Kai continued to shout, making sure his voice could be heard by all the surrounding Demon Race spectators .

Xue Li let out a light snort as she stared at Yang Kai from far away, a trace of hatred flashing across her beautiful eyes .

Although the two of them indeed had such an agreement, Xue Li never had any intention of complying with it, but now that Yang Kai had exposed it in front of so many people, Xue Li would have to consider it again .

A Demon General failing to keep their word would greatly harm Xue Li’s reputation .

“Smelly brat!” Xue Li ground her teeth angrily, fully realizing Yang Kai was doing this to force her hand knowing she couldn’t refuse him in the presence of so many witnesses .

“Mistress, he’s seeking his own death!” Yu Mo said, taking pleasure in Yang Kai’s misfortune as he grinned, “Just let him leave, then he’ll die without us having to lift a finger!”

As he said so, Yu Mo glanced over at Feng Biao who was even now exuding a thick murderous intent . Yu Mo knew that Feng Biao was the one who most wanted to put Yang Kai to death .

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“The key is that I don’t want him to die now!” Xue Li grumbled .

Yu Mo was stunned and didn’t dare say anything more .

“Does Senior Xue Li want to renege on her promise?” Atop the Death Arena stage, Yang Kai shouted for the third time, his face was filled with an unreadable smile .

Xue Li let out a soft breath, causing her proud peaks to undulate exaggeratedly; slowly getting up, she said to Yang Kai in a calm voice, “Naturally this King will not, you and your female companion are free to leave . Wherever you decide to go now, you may go, no one here will try to stop you!”

Yang Kai stared at her deeply, cupped his fists and bowed lightly, “Many thanks, Senior Xue Li!”

Saying so, Yang Kai soared up from the Death Arena stage, arriving beside Xue Li in the blink of an eye, grabbed hold of An Ling’er, and shouted, “Let’s go!”

“Little brat, I believe we will meet again soon!” Xue Li suddenly whispered, the words directly reaching Yang Kai’s ear, causing his heart to tremble . Sweeping his eyes towards Xue Li, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that this vicious woman was staring at him profoundly .

[Cheap whore!] Yang Kai secretly cursed, realizing that Xue Li had no intention of letting him go so easily . In front of all these Demon Race spectators sitting around the Death Arena, going back on her word would make her lose too much face so she had no choice but to agree to his demands for now, but she was no doubt planning to make a move behind the scenes .

As soon as Yang Kai and An Ling’er left, he estimated multiple pursuers would follow!

Even so, Yang Kai simply smiled confidently and replied, “Really? I believe we’ll never see one another again!”

“We’ll see!” Xue Li coldly snorted .

Yang Kai brought An Ling’er up into the sky and soared off towards the horizon like a bolt of lightning .

From the Death Arena’s stand, those who were particularly angry and wished to kill Yang Kai also got up and left in groups of three or four, quickly following after the latter .

Xue Li and Yu Mo both ignored this, pretending they saw nothing, making no attempt to block these people .

Feng Biao, who was Gou Qiong’s representative, stood in place, his face showing a contemplatively look for a moment before turning his gaze to Xue Li, grinning meaningfully, and also flying off .

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“Mistress, if all of them really pursue that little brat, he may really end up dead!” Yu Mo whispered .

Not to mention the First Order Saint Feng Biao who as pursing him, just the gathering of Demon Race masters who had left to chase Yang Kai were enough to kill him .

Although Yang Kai’s combat ability was out of the ordinary and he had just broken through a Minor Realm, he had just fought an intense battle with Di Xiao so it was likely he wouldn’t be able to exert anywhere near his peak strength .

After the ones pursuing him caught up, the only possible result was his death!

“En, he’s dead!” Xue Li grit her teeth, obviously somewhat annoyed, “That little brat brought this upon himself . If he obediently stayed here I wouldn’t have killed him, but he just had to go seeking death all on his own . ”


“Go bring him back!” Xue Li ordered, “Don’t let anyone else capture or kill him . ”

“Yes!” Yu Mo bowed before chasing after Yang Kai .

“Hmph, actually daring to say we’ll never see one another again? I’d very much like to see what kind of expression you show this King when we next meet!” Xue Li smiled lightly, got up, and strolled casually towards her palace to await the moment Yang Kai was captured .

Outside of Sand City, Yang Kai flew while tightly holding An Ling’er, his speed pushed to his current limit, the two of them leaving a long afterimage behind them .

“Are you alright?” An Ling’er asked, full of concern, she had seen just how seriously injured Yang Kai was just now in his battle against Di Xiao . Right now what he needed most was rest but instead he had to madly consume his True Qi .

“I’m fine,” Yang Kai shook his head .

Yang Kai was clearer about his condition than anyone so he couldn’t help marveling at the astonishing restorative power of his Demon God Blood . Normally, after suffering such heavy injuries, Yang Kai would have to cultivate for several days in order to recover, but now, the Demon God Blood in his body was actually mending his wounds at a rate visible to the naked eye, so although he wasn’t perfectly healed, flying and even fighting wouldn’t be an issue .

On top of that, the thing Yang Kai least had to worry about was his consumption of True Qi; with hundreds of drops of Yang Liquid in his Dantian and more than sixty Divine Tree fruits in his Black Book space, his reserve of True Qi was essentially unlimited .

“It seems like someone is chasing us!” An Ling’er suddenly whispered, her beautiful face paling .

“Not one, many!” Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged . With his unusually powerful Divine Sense, he had long ago noticed they were being pursued and even knew the exact number and cultivation of the ones chasing them .

There was quite a large number of Transcendents accompanied by two or three Saints in the lead group .

Behind these people was Feng Biao who had firmly locked his Divine Sense onto him like maggots on rotting bones .

Still further behind Feng Biao was Yu Mo!

Xue Li really had sent him to chase after them, causing Yang Kai to curse in his heart, swearing one day he would teach that viper woman a good lesson .

All in all, more than half of the masters from Sand City were now pursuing Yang Kai and An Ling’er .

Although bitter in his heart, Yang Kai revealed nothing on his face and simply continued flying forward at his current speed .

The Demon Race masters who chased after them from Sand City had all summoned their own artifacts and were doing their best to quickly shorten the distance between themselves and Yang Kai .

After half an hour, Yang Kai had flown several hundred kilometers but his pursuers were now closing in .

Noticing this, An Ling’er became anxious and hurriedly used her Secret Art to help promote the circulation speed of Yang Kai’s True Qi .

“They can’t catch us,” Yang Kai comforted her gently while continuing to maintain his flight speed, waiting for the right opportunity .

From what Yang Kai could perceive, most of his pursuers were not worth being worried about . As soon as he released his Soul Devouring Insects, the vast majority of them would die .

The only ones Yang Kai needed to pay attention to were the Saint Realm masters and Feng Biao and Yu Mo behind them, these masters were still difficult opponents for him to face!

However, noticing that Feng Biao and Yu Mo were maintaining a certain distance from him and not approaching any closer, seemingly staying at the limit of where their Divine Senses could track him, Yang Kai immediately felt like his chance had come!

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