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When she heard Yang Kai make such a request to Zi Mo, Shui Ling couldn't help feeling a bit excited.

 Zi Mo grit her teeth and grumbled, "You bastard, I knew you weren't kind enough to come here just to find me. Turns out you had another purpose all along."

Yang Kai laughed sheepishly.

Zi Mo scowled at him badly before letting out a sigh, "The Abandoned Earth hasn't been peaceful recently."

"Oh?  What happened?"  Yang Kai asked curiously.

"Since long ago, the masters of Tian Lang Dynasty recognized that there were incredible secrets hidden inside the Abandoned Earth, so sometimes people would take the risk of entering it in order to seek out these mysteries.  A short time ago, a lot of forces teamed up in order to launch and exploration of the Abandoned Earth, if you go there now and are discovered, even with your current strength, I'm afraid you won't have a good end."

"You don't have to worry about that, since I dare to enter there, I will not be afraid of those people."

Zi Mo groaned under her breath, "Your tone is still so wild."

Hesitating for a moment, Zi Mo finally said, "You wait here for a bit, I need to consult with my Master. If Master allows me to go out, I'll take you where you want to go. If I can't get permission to leave though…. I'll give you directions and you can go there yourself, the Abandoned Earth isn't that difficult to find."

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Saying so, Zi Mo disappeared into the cave network again.

The two girls who they had originally met on the road still stood around curiously looking at Yang Kai and Shui Ling, who was now gnawing away at the red fruit in her hand happily.  On the other hand, Yang Kai had gone silent again, basically ignoring their slightly rude stares.

Half an hour after, Zi Mo came back and said, "Master said that since you have a life-saving grace with me, this time he'll allow me to help you, follow me."

Yang Kai smiled, stood up, and along with Shui Ling, walked out with Zi Mo.

A short time later, the trio reached the large boulder again and after Zi Mo removed it, they exited the mountainside.

However, just after they stepped out, Yang Kai's brow wrinkled as he turned his gaze towards a spot in the distance.

Zi Mo also frowned and stared in the same direction.

From the direction they were staring, a group of people quickly appeared, with a young man at their head, a mocking grin plastered all over his face.

The young man had an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivation, so it was obvious his aptitude was quite good.  As for the people around him, most of them were also Immortal Ascension cultivators, numbering only a dozen or so in total.

This group of people flew forward and immediately blocked the trio's path, sneering deviously the whole time.

After seeing the outfits of Shui Ling and Yang Kai, this group of people couldn't help knitting their brows, especially when they noticed Shui Ling's unusual pale blue hair.  The leading young man showed a strong interest in her and kept sweeping his gaze wantonly over Shui Ling, from time to time an obscene light flickering across the depths of his eyes.

Shui Ling's face and figure were both quite outstanding, and coupled with her hair that seemed to shimmer like water, it was only natural she became the focus of much unwanted attention.

"Xing Bao, what are you doing here?"  Zi Mo immediately stepped forward and coldly asked the youth, her beautiful face now filled with loathing.

The young man named Xing Bao smiled back smugly and replied, "Junior Sister Zi's question is quite interesting. This place is within the territory of my Sen Luo Temple, so why can I not be here?  Oh right, Junior Sister Zi is no longer recognized as a disciple of Sen Luo Temple, perhaps I should call just call you Zi Mo now!"

As he spoke these words, the arrogance on his face only became thicker.

The group of people behind him also wore disdainful expression, clearly taking great pleasure in other's misfortune.

Zi Mo's tender body slightly trembled before she coldly snorted and shot back, "My Imperial Insect Faction has only temporarily withdrawn from Sen Luo Temple and has not formally separated from the Sect."

"What?  Zi Mo, do you still not know that Lord Sect Master has ordered the expulsion of your Imperial Insect Faction from Sen Luo Temple?  If that wasn't the case do you think that half dead old Master of yours would be able to bring all of you wastes out with him alive?  Whatever the case, since you now know you're not disciples of my Sen Luo Temple, you should know you can't stay within our territory any more.  Hurry up and get the hell out, if you dare linger here any longer, even if you want to leave, you won't be able to."

Zi Mo's face changed from red to blue, "Are you really so ruthless?"

"Hah, ruthless, why shouldn't I be?"  Xing Bao coldly snorted, suddenly breaking out into a sinister laugh as he continued, "Well, it's not like there isn't any room for negotiation, as long as you can persuade your Master to submit to my father, you can still return to Sen Luo Temple."

"Never," Zi Mo sneered, "You want my master to crawl back and submit to your father?  In your dreams."

Xing Bao slowly shook his head, "Since you insist on being stubborn, you'll have to pay the appropriate price."

Saying so, Xing Bao waved his hand and said, "Capture these two Great Han Dynasty cultivators, let Zi Mo have a look at what fate awaits those who dare to offend us!"

Immediately after Xing Bao issued these orders, the people behind him quickly moved forward, snickering as they flew towards Yang Kai and Shui Ling.

For certain reasons, Xing Bao was not willing to directly deal with Zi Mo, but Yang Kai and Shui Ling were clearly cultivators from the Great Han Dynasty, so he naturally had no scruples about handling them.

Yang Kai simply sighed and shook his head.

He had already realized that something was afoot in Sen Luo Temple but he had intentionally not asked Zi Mo about what was happening because he was afraid of getting involved and delaying his departure, but now it seemed trouble had come looking for him instead.

 Shui Ling glanced over at him silently, seemingly asking for instructions.

Yang Kai turned his eyes towards the sky, indicating he didn't care what happened next.

Seeing his indifferent attitude, Shui Ling snorted lightly and pointed her palm at her would-be attackers, sending out a small ball of water towards each of them.

These balls of water were only about the size of a palm, but when they hit the approaching cultivator's bodies, they immediately expanded and engulfed their targets, completely submerging them in a watery prison.

The formerly menacing Sen Luo Temple cultivators instantly transformed into miserable drowning curs, struggling violently in an attempt to escape from these water balls yet completely incapable of resisting.

Shui Ling reached out once more and instantly trapped Xing Bao inside a water ball as well.

A dozen or so cultivators had been trapped inside Shui Ling's floating water balls and no matter how fiercely they struggled or how hard they pushed their True Qi, they were all incapable of freeing themselves, stunning and terrifying all of them.

Zi Mo was also dumbstruck by this scene, never having expected that the pretty young girl with shimmering blue hair was actually such a powerful master.

On top of that, the methods Shui Ling used were something Zi Mo had never heard of before, much less seen.

"Bitch, let me go this instant!"  Xing Bao shouted as he struggled, squirming around awkwardly, constantly making threats towards Shui Ling, "If you dare to hurt me, you'll die a miserable death!"

"Ridiculous!"  Shui Ling spat disdainfully, but after all, this was someone else's site so she wasn't planning on taking things too far, only intending on giving them a harsh lesson.

However, Xing Bao not only did not appreciate this mercy but instead became even more rampant and arrogant.  Seeing that Shui Ling wasn't showing any killing intent, he quickly calmed down and wantonly shouted, "I'll remember you, you slut!  When I get out of here, I'll definitely let me my father capture you for me and then I'll discipline you well! My father is the Sect Master of Sen Luo Temple, just you wait, I'll make sure you suffer miserably, hahahaha!"

Yang Kai couldn't help gawking, staring towards Xing Bao like he was some kind of fool as he whispered to Zi Mo, "What's wrong with him?  Is he messed up in the head or something?"

Zi Mo didn't respond and instead was focusing her attention on Shui Ling.

Thanks to Xing Bao's rampant words, Shui Ling had been thoroughly enraged, her eyes becoming cold as she gripped her hand, causing the dozen or so water balls to rapidly contract.

"Don't!"  Zi Mo cried out in shock.

*Peng peng peng peng…*

The sound of bursting bubbles resounded one after another, as a dozen bloody flowers suddenly blossomed mid-air.

Not even their skeletons were saved as these dozen people were transformed into minced meat and blood.

Zi Mo's tender body trembled.

"What are you doing?"  Yang Kai came to his senses and angrily shouted towards Shui Ling, not having anticipated her to act so ruthlessly.

Shui Ling shot back in a wronged tone, "They insulted me, so I killed them."

Yang Kai rubbed his forehead and suddenly felt a great headache.

"What?"  Shui Ling stared at Yang Kai in confusion, "What's the big deal with killing a few pieces of trash?  You've killed so many people already, don't tell me you're still not using to seeing people die?"

"Killing these wastes isn't the problem, the problem is killing them here in someone else's territory," Yang Kai sighed, "Seems things are about to become troublesome."

"Troublesome indeed," Zi Mo stared speechlessly at Yang Kai, thinking to herself she really couldn't have any connection with this man again.  This bastard had only just arrived in Tian Lang Dynasty yet he had already provoked so much trouble.

Letting out a sigh, Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, "What's done is done, they're already dead and won't suddenly resurrect even if we want them to."

A figure suddenly appeared nearby, his eyes staring coldly at the scene below before turning towards Yang Kai, "Little friend, do you think this old master can use those words to smother the anger of Sen Luo Temple?"

"Probably not." Yang Kai smiled calmly.

"Master!" Zi Mo shouted, "I'm sorry, I didn't react in time…"

The old man floating nearby simply raised his hand to stop her and shook his head, "It's not your fault, they're the ones who killed them."

Saying so, a crushing pressure filled with killing intent descended towards Yang Kai and Shui Ling

However, Yang Kai just casually stepped forward and stared back at this old man fearlessly, "What does Senior intent to do here?"

"This old master intends on capturing you two and then bringing you to Sen Luo Temple's Sect Master to face punishment, lest my Imperial Insect Faction be implicated by your reckless actions," The old man replied flatly.

"Master!" Zi Mo exclaimed, but the moment she opened her mouth, the old man waved his hand and bound Zi Mo in place with his True Qi, apparently not wanting her to interject.

Zi Mo was incredibly anxious and was desperately trying to signal Yang Kai to quickly flee this place.

Her Master was a genuine Transcendent Realm powerhouse, in Zi Mo's mind there was no way the Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage Yang Kai could hope to resist him.

But after listening to the old man's declaration, Yang Kai still remained calm, simply nodding once, "Senior doing so is only natural, but if Senior thinks capturing us will be easy, this Junior will have to disappoint you."

Yang Kai's expression was completely carefree, as if he didn't know how to write the word 'death'.

The old man stared at Yang Kai deeply, not sure why this weak little brat still seemed so calm even now, suddenly bursting into laughter a moment later, "Interesting.  Truly interesting, are all cultivators from the Great Han Dynasty as rampant as you?"

"Not all of us," Yang Kai replied, his brow wrinkling slightly, the old man suddenly withdrawing his killing intent made him feel somewhat puzzled.

The old man nodded and continued, "Good, since you killed those brats, this old master really should capture you here and now, but this old master suddenly doesn't feel like doing so.  Since little friend acts so crazily, you should have some impressive hidden methods. This old master wants to see how you escape the pursuit of Sen Luo Temple's Sect Master."

Having said so, the old man waved his hand again and freed Zi Mo, calmly saying, "Zi Mo, lead them to the Abandoned Earth, then make sure they know to never comes to my Sen Luo Temple in the future."

Apparently finished with what he wanted to say, the old man's figure flickered and disappeared.

Zi Mo quickly bowed towards the hidden cave in the mountainside, "Many thanks, Master."

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