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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The Soul Spirits of these white-haired elders all looked at Yang Kai with great interest. Some had revealed expressions of interest, some were confused, and others had a look of amusement. However, the atmosphere had a hint of danger.

“How many years has it been?” Suddenly a voice rang out. “Since that little brat Yang Ying Hao entered here, hasn't it's almost been twenty years?”

“Exactly twenty years!” someone replied.

“Twenty years, gone in a blink of an eye.”

“How come someone else has come in only 20 years? Is Yang Ying Hao dead? No, if he was dead, his Soul Spirit should have come here, what if he died outside?”

“Hey, I said that little brat was not Patriarch material, and sure enough.”

“This little brat is no good either, just look at him, he is so young that no hair has grown down there.”

“Hey, it seems that in this generation the Yang Family has started to decline. To actually fall into such a state and let someone so young become patriarch, what a great pity.”

“Hey, little brat, you're from the Yang Family aren't you? Answer honestly, if you dare to deceive me, you'll be asking for death!”

Shouts sounded out from all sides, all these Soul Spirits each expressed their opinions. It was as though they have not talked to anyone in a long time, let alone a live being with a body. Therefore, today, they were speaking openly without any regards of the other party.

 Yang Kai was silent, with cold eyes he looked around, as his mind calmed down, gradually he had figured out what the situation was.

“Hey, why aren't you saying anything? Are you dumb?”

“I don't think he from the Yang Family! Let's just kill him directly, hehe.”

“Only those from the Yang Family can come here, only Yang Family blood can open this place using the statues of the four holy beasts.”

“This little brat is not scared at all, and his heart is calm. When Yang Ying Hao came in here, he was scared by us.”

“Yang Ying Hao, hmph, those that are worthless will remain worthless no matter how hard they try, and now I'm afraid no one knows where he died.”

“All of you shut up!” A burst of anger came and made all the Soul Spirits were suddenly silenced.

Yang Kai looked at the source of the sound and saw an old woman with a cane and a youthful face. She held a cane in her hand and it quietly hovered beside her. Yang Kai stared at her with a stunned look.

It can be seen that this old woman should have been a beautiful woman when she was young, and she was an absolutely strong cultivator. The authority of this Soul Spirit should be very high. Otherwise, even if she was angry, nothing would happen.

Turning to face her, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Yang Family direct disciple, ranked ninth, Yang Kai greets ancestors!”

A look of astonishment flashed through the old woman's eyes, “How do you know that we are the Yang Family ancestors?”

“I guessed.” Yang Kai nodded gently.

The old woman glanced at him with an appreciative look, “Yes, you have keen eyesight, much better than Yang Ying Hao. When he came in here, this old woman had to explain it to him for a long time. How is Yang Ying Hao? Is he dead?”

“Grand Uncle is still alive, it is he who opened here and let me enter.” Yang Kai replied.

“En.” The old woman nodded lightly, said, “Do you know where this place is?”

“Grand Uncle said that this is the top secret of Yang Family.” Yang Kai grinned. “In my opinion, this should be the place where Divine Sense of the patriarch gathers after their death.

Everyone was shocked, all eyes stared at Yang Kai.

“You can guess all that?”

“It must have been Yang Ying Hao, that bastard who told him." An Old Man said. "The person that guides the Patriarch here is to not saying anything about this place! Let's see what he has to say, it is rare to talk to the living and this rare opportunity was destroyed by him. This old man wants to kill that little bastard!”

“Third Lord, calm your anger!”

“Yeah, your bones are afraid of being ground into dust, how would he be scared?”

These people seem to have not said a word in many years. Now, after seeing Yang Kai, they were all very excited. When they catch the opportunity, they talk non-stop, and were irritating.

The old woman gave them all a stern look, and everyone quickly shut up.

“Yes, it's as you said, this place is where the Divine Sense of the Yang Family Elders gathers after their deaths. All the Soul Spirits here are Grand Elders of the Yang Family!” The old woman paused and shouted. “This old woman is the second generation Grand Elder, Yang Yi!”

 Yang Kai was taken aback,. The Yang Family second generation, Yang Kai had no idea how many years ago that was.

“If an Above Immortal Ascension Boundarymaster of the Yang Family realizes that their lifespan is coming to an end, they will come to the Soul Foundation Temple and channel their Divine Sense into the carvings of the Four Sacred Beasts to preserve their life experiences so that the children of the next generation may learn from them. It has taken countless years to build to the scale it is today.”

 Yang Kai looked around, and he found that the Soul Spirits of at least forty or fifty Transcendent Realm masters gathered here.

Such a huge amount of resources, if it could be completely absorbed, the benefits that could be obtained were enormous.

“The Yang Family Patriarch is the only one that can enter here and benefit from the Souls here. With the help of our experience, no one will have a bottleneck before the Above Immortal Ascension Realm. Do you understand?”

 Yang Kai nodded lightly.

There really shouldn’t be any bottlenecks before Transcendent Realm with their help, as long as someone’s strength is enough there would be able to break through without worries.

Yang Yi said again, “Since you have been sent here by Yang Ying Hao, it means that you are the Patriarch. We are already dead, we haven't been paying attention to what Yang Family has been experiencing recently, but I still have to ask. Why do we have such a young person like you becoming the Patriarch, and what qualification do you have?”

“What qualifications do I have?” Yang Kai gave them a strange look then said, “Junior is less than 19 this year, and is in the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage. Twenty-seven of my followers have reached the Transcendent Realm. Is it enough?”

“Your cultivation can be felt by this old woman. The strength of your Spiritual Energy is unheard of by this old woman. But what do you mean by Transcendent Realm?” Yang Yi frowned and looked confused. Others are also looking at Yang Kai inexplicably.

 Yang Kai was amazed, and this reminds me that the realm of Transcendent Realm can only be known by the top powerhouses in the house. These Yang Family's ancestors have probably never heard of it.

“Transcendent Realm… is what you call Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.” Yang Kai explained.

“It turns out that the world already had a name for this realm.” Yang Yi nodded and nodded. Their understanding of the Transcendent Realm was vague.

“The Transcendent Realm?” Someone exclaimed, looking at Yang Kai with a look of disbelief, laughing, “Little brat, you're not very good at lying.”

Everyone looked at Yang Kai with an incredulous look, thinking that he was lying.

“Do I have to lie to the dead?” Yang Kai said indifferently.

The crowd gradually calmed down, realizing that what he said may be true.

But Yang Kai having gathered twenty-seven Transcendent Realm cultivators, they still found it unacceptable. This number is simply too big to be real.

“Whether what you say is true or false it doesn't matter, but if you want to benefit from us, you have to do something for us.” Yang Yi coldly snorted.

“Senior, please advise.”

“The second generation of the Yang Family struggled to create the carvings of the Four Sacred Beasts during their generation. The intention of this space was to leave experience for the children of the next generation. We have done this for so many years. Everyone who comes here has always received great benefits. But…it's been so long.” Yang Yi's look was slightly painful. “This old woman can't remember how many years my Soul Spirt has been trapped here. In this long, endless silence and nothingness of space, no matter who it was, there would be some feelings of anxiety and grief. Our intentions have been distorted through the passage of time.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai frowned, and suddenly found the Soul Spirits gathered around him, and the atmosphere had changed.

All of them exuded a gloomy and horrible atmosphere, staring at him like a beast eyeing a delicious meal.

“Yang Ying Hao should have told you that there is a certain danger in coming here, and this danger comes from this old woman and the others!” Yang Yi said coldly, “Our biggest wish now is to leave this place, and You are the best method!”

“You want to possess me?” Yang Kai was shocked.

“This is the instinct that our Soul Spirit has developed after being trapped here for so many years. Although we will try to restrain it, you should be careful.” Yang Yi warned. “Since you have entered here to gained experience from us. It's best you retreat, or your Soul Spirit will be swallowed by one of us and we will occupy your body and live in your place.”

 Yang Kai looked around and found that as Yang Yi said, the souls of these Yang Family ancestors were all looking at him as if they wanted to swallow his Divine Sense, but each one was having a hard time resisting their instincts and suppressing their own desires.

Such a situation was dangerous. For those who have been trapped for a long time, their desires and instincts were strong, and those who have been trapped for a short time only had a slight sign.

“Over the years, there have been many Soul Spirits who lost their minds in the endless years and became an unconscious and brutal spirit that was destroyed by our joint efforts, and the future fate of everyone here is the same.”

“Then you are really pitiful.” Yang Kai looked at them with some pity.

Perceiving by the meaning of his eyes, everyone was secretly astonished.

Everyone who enters this place is either ecstatic or frightened, but no one has ever sympathized with them.

 Yang Kai was the first one.

Yang Yi's face suddenly softened and looked at Yang Kai with a  look of appreciation. A good time later she said, “Don't be sad for us, this was our own choice. Your feelings are meaningless. If you are not accidentally killed in the future, Your Soul Spirit will also enter here, leaving your own cultivation experience and sentiment to the younger generation of Yang Family.”

“I won't.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head with a firm look. “But your sad fate will be ended by me today.”

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