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After a moment of silence, a white-haired old man asked with a voice that sounded somewhat weak, "The northwest corner, which junior from the Yang Family does it belong to?"

Pondering for a moment, one of the other old men replied, "It seems to be the youngest one."

Everyone gently nodded and sighed, "Since ancient times, heroes have always been born from the younger generation."

Yang Li Ting, the Grand Elder from the Yang Family dispatched to the Seal Temple, couldn't help but laugh heartily.  Even though he no longer pursued material things in the outside world, his martial heart calm as a breezeless lake, after glimpsing Yang Kai's performance tonight, he still felt a little buoyant thinking about the future of this Yang Family successor.

The Qiu Family's Grand Elder, Qiu Dao Ren also nodded in approval, "With such courage and strength he is indeed impeccable; however, in the Inheritance War, these two points alone cannot guarantee victory. It remains to be seen if he has enough allies as well."

"It seems we must pay more attention to his performance. This time's Inheritance War seems like it will be more exciting than in previous one."

Everyone nodded once more at this sentiment.

Eight Grand Elders at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, characters that were treated as honoured ancestors even in the Eight Great Families, had penetrated every corner of War City with their Divine Sense earlier this night to monitor the various Young Lord's movements.

Yang Kai's actions had naturally failed to elude their perception.

The only thing that these eight people couldn't understand was what method he had used in order to suddenly unleash such a violent Spiritual Energy.

Given his cultivation realm, it was impossible for him to have already cultivated out his Divine Sense, so the only explanation was that this youngest Yang Family Young Lord had acquired a very powerful Soul type artifact, which gave the illusion of being able to release his Divine Sense.

Although these eight Elders were more interested in Yang Kai now, it was only limited to this.  These old men would not participate nor interfere in the Inheritance War in any way. They would be happy if Yang Kai were to win, but if he were to lose, they also wouldn't care. Even the Yang Family's Yang Li Ting shared this mindset.

When the eight Grand Elders took back their ocean-like Divine Senses, Yang Kai involuntarily let out a sigh of relief, the faint vigilance that had always been hanging on his face finally relaxing as he unconsciously stole a glance towards the Seal Temple's location.

Throughout the night, he could detect that someone was monitoring him, and there was more than one of them.

But the Divine Senses of those people were so powerful that no matter what he did he was unable to hide his whereabouts.  Thinking about the information he had gathered related to the Inheritance War, Yang Kai quickly understood who was spying him.

[Seems that I must break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary as soon as possible.]  Yang Kai felt that after opening his Knowledge Sea and with the assistance of the Soul Warming Lotus he would be able to evade these old fogies surveillance.

The feeling of being constantly monitored was very uncomfortable, even if he knew they wouldn't take any action towards him, Yang Kai refused to allow this to continue.

After all, he had too many secrets hidden on him.

"Yang Kai!" Qiu Yi Meng called out in good spirits, standing up from her chair and greeting him warmly.

Glancing at the scene below him, Yang Kai quickly ordered, "Have some people clean up the blood and bodies here."

The bodies left on the ground all belonged to his allies, the fallen that belonged to his enemies had already been taken away by them.  The Qiu Family's Autumn Rain Hall had lost six people while seven of those who had followed Xiang Tian Xiao had also died. In addition to these thirteen bodies, there was a fair amount of blood spattered around.

After issuing this order, his figure flickered and landed in front of Qu Gao Yi.

In this battle, Qu Gao Yi had tied down nearly ten Immortal Ascension Boundary masters by himself, several of them even having reached the Seventh or Eighth Stage. Obviously, he had reached his limit.

If it weren't for him, the outcome of tonight's battle would be hard to predict.

Now, Qu Gao Yi, who had just recovered from his previous injuries was heavily wounded again.  His entire body was covered in blood, some of it his own, some of it his enemies, and the menacing aura which he emitted had yet to disperse, giving him a particularly fierce appearance.

"Subordinate has fortunately not failed the Little Lord!" Qu Gao Yi grit his teeth and quickly said.

"En, you've done very well." Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Receiving such praise, Qu Gao Yi grinned ferociously before his burly body trembled lightly.

From the shadows, Ying Jiu emerged like a ghost beside Qu Gao Yi and supported him, insuring he didn't embarrass himself by collapsing here.

"Send him back to rest." Yang Kai said to Ying Jiu.

"Yes," Ying Jiu nodded and helped Qu Gao Yi back into the mansion.

Yang Kai then turned to look at the two black-clothed people who were still covering their faces and chuckled, "Many thanks for your work, Seniors."

The two men did not say anything, instead just casually cupping their fists to Yang Kai before disappearing into the darkness.

Huo Xing Chen kept staring at them until the moment they vanished, his eyes a bit bloodshot, almost like he wanted to bore a hole into their backs with his stare and loudly chastise them for appearing here.

After they left, Huo Xing Chen looked at Yang Kai, his expression somewhat blank, grinding his teeth as he somehow managed to mutter, "You're too much!  Even including this young master in your plans!"

Yang Kai smiled indifferently and shook his head in response, "Without them, this place would still be safe tonight, at most, you would have been taken away."

"Good good good!  This young master won't bother arguing with you!"  Huo Xing Chen also knew that Yang Kai was telling the truth.  With Ying Jiu still unharmed and lurking in the shadows, neither Yang Zhao nor Yang Shen dared to act rashly. If they could truly cooperate, sending one of their Blood Warriors  to entangle Ying Jiu while the other went to retrieve the flag, they would have had a good chance at succeeding.

But could they really cooperate sincerely?

In the end, both of them were opponents, they could cooperate if it was mutually advantageous to do so, but with only one of them able to profit, how could they be willing to offer up their benefits to the other?

Yang Kai had obviously understood this point, so he didn't have any reservations about boldly running out to seek trouble.

As those from the Autumn Rain Hall and those who followed Xiang Tian Xiao were collecting the bodies of their fallen comrades, Yang Kai swept his eyes over them and said, "This is the Inheritance War, participating or not is your choice, many of you may die, so you must be mentally prepared."

Hearing this, those from the Autumn Rain Hall and Xiang Family couldn't help wrinkling their brows; suddenly feeling like this Yang Kai was too uncaring.  They had all come here to help him win this contest, yet when some of them had died, he didn't even offer a single word of thanks nor comfort.

[So what if you're a Yang Family Young Lord, the ones who died here weren't just livestock, they gave their lives for you!]

Seeming not noticing this subtle change in expression, Yang Kai simply continued in a solemn tone, "I will remember those who died here and will compensate for your losses several times over in the coming days, but for now I must simply ask you to wait."

Qiu Yi Meng somewhat tight expression loosened at these words.

This seemingly simple pledge was enough for her.  The time she had spent with Yang Kai was neither long nor short, and she had never heard him swear to anything.

But she knew that a man who doesn't make promises easily was definitely a man who would do what he says!

At that moment, Qiu Yi Meng was full of expectations for the future.

She still remembered that Yang Kai had once said that he only wanted allies who would stand firmly beside him even in his most distressed and embarrassed moment.  Those who were only interested in what benefits he could offer them, he didn't need.

And now, these people here had all not hesitated to come to his aid during his weakest moment.  Whatever other reasons they may have had, this alone had obviously won his approval.

In the Inheritance War, the sooner capital was invested, the greater the return would be.

If you wanted to make true friends with a man, you must do so when he his weak. If he is already strong, you would have no chance.

Qiu Yi Meng felt she had made the right choice. This young man was really someone who could bring about miracles.

The battle had left Yang Kai's compound seriously damaged, so after the people from the Autumn Rain Hall and Xiang Family finished processing their fallen members, they immediately plunged into renovation work without even stopping to rest.

Qiu Yi Meng really took to her role as manager, organizing all the available manpower to efficiently patch up the mansion.

As for the Huo Family Young Lord, he had disappeared at some point and no one knew where he had gone.

Outside War City, Huo Xing Chen swaggered along for about ten kilometers before slowly coming to a halt and shouting, "Come out, why are you still bothering to hide?"

The next moment, two old men at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage appeared from the darkness and came up to Huo Xing Chen, shouting respectfully, "Young Master."

Huo Xing Chen stared at them for a moment, his expression quite complicated; only speaking after a long time, "Did Father send you here to watch me?"

One of the old men nodded and said, "Yes, Patriarch was afraid that danger might befall you tonight so he dispatched us to protect Young Master from the shadows."

Huo Xing Chen was the only heir to the Huo Family. No matter how he frustrated Huo Zheng, even openly opposing him when he chose to support Yang Kai earlier today, how could he rest easy with his son in such a dangerous place?  Naturally, he had made some arrangements.

"Hah, let you protect me from the shadows!?"  Huo Xing Chen grit his teeth, "Do you mean protect me in secret?  Do you not even understand something so simple!? If you do, then why did you jump out an expose yourselves!?  That Yang Zhao's henchman Blood Warrior wouldn't dare kill me, at most he would have captured me, this Young Master was never in danger of losing a hair!  Yet both of you actually… you actually shamelessly wrapped your faces up and ran out on your own! You really frustrate this Young Master! Fortunately you both concealed your identities and only exchanged a single blow with that Blood Warrior so those people probably didn't see through your origins, or else my Huo Family would have lost all face this time!"

The Central Capital Eight Great Families would all send out masters to participate in the Inheritance War, but with the exception of the Yang Family's Blood Warriors, the strongest cultivators they had ever sent would be Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage experts; now, if the Huo Family was discovered to have deployed two Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters, they would definitely degenerate into laughing stock.

The two masters glanced at each other with bitter expressions, the one who spoke before trying to explain, "Young Master, we also have our own difficulties."

"Difficulties?  What are these difficulties you speak of?  Let's hear it." Huo Xing Chen squinted at the two.

The two old men let out long sighs before recounting what happened during the day.

As Huo Xing Chen listened, his expression became uglier, eventually unable to stop himself from laughing angrily, "You sold yourself for two small pots of wine?  I think you should just go to the Qiu Family or Yang Family and offer them your services! My Huo Family probably doesn't have such precious nectar for you to enjoy!"

"Please calm your anger Young Master," The two masters said hurriedly, quickly following up, "The point was that those two pots of wine were delivered personally by Young Lady Qiu, we really had no way to refuse."

Huo Xing Chen spat disdainfully, and glared at them, grinding his teeth over and over as he muttered, "That pair of smiling wretches are too sinister!  It's also you two idiots' fault for not hiding yourselves well enough, letting them discover your whereabouts!"

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