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Instantly, everyone was captured again.

A giant ox-sized spider stood watch nearby as this whole process took place. It then slowly walked over to these people, spat some more silk, wrapped them up, and pulled them back into the den.

Seeing that they temporarily didn't have to fear for their lives, this group of frightened people subconsciously relaxed slightly, but were suddenly somewhat confused about why these spiders had begun to slaughter earlier.

But before they had completely relaxed, the giant spider which had previously been wantonly killing before, again raised its sharp foreleg and mercilessly stabbed down.


Blood spattered, screams rang out and Guo Yuan Ming's body was viciously pierced.  He struggled fiercely, roaring in pain as he rolled around, but this spider no longer paid him any attention, and allowed the other spiders to haul him away, leaving behind a long bloody streak as he was dragged off.

Not only Guo Yuan Ming, all of the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land cultivators were stabbed by this spider. A few of them with bad luck were killed on the spot, while those who didn't were scared senseless.

Endless screams were heard, and one bloody stain after another was left behind on the ground, a truly gruesome scene.

Qiu Yi Meng's pair of beautiful eyes was filled with horror. Her face wore a look of sheer panic.  After just listening to Guo Yuan Ming's words, she had nearly made a desperate escape herself.

But if she had really broken free, she most likely would have died as well.

Fortunately, just before she was about to escape, she had glanced over and saw that Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo remained perfectly still.  Since these two were not moving, Qiu Yi Meng also decided to trust their instincts. She grit her teeth and pinned all her hopes on Shan Qing Luo.

Now it seems she really had made the right choice.

As the rest of the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land cultivators were dragged off, all of the remaining Monster Beasts looked at their bloodthirsty comrade, confused as to why it had suddenly decided to kill these people.

After a long period of silence, these Monster Beasts gradually dispersed.

"Why…"  Guo Yuan Ming asked weakly. His hand clutched his stomach, and he was unable to even circulate his Secret Art. His blood steadily flowed out, and his voice was filled with weakness, "Why did this happen?"

These beasts seemed to have specifically targeted his Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land brothers, sparing everyone else. This point alone confounded Guo Yuan Ming.

"Must be retribution.  Ha ha ha!"  Yang Kai's rampant laughter quickly reached his ears.

"What did you do?" Shan Qing Luo gazed at Yang Kai with her eyes full of disbelief.

Yang Kai just said that he would help her vent her anger, and then these people suffered a fierce attack. If Yang Kai now professed he had not played any role in this, Shan Qing Luo would never believe him.

But she had truly not seen him made any suspicious moves, so how had he controlled that Sixth-Order Monster Beast?

"Cool, right?" Yang Kai grinned smugly.

Shan Qing Luo's pair of infinitely charming eyes suddenly filled with a strange light as she stared deeply into Yang Kai's. A touch of passion flashed across them.  

Suddenly, standing on her tiptoes she gently lifted herself up and pressed her red lips onto his.

"Wu…"  Yang Kai was caught completely by surprise, his arms already wrapped around Shan Qing Luo's slender waist involuntarily exerting more strength, and pressed this devilish woman's tender body closer to his own, seemingly trying to melt their two bodies together.

Her pair of thin red lips were soft yet also hot.  Not only did they feel erotic the flavour they held was entrancing enough to soften his bones.

As the two passionately locked lips, Shan Qing Luo's breath began to carry a strange fragrance, prompting her to quickly stop.

Gazing towards Yang Kai, she couldn't help smiling mischievously, "We can't… for too long, if I… if I really become entranced, it won't end well."

Yang Kai grinned, his expression quite bitter. Licking his lips as he said, "Damn it, you devilish woman!  A poor young man like me falling into your grasp, how could my end be good?"

"Hmph, taking advantage of me so much is your life's good fortune!" Shan Qing Luo said, her voice full of meaning, "Other men can't even gaze upon me yet you've already stolen so much from me."

"First off, I didn't make you do all that," Yang Kai said in a straightforward tone.

"What are you two doing?" Qiu Yi Meng asked softly.

"Expressing our undying love for one another!"

"Shameless!" Qiu Yi Meng quickly shouted before falling silent, her face slightly red, [No wonder there was a strange heavy breathing coming from their side.]

As time passed by, and the sun and moon rose and fell…

It had been a couple of days since these spiders had caught them, and those who were left were still trapped inside these cocoons, unable to escape.  Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo had been cuddled together this whole time. This devilish woman was worthy of her notoriety. Every one of her actions, a simple breath, and single glance, was enough to seduce Yang Kai and throw his emotions into a whirl.  But because of her special physique, Yang Kai didn't dare act too presumptuously, even unable to tease her too much, so these days had been quite difficult for him.

Qiu Yi Meng close by somehow maintained her calm. From start to finish, she did not show any concern or panic. Meanwhile Luo Xiao Man shed numerous tears every day, obviously quite scared.

The little brat Bai Yun Feng also woke up a while ago but since he learned about all the recent developments he had remained silent, unsure of what to do or think.

The Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land's cultivators had all died miserable deaths, some of them from being torn apart while others from excessive blood loss.

On this day, Yang Kai suddenly discovered the presence of an extremely tyrannical blood force while he was exploring the surroundings with his Divine Sense.

The strength of this presence and the murderous aura it radiated dwarfed even those of the many Sixth-Order Monster Beast spiders.  Its appearance was very abrupt, as if it had always been there but had only just woken up now.

Before he even had time to warn Shan Qing Luo, a pressure like the entire world was shaken descended upon them, like the Earth was splitting and the Heavens were shaking.

From some unknown place, everyone present suddenly felt like something was gazing towards them.

Under this unseen gaze, no matter who it was they couldn't help feeling small and humble, unable to lift their heads before this presence.

Yang Kai also became pale, his True Qi unconsciously circulated.

However, Shan Qing Luo quickly shouted, "Don't move!"

"Hmm?" Seeing her act like this, Yang Kai felt she knew something about this presence and couldn't help asking.

"It's her."  Shan Qing Luo beautiful eyes slightly trembling, an extremely complex look surfacing on her face.


"The Spider Mother!" Shan Qing Luo softly replied, "A Seventh-Order Monster Beast!  None of us are its opponent!"

"Seventh-Order?"  Yang Kai gasped in shock.

"En."  Shan Qing Luo nodded solemnly, "How else do you think this group of Monster Beasts is able to live here so care freely? A Sixth-Order Monster Beast's  Beast Core is extremely valuable, and with so many Sixth-Order Monster Beasts around, without this Spider Mother watching over them, they'd have long been harvested clean."

With a Seventh-Order Monster Beast here, even if someone accidentally discovered this place and had thoughts about harvesting the Sixth-Order Monster Beasts for themselves they would have to weigh whether or not they could bear the cost.

"However, most of the time the Spider Mother is either busy spawning her young or sleeping, so unless someone deliberately attacks this place she will not pay them any mind."  Shan Qing Luo whispered, "See that stone spider statue over there?"

In the direction she indicated, Yang Kai really could see the outline of a stone statue. It was incredible immense and obviously in the shape which greatly resembled the spider Monster Beasts in this den.

"The Spider Mother usually lives inside that statue, and the thing I've come here for should also be there, her venom!  In this world, only women who posses the Poison Widow Body can safely enter that stone statue."

"Is it possible for the Spider Mother to feel your blood force?"

"En, that should be the case."  Shan Qing Luo nodded. This was the first time she had come here, so she was not completely sure of the situation.

"Then you should try consulting with her and see if she's willing to let us go," Yang Kai suggested.

"I can only try!"  Shan Qing Luo bit her lip, but didn't make any promises.

Closing her eyes, she tried her best to communicate with the Spider Mother following the method her own mother had left behind to her.

A moment later, an enchanting voice floated into everyone's ears, even Yang Kai could hear it clearly.

"Hm? Are you this generation's Poison Widow Body woman?"

Yang Kai's expression suddenly change, twisting his head around to scan his surroundings but unable to see anything; the voice was crisp yet soft, like the sound of an alluring beauty softly whispering, causing people's minds to sway.

Shan Qing Luo quickly whispered, "Don't panic, this is just the Spider Mother using her Divine Sense to speak with me!"

Yang Kai was suddenly aghast.

A Monster Beast that was capable of communicating with people using its Divine Sense!

This was the first time he had encountered a Monster Beast with such abilities.  He knew that a Sixth-Order Monster Beast wouldn't be able to accomplish this yet this Spider Mother Seventh-Order Monster Beast before him could.

Shan Qing Luo quickly yet solemnly replied, "Yes!  This Junior pays her respects to the Spider Mother!"

"Who is Han Fei Yan to you?" Asked the Spider Mother calmly.

"Han Fei Yan is my mother!"  Shan Qing Luo promptly replied, careful not to show the slightest disrespect.

"It has been thirty years since then… it seems this generation has already grown up, but how is it that your strength is so low?"

Shan Qing Luo couldn't help smiling wryly, "Junior encountered a minor accident, after some days my strength should be fully restored."

"En."  The Spider Mother softly acknowledge, remaining silent for a moment before continuing, "Since you have already found your way here, I shall grant you what you came for and the allow you to leave.  At any rate, you can somewhat be considered my descendant so we share at least some connection!"

Seeing how well things had gone so far, Shan Qing Luo couldn't help smiling happily, quickly asking, "Please forgive this Junior, Spider Mother, but would you be willing to let the people who came here with me leave as well?"

Yang Kai suddenly looked towards Shan Qing Luo in astonishment, seemingly not expecting this devilish woman to be so compassionate.

*Hmph!*  The Spider Mother coldly snorted, loudly proclaiming, "These people dared damage my nest and now have delusions about leaving it alive?  Aside from you, my child, everyone else must die!"

"Spider Mother, please recons…"

"Enough nonsense!"

Shan Qing Luo grit her teeth and glanced towards Yang Kai, a look of struggle flashing across her face but soon she regained her calm as her will became firm, "Please Spider Mother, at least I must take him away!"

"Such impudence!"  The Spider Mother voice carried a hint of annoyance, even going so far as to have her underling spiders approach the various cocoon sacks here.

"Forget it, I shall grant you five days of time to carefully consider your situation.  After five days I will awaken again and if you still insist on not wanting to leave alone… then there will be no need for you to leave at all!"  After delivering this cold ultimatum, the Spider Mother fell silent again.

The daunting pressure which had been pressing down on everyone also vanished without a trace; apparently the Spider Mother had once more fallen into a deep sleep.

Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man couldn't help trembling. They too had heard the conversation between Shan Qing Luo and the Spider Mother a moment ago.  They too were similarly as horrified as Yang Kai was, never imagining that such a powerful Monster Beast existed in this world.

Bai Yun Feng nearby also involuntarily let out a desolate voice, "So in five days' time we will all die?"

Although all of them had been in a constant state of anxiety, the surrounding spiders had yet to actually make a move towards them, so many of them still held out some hope, but now, after listening to the Spider Mother's judgement sentencing them to death just five days later, how could any of them be willing to accept?

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