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Chapter 1453: 1453
Chapter 1453, You Again?

In the end, this Grandmaster had died over ten thousand years ago, so it was not a surprise that, after all this time, their clothes could not withstand even a slight test of the elements .

Not only that, but their bones as well .

With a clatter, the skeleton also collapsed into ashes . Yang Kai frowned at this sight and released his Saint Qi to surround the freshly dug grave and prevent the wind from reaching it .

Even if this Senior’s clothes had been turned to dust and blown away, Yang Kai couldn’t allow the same to happen to their remains . If that were to happen, this Senior would truly have died without burial, a miserable fate .

Waving his Saint Qi about, Yang Kai quickly carried over some nearby soil to fill in this grave .

Before filling the grave though, Yang Kai’s brow rose as he stared towards a certain spot, a trace of suspicion flashing across his face . A moment later, a Golden Blood Thread flashed out .

After withdrawing this Golden Blood Thread, Yang Kai held a small piece of bone in his hand .

This should be a finger bone from the Grandmaster’s skeleton, but unlike all the other bones, this one had not disintegrated and was instead perfectly preserved . Although there were no energy fluctuations coming from this fingertip, when Yang Kai observed it closely, he could not help showing a look of surprise that soon turned to shock as he muttered aloud, “This is…”

This finger bone was covered with many complicated lines and runes, seemingly hiding some incredible secrets within them .

Injecting a little of his Saint Qi into this finger bone though, Yang Kai was unable to observe any kind of reaction . With a puzzled expression, Yang Kai was at a loss as to how to access the mysteries contained in this finger bone .

Setting this matter aside for the moment, Yang Kai carefully stored this finger bone away before filling up the grave .

A moment later, the grave was filled . Finished with this task, Yang Kai bowed once before turning around and quickly leaving this mountain valley .

This was all he could do for this Senior . As for the finger bone, Yang Kai planned on studying it carefully later as he was certain this Grandmaster had sealed something important in it . Otherwise, there would be no reason to refine it to not degrade even after ten thousand years .

Flying along at lightning-quick speeds, Yang Kai carefully observed his surroundings as he rushed towards the Emperor Garden’s main palace .

The journey was quite calm, with no other unexpected situations occurring along the way . For Yang Kai, the exploration of the mountain valley had wasted a little time, but compared to the massive gains he obtained, such a delay was still acceptable .

However, he had also made up his mind that even if he encountered anything else of interest, he would not stop to investigate and focus entirely on reaching the main palace .

As he got closer to the Emperor Garden’s main palace though, Yang Kai increasingly felt the atmosphere becoming tense . There were clearly many cultivators lying in ambush around the periphery of the main palace, targeting both those who were coming to explore the main palace and those who were leaving it .

As time passed, Yang Kai even began seeing many cultivators engaged in fierce battles with one another .

Some tried to intercept Yang Kai as well, but he was easily able to throw such ambushers off .

Thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai immediately understood what was going on .

According to Min Sha of Azure Tree Star, the Emperor Garden’s main palace was filled with crisis, forcing his group to escape after they suffered heavy losses, and look for opportunities outside instead . It seemed the cultivators lying in ambush outside the Emperor Garden’s main palace knew about the situation inside and had decided to wait for gains without pains instead, robbing those who were coming and going .

This way, not only could they easily obtain some benefits, but they also would not have to risk their lives inside the main palace . What could be better?

This was why the surroundings of the Emperor Garden’s main palace were filled with thick murderous intent .

It took Yang Kai some effort to break through this encirclement region .

Three days later, Yang Kai stood atop a mild slope, looking at a magnificent and majestic palace .

The Emperor Garden!

He finally saw the true Emperor Garden with his own eyes . This was the Starry Sky Great Emperor’s private residence and it was suspended in mid-air . Looking around, Yang Kai could not see where this palace ended, as if it went on for tens of thousands of kilometres .

The previous time Yang Kai came to the Emperor Garden, the feeling it had given him was far less profound than the one he was experiencing right now . At this moment, even from a thousand kilometres away, the main palace of the Emperor Garden radiated an ancient and desolate aura, making one feel as if they had been transported back in time, a wondrous yet unnerving sensation .

[Where’s the entrance?] Yang Kai frowned, but soon, he found what he was searching for .

From a certain position, multi-coloured light was flashing, and violent energy fluctuations filled the air as many small black spots collided with one another .

Obviously, this was the scene of many people fighting .

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The closer one got to the Emperor Garden’s main palace, the more chaotic it became . The Emperor Garden had opened to the entire Star Field, so with cultivators arriving here from every major Cultivation Star, a great deal of friction naturally occurred .

If Yang Kai was not mistaken, the location of the fiercest battle should be where the main palace’s entrance was located .

Thinking so, he did not hesitate and flew over towards the fighting .

After half an incense stick of time, Yang Kai stood at the edge of the battlefield and was thoroughly shocked by the massive melee he was witnessing . There were at least hundreds of cultivators involved in this battle, most of them Origin Realm masters . There were also some Saint Kings present, but none were below the Third Order and had obviously been led here by their Elders .

These people all wore different robes and their cultivations were equally varied but every one of them was deeply immersed in this hot-blooded battle . Some people wanted to slaughter a path to the Emperor Garden, some wanted to flee this place, some even wanted to kill others and rob them of their possessions, it was nothing short of chaos .

From time to time, a pitiful scream would ring out and in a splash of blood, a body would fall from the sky .

It was obviously impossible to pass through such a heated battlefield safely .

Yang Kai’s expression became extremely solemn . Although his strength was truly out of the ordinary, even surpassing some Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators, he was not confident he could slip through this melee without getting caught up in the chaos .

Looking around though, a look of delight soon returned to Yang Kai’s face as he confirmed his theory to be correct; the Emperor Garden’s main palace’s entrance was indeed located nearby . A massive gate several dozen metres in height leading into the magnificent palace stood just beyond the chaotic battlefield . This gate was covered with a kind of light barrier that prevented anyone from seeing what lay beyond it, stimulating the desires of these cultivators to enter through it .

Just as Yang Kai was hesitating about using his full speed to try to break through this region, he sensed some kind of disturbance and turned his head to investigate .

In the direction he turned, a bright green stream of light was rapidly approaching, and although it was still a fair distance away, the pressure coming from it was difficult to ignore .

Every cultivator who was engaged in battle was shocked by this new arrival and paused their fight to investigate .

A moment later, the green stream of light reached the edge of the chaotic battlefield, dispersed, and revealed seven figures that had been hidden inside .

After sensing the cultivation of these seven people, everyone’s expression became dignified!

This group consisted of males and females, young and old, but only one of them was a Second-Order Origin Realm cultivator while the rest were all Third-Order!

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Although this group could not singlehandedly sweep away all the cultivators involved in this chaotic battlefield, forcing everyone to give way was not an issue . Clearly this group was from an elite great force and challenging them would not be wise .

After seeing the robes worn by those people, someone even exclaimed, “Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce!”

Hearing this cry, everyone showed a terrified look .

Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was famous throughout the entire Star Field and was one of only a handful of super forces . It controlled multiple Cultivation Stars and had more than a dozen Origin King Realm masters at its command .

What’s more, it was rumoured that President Ai Ou, the current leader of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, had reached the peak of the Second-Order Origin King Realm and was only one step away from breaking through to the Third-Order .

He was an existence that the entire Star Field had to look up to .

Upon realizing these people were from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, every cultivator present withdrew their hostility and stepped back, none of them daring to show the slightest disrespect .

On the other hand, Yang Kai was greatly shaken as he stared towards one of the people in this group, his heart nearly leaping up into his throat .

This person’s face seemed to be carved from the finest jade, with perfect red lips, a slim but handsome figure, and skin that seemed just a shade too fair, almost the colour of pure snow . Adorning his face was an amiable smile that involuntarily made anyone who saw it feel a sense of intimacy .

He was the only Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator amongst this group, making him the weakest, but it was also clear he was its leader as all the others surrounded him like stars around a bright moon . These six Third-Order Origin Realm powerhouses were all somehow overshadowed by this man’s presence .

Any woman would adore him, not just for his outstanding appearance, but also because of his innate temperament which was like a bright light that could draw in any moth .

Xue Yue!

The Star Field’s famous Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Xue Yue Third Young Master!

Yang Kai had been hoping to meet Su Yan here, but instead, it seemed that enemies often met along narrow roads .

This was an unwelcome coincidence .

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Yang Kai was arriving here quite late as when the Emperor Garden opened, he had spent ten days condensing his Shi, but why had Xue Yue not arrived here until now?

Yang Kai did not know what Xue Yue had come here for, but he absolutely did not want to be noticed by ‘him’ .

The reason was simple, Yang Kai and Xue Yue had many grievances between them, and he also knew Xue Yue’s greatest secret .

This suave-looking, jade-faced Xue Yue Third Young Master whom millions of the Star Field’s young women fawned over was, in fact, a woman herself!

If this news were to leak out, who knows how many young girls would be heartbroken and how many young women would cry?

The grievances between the two of them were not just about Yang Kai knowing her secret though . The two of them had many awkward and bitter experiences together; for example, atop an unnamed Dead Star, the two of them had fought one another in a life or death struggle while completely naked, clinging to one another, rubbing their bare skin against each other, all while trying to murder their enemy . Forced into a stalemate during that absurd situation, Xue Yue had used a Secret Technique which tethered their two lives together, allowing both to survive .

Because of this Secret Technique, however, Yang Kai had been forced to find a way to save Xue Yue’s life after she encountered a fatal accident, causing him a great deal of trouble and almost resulting in his death .

Although Xue Yue’s perception of Yang Kai had noticeably improved the more they interacted, a woman like her would simply not allow Yang Kai to wander about freely while he knew her secrets lest he someday intentionally or accidentally reveal this information, leading to unimaginable consequences .

Silavin: Hee Hee . I was a little cheeky with this title .

Original one: Xue Yue Third Young Master

Well, the title was sort of a spoiler so I wanted to tease a little .

Also, I’m pretty sure some of these girls that are in love with Xue Yue would think: I don’t mind .

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