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Chapter 144, The Prestige of the Star Mark

Translator- Luffy

Editor- theunfetteredsalmon & Silavin


Lan Chudie’s eyes shone at Yang Kai’s face as if she was lost in a dream.

When she fought with the Tortoise Monster Beast some time ago she received some wounds. Her clean clothes were stained with her own blood. She was breathing heavily and shortly, almost like she was hyperventilating. Looking at the man and woman standing under the foreboding shadow of the Tortoise Monster Beast, she felt a surge of emotion.

The man who rescued Su Yan did so in disregard of hisstarlightlife, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of all women present. Lan Chudie was no exception.

If a man is willing to pay for a woman’s life with his own, even if he’s weaker than her, then why can’t she be with him? Women’s requests are sometimes tall, and sometimes small, and sometimes a few words or a little action can open up their heart and leave a beautiful image of him behind.

Now that the woman who is standing under that Monster Beast has found her ideal man, won’t she be happy?

But on remembering that incident, Lan Chudie felt dejected. She forced herself to smile.

“Do you still have strength to fight?” Yang Kai asked Su Yan, pointing towards the Monster Beast.

“I do not have any strength left.” Su Yan shook her head slowly. “We need to hurry; this monster is too strong. I can only freeze it for half a minute. If we don’t leave now, we will never even dream of escaping alive.”

“Even if we were to leave, where will we go?” Yang Kai chuckled.  “It was pursuing Xie Hongchen, but now it will pursue you without a doubt. We can only escape if you alone leave.

“In that case, I will leave. I can’t allow High Heaven Pavilion to suffer any more for me than it already has.”

“What can you do?” Yang Kai said ominously. ” Senior Sister, you think too highly of yourself.”

Su Yan looked at Yang Kai with surprise.

[Is he reproving me? He actually dares to reprove me?] Even the elders in the sect have never done so, but Su Yan was not angry as she did not disagree with him.

“Take a look at the High Heaven Pavilion disciples.” Yang Kai said, directing at the disciples; some breathing heavily in the atmosphere, others sitting cross-legged on the ground, all seizing the valued time-out to recover and regenerate. “Even if you were to leave, can you guarantee that this Monster Beast will not kill them? Without you, they will only die a quick death!”

“Then what do you think we should do?” Su Yan questioned.

“It’s simple. We just need to kill it.” Yang Kai cracked into a smile as his forehead emitted droplets of cold sweat.

“Kill it?” Su Yan was startled by Yang Kai’s brazen and voracious appetite for feats that few others would try. To be able to flee with their lives from the face of this Monster Beast is a bargain few would contest, but to kill it?

As Yang Kai and Su Yan spoke, a flicking movement could realise from the Monster Beast from under the thick layer of ice. “How has it already passed?”

“Looks like we don’t have time for more discussion!” Yang Kai said to Su Yan while waving his hand. ”You need to draw back now! We will try and kill it, but if we fail we will hopefully still have time to run.”

The sound of ice disintegrating and cracking grew louder and louder. the still frozen Tortoise Monster Beast slowly rotated his body and turned its scarlet eyes toward  Su Yan and Yang Kai. To it, the two were as small and insignificant as ants.

“Retreat!” Yang Kai roared at Su Yan, who showed no signs of movement from her spot.

Su Yan’s body jerked and she quickly moved a distance away from the Monster Beast. The remaining injured disciples of High Heaven Pavilion did the same.

Yang Kai kept his foot stationary in front of the Tortoise Monster Beast. The thin figure of Yang Kai standing in the shadow of the giant made it look nothing short of mighty.

Yang Kai stood looking like a confident wall blocking the Monster Beast. He was like a shield that could shelter the onlookers from wind and rain.


He started raising his hand up slowly. Those who watched did not see anything unusual, but they could feel the power of one thousand, ten thousand hands emerging and combining to contain the force of a five thousand kilogramme sledgehammer.

*Crack*. The sound of a bone dislocating could be heard.


Starlight began to sparkle and a frightening momentum erupted from Yang Kai. His clothes flapped and his hair danced as a strong wind began to orbit around him.

“Everyone!” Yang Kai screamed with his inexhaustible strength, detonating from his body.

Finally, his right hand came to a stop and with a roaring sound, he turned his palm into a fist.


Yang Kai’s place brightened up as if it has become a beautiful starry night sky. His right fist was also covered in the dazzling light. Slowly, his hand began to move inch by inch, back from its position and ballooned with strength with each passing moment.

“If you are willing…”Yang Kai muttered unhurriedly as his eyes became red. He controlled the energy contained in his fist with all his might.

“What kind of Martial Skill is this!?” Fang Ziji’s face changed greatly. Even though they were thousands of feet from Yang Kai, they could still easily feel its fearsome vigour, all concentrated in his one, solitary, minute fist.

What’s more, the fist was still poised in building strength. It did not show any signs of stopping. It was already scary, what would happen once it discharges? What kind of terror would it cause?

“So beautiful…”Hu Mei Er and Hu Jiao Er uttered in unison. There were stars littered and twinkling everywhere like a night sky. The people watching the scene felt engrossed in its beauty, almost forgetting the imminent danger they may face.

The earth underneath Yang Kai’s foot began to quake, unable to withstand such colossal strength. Cracks in the dirt formed around him and slowly, his body began to sink in the ground and his legs started to bend.

As the Monster Beast continued to thaw rapidly from his icy prison, his scarlet eyes no longer saw resentment and hatred, but instead filled with panic and fear with an overwhelming urge to flee. It just wanted to run. It feared Yang Kai’s fist more than anything else. The tortoise was sealed for many years. It was weak. It was not easy for it to regain its consciousness, but it cannot even enjoy its short amount of time out from its slumber. It did not want to be hurt and fall into boundless, deep sleep again.

But the ice that bounded it hindered its movement.

“Then give me a hand…”Yang Kai opened his mouth a third time. He was only able to say a few words at a time and needed to concentrate on accumulating energy. Those few short sentences made people know of its meaning and the concentration required to control his accumulated power.

With those words, Yang Kai jumped into the air with an accelerated speed, bringing the starry sky with him.

The Starlight sparkled with boundless radiance and power to overcome everything.

Within a few seconds Yang Kai was a hundred feet high in the air and as he came to hover, he immediately moved towards the direction of the Monster Beast’s head.

Suddenly, the layer of ice cracked apart and a loud roar pierced the eardrums of everyone around. “Roooooaaaaarrrrr….” Although ear deafening, its roar did not contain the subjugating power it once had. It was now filled with dread; a roar of panic.

“Help me!” Yang Kai roared. Even with his voice was going against the roar of the Tortoise Monster Beast, it was no weaker. With utmost clarity, his voice managed to reach everyone’s ears.

His fist was quickly wrapped in a thick coat of star light. As the starlight gyrated around his hand, it was fluctuating in speed. For a second, it was fast and bright, in another, it was slow and dull. This was an erratic light show presented to everyone present.

*Bang!* Yang Kai’s fist made contact with the head of the Tortoise Monster Beast.


It blared out like a burst of loud thunder. Such a tiny fist going against something the size of the Tortoise Monster Beast seemed laughable.  However, a single pound from his fist sent tremor in everyone’s heart, as if this fist disintegrated their mind and soul.

A halo erupted, engulfing the entire head of gigantic Tortoise Monster Beast. The force of the meteor like fist made the Monster Beast stagger back; wind and dust were brought forth from its wake. [A miracle!], the thought ran through the minds of spectators in awe.

The force was so strong that Yang Kai flew back, rotating in air, to only staggered and fall down. His right hand was soaked in blood, shivering uncontrollably. It took him some time to steady himself. With a look of disdain towards the Tortoise Monster Beast, a few meters away from him, his weak body emitted a bloodthirsty aura.

Meanwhile, the audience could not help but gasp in awe. Everyone’s eyes were shivering with disbelief. No one could have imagined such a sight; a Monster Beast that even Su Yan could only slow down had been forced back by a boy. Not to mention, the Martial Skill that made it possible. When they recalled their first impressions of this Martial Skill, no one would have thought that such a majestic starry sky would wield such terrifying power.

Looking his frail back facing against the Monster Beast, Su Yan’s heart cannot help but violently palpitate. She was well aware that this scene would be burnt into her mind, unforgettable. The back of a boy younger than her, that managed to accomplish what she could not.

Hu Mei Er face turned flush red. she looked at Yang Kai of panic struck expression. Meanwhile, Hu Jiao Er’s heart began to accelerate.

[What is this?] Hu Jiao Er became restless. The feelings she had right now were not her own. They were produced by her younger sister and transmitted to her. The thought of her own will being twisted like this made her heart drop in fear.

Lan Chudie’s heart also palpitated in excitement but unlike the Hu sisters, she  showed a despondent look. The instant she felt a burst of emotions, she recalled her own relations with Yang Kai to only end up in disappointment.

A back to rely on was something every woman seeks. Watching Yang Kai exhibit such traits made all the women’s hearts set aflutter. It could even be said that such a reliable back melted into their hearts as a brandmark.

“Amazing!” Fang Ziji spoke from his heart. However, many were not as optimistic as him. They realized their meager strength and muttered in a low-spirited voice, “To think that there is this kind of Martial Skill in this world and there is someone who can also display it…”

“Why, why, why?”Xie Hongchen muttered with a lifeless voice, ”Why wasn’t it me to obtained the Martial Skill? Why was it not me? If I had that Martial Skill, everyone’s focus would be on me and I would be bathing in their admiration! Why does it have to be him? He is merely lucky.”

“Why aren’t you helping? If this thing doesn’t die now, the only chance you have to survive is to run!”  Yang Kai spoke in a loud voice, reverberating within the ears of everyone around. When they could finally digest his words, everyone realised the gravity of the situation they were in.

Su Yan immediately shouts, ”Help us!!”


Silavin: “Guys, some really depressing news. theunfetteredsalmon, my Holy Spirit of English is currently dealing with some personal problems. The chapters have been stacking up and I was trying to keep him motivated… so, I would like to humbly request for some editors to help. (Serious this time)

We both can’t really determine how long it would take before he got back on his feet. So, the editors that are helping need to commit… Not sure if we will be able to make it with 4 chapters this week… (high-quality ones).

I will still be editing 4 chapters per week. It’s just that… to keep up the standard, we need good editors that master the Dao of English.


Martial Family will also be postponed for the time period (2 – 3weeks). I wish to make certain edits to the story to make it better. Likewise, I will be posting out on RoyalRoadl in the future (Gonna get a lot of shit for my grammar and expressions D:) Editors here also welcomed.”

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