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Chapter 1035,
Outside Shen Tu’s residence, Jia Long pointed to Yang Kai and said, “Young Master Yang wants to purchase something, escort him to wherever he wants to go and protect his safety . ”

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“Young Master Shen Tu’s guest?” The Monster Race master turned to look at Yang Kai before gently nodding, “No problem . ”

Obviously, he had also heard about Yang Kai’s existence .

After all, Shen Tu rarely brought people to his palace, but each one he did was always a valued guest .

“Please come with me,” The Monster Race man greeted Yang Kai .

“Thanks in advance,” Yang Kai smiled slightly .

The two of them flew off together, with Yang Kai following behind the Monster Race master who seemed a bit uncommunicative .

Yang Kai had to take the initiative to ask, “Friend, how may I address you?”

This Monster Race master was definitely a Saint King, because Yang Kai felt a certain amount of pressure when facing him . Only Saint King Realm masters could cause Yang Kai to feel this way now .

However, since he as Shen Tu’s subordinate, Yang Kai calling him friend was by no means disrespectful .

“Young Master Yang is too polite, you may call me Xue Tong . ”

“Xue Tong?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “Which Monster Beast do you descend from?”

“Blood Eyed Bristled Mane Lion!” Xue Tong explained casually .

Yang Kai noticed that Xue Tong’s eyes indeed had a slightly reddish hue to them, but this was obviously just his normal state . Once Xue Tong began to fight, Yang Kai was fairly certain his eyes would become blood red and his ferocious nature would take over, causing his power to soar .

“You’re obviously from the human race, so why do I feel the existence of Monster Yuan Qi from you…” Xue Tong frowned at Yang Kai, “And the bloodline aura is incredibly pure, far nobler than my own, almost as if it belongs to a great Monster Emperor! Did you have some kind of fortuitous encounter related to my Monster Race before?”

“En, something like that,” Yang Kai smiled slightly .

The Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix Tattoos on his body truly contained traces of Monster Qi, so it was only normal for Xue Tong to have noticed them . On top of that, the Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix were both apex existences amongst Monster Beasts, even if one took the entire Star Field into consideration .

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Xue Tong still didn’t say much but possibly because he sensed this Monster Yuan Qi from Yang Kai his demeanour became friendlier .

A short time later, the two men arrived inside a city grand city where blue-green streaks of light shuttled overhead . Obviously, these were cultivators hurrying along on their Star Shuttles .

Xue Tong walked forward with Yang Kai while asking, “What do you want to buy?”

“A good Star Shuttle and some rare ores!” Yang Kai replied .

“A simple request,” Xue Tong thought about it for a moment before proposing, “In that case, do you want to buy it here or from somewhere else?”

“What’s the difference?” Yang Kai asked .

“This city is a rather small one on Water Moon Star so the quality of things isn’t too high . If you want a good Star Shuttle, I suggest you get at least a Saint King Grade High-Rank one . You should just barely be able to fully utilize such a Star Shuttle and you won’t need to replace it for quite some time . ”

“Then I’ll go with a Saint King Grade High-Rank Star Shuttle!” Yang Kai nodded .

“Then we’ll have to travel to a different city, one about thirty thousand kilometres from here where they have better things for sale . ”

“That’s a bit far,” Yang Kai frowned . Even by Star Shuttle, flying thirty thousand kilometres would take some time .

In response though, Xue Tong smiled mysteriously, “It’s not that far, we’ll be able to arrive there immediately . ”

Yang Kai was puzzled but did not ask much, just following behind Xue Tong as they made their way through the city .

A short time later, the two came to a certain building, but before entering it, Yang Kai noticed a strange energy fluctuation coming from inside . Carefully investigating this, he immediately understood what the fluctuation was .

It was actually Void Energy!

He couldn’t understand why there would be Void Energy here .

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Outside the building were a large number of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce guards, and when Xue Tong arrived, they all saluted, seemingly recognizing him as one of Shen Tu’s protectors .

Xue Tong walked straight inside .

After passing through several gates, the Void Energy fluctuations became more and more apparent .

Arriving at the innermost room, Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help shrinking as he called out in surprise, “A Space Array?”

In front of him, there was a large array that was quite similar to the one that Gui Zu had created back on the floating continent . The only difference was that this one was much more meticulously crafted . The Space Array Gui Zu had arranged much rougher and was lacking in detail in several locations .

The Space Array in front of Yang Kai now though was of much higher quality, without any shortcomings . In the middle of the big array, there was a mirror-like object covered with a thick layer of Space Spirit Crystal .

At the base of this mirror, there were a number of grooves which were obviously designed to accept Saint Crystals .

“Can this thing be used?” Yang Kai stared stunned at Xue Tong .

“Naturally, we can use this Space Array to reach a bigger city!”

“Wasn’t the ability to arrange such arrays lost to history?” Yang Kai revealed a strange look .

“Indeed, these Space Arrays are relics from ancient times and are actually present on many Cultivation Stars . No one knows when these Space Arrays were laid out and everyone can only use them . There are some great masters who are able to understand some small portion of their mysteries, but that’s not something us common folk can do . ”

Listening to his explanation, Yang Kai suddenly understood that this Space Array should be a remnant from a long-passed era .

“With such a thing, is it possible to easily travel between Cultivation Stars?” Yang Kai asked excitedly . He understood just how far it was between Cultivation Stars, a single round trip would cost a cultivator a great deal of time, but with a Space Array it would be different, the journey would then only take a moment .

Xue Tong smiled awkwardly and shook his head, “That’s impossible, all Space Arrays can transmit people at most a hundred thousand kilometres . The Space Arrays on each Cultivation Star can only connect to others on the same Cultivation Star . ”

Saying so, he took out a few pieces of high-quality Saint Crystal from his Space Ring and placed them carefully into the grooves at the base of the mirror before beckoning to Yang Kai, “This way, please . ”

Yang Kai walked over and stood side by side with him .

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Xue Tong then activated the Space Array and the mirror in front of the two rippled like the surface of a lake that one had thrown a pebble into . At the same time, the energy inside the Saint Crystals inserted at the base was quickly drained .

After a while, the mirror seemed to shatter and revealed a black portal .

“Go!” Xue Tong shouted before stepping forward first .

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and followed right behind him .

Unlike when he tore space himself, Yang Kai didn’t feel anything in particular after using this Space Array, he simply stepped passed where the mirror was and then arrived at a different place .

Looking back, there was another Space Array behind him, but it was definitely not the same one as before .

Yang Kai immediately understood what had happened . When activated, two Space Arrays in two different locations were able to form a kind of temporary Void Corridor, allowing people to travel a few tens of thousands of kilometres in an instant .

And these Space Arrays were all the property of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce .

Xue Tong grinned, “These Space Arrays are convenient, but no cultivator will use them too often . ”

“Why is that?”

“The power of space is too mysterious, using Space Arrays to travel back and forth too frequently may cause some unnecessary harm . As long as one isn’t proficient in the Dao of Space, in general, they will only use these arrays once every few months, most of them they will use their Star Shuttle instead . ”

“En, I understand,” Yang Kai smiled, “So we’ll be flying back after we’re done here, right?”

“Exactly,” Xue Tong nodded, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to a good place where a certain Grandmaster refines Star Shuttles, he’s the best in his craft in the entire Water Moon Star . You should be able to find a Star Shuttle that suits you in his shop . ”

Hearing this, Yang Kai suddenly became a bit excited .

This city was indeed much more prosperous than the previous one . A variety of shops lined the streets and countless cultivators seemed to flow in an endless river between them . These people belonged to various different forces . Yang Kai saw some Sword Union and Purple Star cultivators here as well as many other from forces he didn’t recognize .

Because this was the home star of the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, it was also the busiest transaction hub in the entire Star Field .

All the major forces scattered throughout the Star Field would establish branches here so if they needed any kind of resources or supplies, they could purchase them from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and in some cases even have them delivered by them too .

Many Starships would set sail from the massive cities on Water Moon Star every day, their huge figures flying off into the Starry Sky and gradually disappearing .

Yang Kai was thoroughly astonished by the prosperity of this place and couldn’t help feeling a subtle sense of excitement .

With Xue Tong in the lead, the pair soon arrived at a shop with several floors . As soon as they entered, someone came up and greeted them, cupping their fists and smiling, “Sir Xue Tong, it has been too long . Does Young Master Shen Tu require something?”

Xue Tong shook his head, “It is Young Master’s guest who wishes to purchase a Star Shuttle, take us to the third floor . ”

The shop assistant glanced over at Yang Kai and immediately nodded, “Please come this way!”

Yang Kai took a quick look around as he followed behind the shop assistant and discovered that this shop exclusively sold Star Shuttles . Each Star Shuttle was put up on display and many cultivators would crowd around, bargaining back and forth with the shop’s staff .

From time to time, someone would walk out with a satisfied look .

“This shop belongs to our Chamber of Commerce . The Saint King Grade High-Rank Star Shuttles you want are sold on the third floor, the grades on the first and second floors are below that standard,” Xue Tong explained to Yang Kai .

Yang Kai gently nodded, he had also noticed that the Star Shuttles on this floor were only of Spirit Grade and the cultivators who were purchasing them weren’t very strong, most of them just Transcendents while a few of them were Saints .

Spirit Grade Star Shuttles, whether in terms of speed or performance, were the lowest of quality . Such Star Shuttles couldn’t even travel out into the Star Field .

They were simply unable to withstand the ambient destructive energy of the Star Field .

Seeing the shop assistant eagerly leading Yang Kai and Xue Tong towards the stairs, the other customers inside the shop cast them curious glances, wondering which great person had suddenly arrived .

The second floor was filled with Saint Grade Star Shuttles . The energy fluctuations coming from these Star Shuttles were obviously stronger than those on the first floor as well as the one Yang Kai owned .

Many cultivators were present on this level, keeping all the shop assistants very busy .

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