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Chapter 101 – Awakening

Inside the spacious cave, bright light condensed into an old figure. The old man's eyes stared at the curling mist in front, after a long time his eyebrows faintly wrinkled: "Why is it taking so long? Could it be that something happened?"

Waiting once again for a longer period of time, the mist still did not disperse, the old man's eyebrows wrinkled deeper. After looking more deeply, he wanted to disperse the thick mist.

Just as the old man was about to make a move, the shrouding mist rapidly contracted and entered the body of the youth. Followed by breath of cold air, a strong momentum fiercely came from the sitting young body spreading all around.

Sensing the breath, Old Fen was stunned as he looked: "This fellow, how did he suddenly become this strong? Did he also breakthrough?"

Gently shaking his head, Old Fen stroke his beard as his mouth formed a smile: "Middle step Martial Master, not bad, it must be due to the yi crystal energy."

Lightly chuckling, the old man did not speak and quietly stood there waiting for the youth to awaken.

The moment Feng Hao woke up, the first thing he could not wait to do was look inside. He did not pay any attention to the Wu Yuan vortex, he looked at the diamond shaped yi core.

The diamond shape yi core had the appearance of the yi crystal, there was virtually no difference. The only difference was this was relatively small, it was like a seed. Feng Hao seeing this inside of him which condensed thousands of miles of glaciers and had surging coldness, his state of mind shook.

"Can it be controlled?"

In silence, Feng Hao operated Yan Jue causing the Wu Yuan vortex to rotate with waves going up and down, then the crystal clear yi core erupted with cold energy bursting out of his body.


The cold current rolled out with his body as the center, the walls around had layers of ice quickly forming and a cold chill spread causing even Hua Yuntian to withdraw his body.

"Seven days, was it not good enough?"

Looking at the dark cave, Hua Yuntian wrinkled his eyebrows as he slowly stood up.

Outside the cave, numerous different kinds of magic beasts appeared on the scene, clearly sensing the existence of the yi crystal. The magic beasts wanted to steal it, looking at the scene, no magic beast was lower than the Martial Grand Master stage. However, with Hua Yuntian taking control, they could only look with a grudge.

"Just a Martial Practitioner, it was too risky!"

Looking at the constantly surging coldness, although he admitted the young man had talent, but due to his cultivation level only being at Martial Practitioner; trying to refine the yi crystal at this point was just simply being too optimistic.

Fortunately, he felt the cold current, otherwise he would be no doubt be in a life and death situation.

"Whether it was successful or not, a person whose only at the Martial Practitioner stage persisting seven days is already a miracle in itself."

Gently shaking his head, his eyes flashed with hope as he softly uttered: "Hopefully he can create a greater miracle!"

Within the cave, the flow of cold current was visible to the naked eye. Feng Hao's body constantly overflowed with the cold current, it rotated around him for a very long time until it gradually shrunk back.

Also at this time, the youth sitting on the animal hide who had his eyes closed suddenly quivered, a moment later it slowly opened.

His dark and deep eyes now possessed a layer of faint mist, after a long time the mist kept surging. Unexpectedly, both of his pupils were now covered. It burst out with the mist, he appeared to be like a devil and his aura became different.

The mist in the pupil's of his eyes did not last long, gradually it faded until it was completely gone. His eyes once again returned into a dark color, however, now his pupils compared to before seemed to appear much brighter.

Opening his eyes, Feng Hao slowly stood up feeling very stiff. Twisting his neck, shaking his hands and feet, immediately his bones all over emitted a very smooth crackling sound. Listening to the array of crisp sounds, Feng Hao took a deep breath, his face was full of comfort and intoxication.

"A breakthrough?"

At this moment, Feng Hao was not aware of the changes with the Wu Yuan vortex in his body. Suddenly, his face was startled, then after a while his face had the appearance of ecstasy.

"Middle step Martial Master!"

Evidently, it was 'crazy' that just before he was at the high step Martial Practitioner, after being unconscious for a moment, he directly went up two steps. This was like pie falling from the sky, Feng Hao was somewhat dizzy. Standing there, he had a silly smile.

"What happened?"

Old Fen with a smile on his face looked at his transformation, after sometime he softly asked.


Excitingly rubbing hands, Feng Hao cracked a smile with his mouth, then he slowly detailed the process of his refining.

"En!… Not bad."

After listening to Feng Hao's explanation, Old Fen stroke his beard. He nodded and uttered a sentence of praise, this directly let Feng Hao be happy raising his head.

Although Feng Hao somewhat forgot his manners, Old Fen did not say anything. After all, Feng Hao accomplished something even impossible for him. In such a situation, he still remained focused and pushed on only with a resolute heart. This old man believed that the height this young man will reach in the future will definitely be done on his own.

To think that back in those days, he only tried when he was already at the Martial Spirit stage. Moreover, at that time he already used an enormous amount of wu crystals making Yan Jue already be at the high grade black level. He remembered that he only used a low level metal attribute yi crystal, it caused him to hover between life and death multiple times, he nearly died on the spot. Although he succeeded, he only narrowly escaped death.

After that, with power given by the yi crystal, he was like a roc soaring to the highest of the heavens, no one could pressure him!

"Middle step Martial Master, this was only a side benefit of one piece of yi crystal. The biggest benefit is your latent talent, in the future you would understand that you did not suffer for nothing!"

Old Fen became more satisfied as he looked at Feng Hao, hope also flashed in his eyes.

"En, I trust master. I will work hard, the Void Wu, I must master!"

Facing the gaze of the old man's eyes, Feng Hao firmly nodded. However, his delicate face was also serious, there was no hint of faking.

Having the Void Wu physique, if one wanted to live the void wu must be overtaken. In the end, the safest method to preserve life and the body was having complete mastery of the Void Wu!

Only by mastering Void Wu could one have the ability to accomplish the road of martial inverse!

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