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Chapter 70 Exposed, Bloody Battle

The first half of the night passed by uneventfully.

Lu Buping went to sleep and Lin Yi took over the duty of keeping watch.

"Senior Brother Lin Yi, have we been overly cautious? There doesn't seem to be any signs of a night raid coming from the demonic cult disciples." Lu Buping whispered as he switched roles with Lin Yi.

Lin Yi smiled. "Maybe, it's best if they don't come. But we should never let down our guard, it never hurts to be more careful."

"Senior Brother Lin Yi is right." Lu Buping nodded before leaping onto a rope to sleep. Soon, the sound of snoring could be heard.

As the leaves rustled on the hilltop, Lin Yi sat under a tree with his back leaning on the trunk, his eyes half-closed in rest. On his sides were placed Qingfeng Sword and Longmang Bow.

The quiet night seemed as if it was going to pass by calmly.

The bright moon revealed itself as the dark clouds moved away and the ground was lit up by the moonlight.

Suddenly, soft rustling sounds could be heard.

Lin Yi pricked his ears up and opened his eyes wide. He swiftly picked up Longmang Bow and shot an arrow at a location without even looking.


The dull sound of the arrow piercing into flesh could be heard.

Lin Yi smiled lightly and once again, he placed another arrow onto the bow and shot it at another location without looking. This was the technique of identifying the enemy's location by sound, and archers used this technique to shoot arrows accurately during night battles.

It was an incredibly difficult skill to learn, as it was a highly superior archery skill, and Lin Yi also took a very long time to master this skill in his previous life. Since then, he did not need to fear night battles.

As he expected, the sound of flesh being pierced could be heard once more.

With a cold expression, Lin Yi bellowed: "The enemy is here, wake up!"

In the dead of the night, Lin Yi's voiced sounded like the clapping of thunder exploding in one's ears.

The four of them woke up with a start!

Having encountered a night raid for the first time, they nervously and clumsily looked for their swords.


Seeing that their presence had been exposed, the demonic cult disciples in hiding yelled and leaped forward with their sabers. From all directions, they charged towards the five disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects.

"Wear your heavy armor!" Lin Yi ordered as he took a quick glance and saw dozens of attackers. Then he drew his sword and attacked, delaying the enemy so that they had time to wear the armor.

With this reminder, the four of them finally calmed down and started wearing the heavy armor that they brought.

Instead of using Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, Lin Yi used Huashan Sword Art.

First style.

White Clouds Emerge!

Although this move was not as powerful as Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords, it was most suited for group battles, especially when one had to face multiple opponents.

With a wide sweep, Lin Yi parried the sabers of the several demonic cult disciples in front of him.

At this moment, Lin Yi discovered the weapons they were using.

"Blood Saber Sect disciples, interesting!" Lin Yi smiled in amusement.

What a coincidence, after killing Blood Saber Sect's Blood Raiment Prince during the day, they had now encountered Blood Saber Sect disciples during the night as well.

"Huashan Sword Art?"

"It's the people from the Five Mountain Sword Sects!"

"There are only five disciples from the Five Mountain Sword Sects in Lanzhou City, this person must be Deadly Celestial Sword!"

"All of you be on your guard, Eldest Senior Brother was killed by him!"

At the same time, Lin Yi was also recognized by them.

Nearly all the Blood Saber Sect disciples halted their attacks and retreated to a safe distance from Lin Yi. From there, they faced Lin Yi with wary looks.

Against dozens of third-rate experts from Blood Saber Sect, Lin Yi was undaunted. Although the Blood Saber Sect disciples greatly outnumbered him, when they thought of their Eldest Senior Brother dying at the hands of Lin Yi, they were intimidated and did not dare to attack.

"To be capable of killing Eldest Senior Brother, Deadly Celestial Sword is not someone we can kill so easily. Should we summon more people to help out?"

Although they were in the middle of a confrontation, they did not idly stand by and constantly shifted their positions while they discussed their next move.

"That's a good idea. This Deadly Celestial Sword is a great enemy of our demonic faction! Even Lord Ao Wufa has given the order that Lin Yi must not leave this place alive. Besides, being the killer of Eldest Senior Brother, all the more we can't let him leave so easily!"

"Send the signal immediately and inform the rest that Deadly Celestial Sword has been discovered!"

The Blood Saber Sect disciples quickly reached a consensus and one of them quickly sent a signal. Something resembling a firework soared into the air before exploding into the shape of a blood-colored curved saber. Anyone within a radius of dozens of li was able to see it clearly.

Upon seeing that, Lin Yi's expression changed slightly. He did not expect the demonic cult members to respond so quickly. He only just killed Blood Raiment Prince during the day and they already got news of it and even gave the order to kill him at all costs.

This time, it was no longer possible to earn experience while keeping a low profile. Lin Yi smiled bitterly at the rapidly changing situation.

When he looked behind and saw that the four of them had finished wearing their armor, he relaxed slightly.

Fortunately, they had made ample preparations beforehand. With heavy armor and the assistance of four companions from the Five Mountain Sword Sects, there was a decent chance of escaping!

Then he leaped towards the four of them and commanded in a loud voice: "Our identities have been exposed and soon there will be countless demonic cult disciples coming after us. Be mentally prepared for a tough battle!"

"Lu Buping will be our vanguard, Mo Yu and Yun Taizi will take the flanks while Junior Sister Yiqian will take the rear. I will also provide covering fire from the rear, let's go!"

"Understood!" Having realized the gravity of the situation, the four of them accepted his orders with a solemn expression.

Now that they had heavy armor on them, they charged forward without any restraint.

Lin Yi quickly put on his heavy armor as well and started shooting arrows rapidly.

He needed to finish off all the Blood Saber Sect disciples currently present before reinforcements arrived. That way, they would have an easier time escaping safely.

If they were bogged down by these disciples, the battle would surely take a turn for the worse. His gaze grew cold and his eyes were filled with killing intent.


Lu Buping in his heavy armor was leading the way like a great general charging into the enemy, and with his Songshan Seventeen Styles of Quick and Slow Sword Art, he attacked the enemy head-on.

He brandished his sword like a spear, making sweeping strikes, and cut down all those who blocked his way while disregarding the attacks from the blood sabers.

"Haha, this feels great!"

Having suffered at the hands of the Blood Saber Sect disciples during the day, his battle ability sharply rose now that he had heavy armor and could attack without paying any heed to the enemy's attacks.

Any Blood Saber Sect disciple that was slightly slow at dodging would be cut down instantly.

On the flanks, Mo Yu and Yun Taizi made supporting attacks from their positions. Whenever they saw an opportunity, they would use their sword arts to deal with the enemies that got close.

Seven Stars Descending the Skies!

Returning Winds Falling Swan Sword Art!

These two superior sword arts were also able to display their incredible power now that they only needed to focus on offense. One by one the Blood Saber Sect disciples fell to their swords.

After the battle of life and death during the day, these major sect geniuses were able to improve rapidly and adjust their mentality. Before, they were held back by immature mentalities as they had never experienced battles of life and death before.

The strength of major sect talents was not something that these ordinary Blood Saber Sect disciples could be compared to. It was normal to be killed by them due to the difference in strength.

The little nun was in charge of guarding the rear, and she stopped any enemy which attacked their rear.

Northern Hengshan sword arts were originally famed for their excellent defense, and she was even using the superior sword art Myriad Blossoms Sword Art, one of the most defensive sword arts in existence.

From time to time, she was able to dish out deadly counterstrikes to kill unsuspecting opponents.

Also positioned at the rear was Lin Yi, who was able to constantly discern the locations of his enemies with his ears and shoot arrows at them, killing them instantly.

The five of them resembled a sharp arrow piercing through the group of Blood Saber Sect disciples, overwhelming and crushing their forces.

After charging several times, they began to suffer minor injuries. On the other hand, the number of Blood Saber Sect disciples had dwindled to just ten people in just a short while.

The remaining ten of them were stricken with fear at the outcome of the battle, and they looked at each other in apprehension.

"They are too strong, we aren't a match for them, let's retreat!"


As they called out nervously and tried to escape, Lin Yi smiled coldly and leaped into the air while shooting three arrows at once!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Three of them were instantly killed by the arrows which nailed their bodies to the ground.

The remaining Blood Saber Sect disciples also turned their backs as they attempted to escape.

Channeling his internal strength, he started shooting arrows rapidly!

The arrows produced a sharp piercing sound as they traveled through the air and made their way to the fleeing enemies, eventually creating large holes in their bodies as they penetrated them.

After chasing them for several hundred meters, Lin Yi finally finished off every single one of them.

Having no time to check the notifications from the game system, Lin Yi returned to his companions.

"Ha ha ha, this battle felt great!" Lu Buping's armor had suffered cuts and a few holes, and his body had blood all over it, although it was unclear whether it belonged to him or his enemies.

The other three were also excited and seemed eager for more action.

Lin Yi simply glanced at them before mounting his horse and said without any expression: "Let's leave this area quickly, the reinforcements are arriving!"

As he said that, the sound of large numbers of people galloping on horses could be heard.

Their expressions changed and they hurriedly mounted their horses as well.

Lin Yi led the way and pointed in a direction where the numbers were few. "Charge!"

The five horses dashed madly down the hill.

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