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Chapter 29 – Conflict in the trading firm

Ye Xiwen followed the attendant into the Qingfeng trading firm, but suddenly he heard a shout and stopped: “Brother Wen!”

Ye Xiwen turned to look and actually saw Wang Lie striding joyfully to catch up, he laughed and said: “I did not expect that it was you man!”

“Greetings, fourth son!” The attendant walked up to Wang Lie and said with respect.

“Fourth son … is this trading firm owned by your family?” Ye Xiwen got surprised for a moment, but he knew that Wang Lie’s family was quite influential in this region, but who would have thought that his family actually owned the Qingfeng trading firm.

“Yes, but what are you doing here?” Wang Lie looked somewhat puzzled and asked him.

“I picked up an escort mission, so I came over!” Ye Xiwen replied.

“You have received this mission!” Wang Lie looked a bit serious, “Well, it does not matter, now I would like to greet you on behalf of this firm!”

After Wang Lie dismissed the attendant, Ye Xiwen spoke once again and said: “What is going on? Your family is actually willing to pay a reward of three thousand low-grade spirit stones for an escort mission!”

“Actually this reward is not being paid out by our family!” Wang Lie said, after all the reward of three thousand low-grade spirit stones was definitely not a small number for any party, not to mention, he was just one man receiving this reward.

“Our family’s trading firm is actually regarded as a subordinate of Tianyuan city lord!” Wang Lie slowly explained, “For a long time our family has been collecting medicinal ingredients and some other stuff for the City lord palace!”

“This time, we have to escort a batch of medicinal ingredients to City lord palace, and your rewards are also being given out by City lord palace and not by my family!” Wang Lie said.

“Which medicinal ingredients are so important, that City lord palace has attached so much importance to them?” Ye Xiwen asked, although Tianyuan City was only a small city located at the border region of Great Yue state and could not be compared with the big cities located in the interior region of Great Yue state. However it also had a population of more than two hundred thousand, plus including some affiliated towns, the total population count would cross five hundred thousand people. The fate of these five hundred thousand people was held in the hands of City lord palace and in addition to that, being close to the Qingfeng Mountain, the medicinal ingredients and other stuff available on the mountain were quite easily accessible to the City lord palace, considering its huge influence.

“I don’t know, even my father avoids talking about this matter, so how could I possibly know!” Wang Lie said with a forced smile.

Ye Xiwen understood very well that Wang family was not as harmonious as his own family, because Wang Lie’s father had established quite a big business. Wang Lie had three ambitious elder brothers and he was the youngest, born of a maidservant. When Wang Lie was born, his three elder brothers had already reached adulthood and had taken over the family business, and even his nephews and nieces were almost the same age as his. In fact, he didn’t have a high status of a prince in his family which is why he would always spend his time cultivating on the Qingfeng Mountain rather than staying at home with his family.

“I was looking for your help, but couldn’t find you this whole month!” Wang Lie said.

“I had gone to the back side of the mountain to cultivate!” Ye Xiwen replied without hiding anything.

“You have become quite a cultivation maniac!” Wang Lie said, although he had been unable to see through Ye Xiwen’s cultivation since the last meeting, but obviously after a month, his cultivation now had become even more inscrutable.

Ye Xiwen smiled but did not speak anything. Wang Lie’s talent was quite good, otherwise his cultivation would not have been faster than Ye Xiwen’s, but he was quite lazy by nature and would easily get tired of cultivating, otherwise, by now he would already have reached the Houtian fifth stage. (TL: Wang lie’s cultivation was ahead of Ye Xiwen in the first chapter)

Both of them while chatting and laughing went inside a hall on the second floor of the Qingfeng trading firm. Inside the hall, they saw ten or so warriors from the Sanwucheng regiment standing firmly on each side, these were the experts invited by the Qingfeng trading firm.

“Yo, isn’t this Wang Lie?” Suddenly a youth dressed up in chinese clothes came out from among those ten or more warriors and walked up to them.

Wang Lie’s complexion got somewhat unsightly, he whispered to Ye Xiwen and explained that this was his brother’s eldest son, called Wang Ding, and they were never on good terms with each other.

“Gee, I have got fine warriors on my side, but what have you got on your end, a kid who has not even weaned yet?” Wang Ding gave out an unbridled laugh. (TL: he is trying to mock Ye Xiwen as he looks young and inexperienced compared to those other warriors)

“Ha ha ha ha!” At Wang Ding’s sarcastic words those warriors gave out a loud laughter.

“You fools, he is the champion of this year’s School Inner Weighing at Yi Yuan School!” Wang Lie said with a red complexion on his face.

“Ha ha ha, I have heard of the competition at the Yi Yuan School, isn’t the champion of this competition a kid who has not even grown facial hair, has not even seen the sight of blood yet? I can beat five kids like him at once! “A thirty year old warrior laughed and said.

Rest of the warriors also had an appearance of approval, although Yi Yuan School’s reputation was quite illustrious, but for these warriors who had seen lots of blood and their lives hanging from the edge of a knife on the battlefield, these Yi Yuan disciples were nothing more than flowers in the greenhouse.

Most of those warriors were at least at the Houtian sixth stage, some were even at the early Houtian eighth stage. All of these warriors looked very imposing, because they had seen blood on the battlefield and had even killed people.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen moved and very next instant his figure flashed like an immortal himself and appeared in front of that insolent warrior, then his palm slapped.

“Bang!” That insolent warrior was fiercely slapped, and a mouthful of teeth had been broken and extracted out by this attack, his body flew off like a kite and severely hit the wall above. This direct hit from his body had caused a dense spider web-like fine lines on the wall then his body rolled down. No one knew whether he was still alive or dead.

“You court death, do you really think you can casually insult Yi Yuan School like this?” Ye Xiwen said blankly.


There was a pin drop silence in the hall.

Somehow a warrior of peak Houtian Sixth stage had actually been smacked down to death by Ye Xiwen.

All of the warriors were stunned, then suddenly several warriors got furious.

“He even dared to hurt fourth brother!”

“Cripple him!”

“Break all the bones in his body!”

Several warriors had gotten furious and had rushed towards Ye Xiwen, most of them were already at the peak of Houtian sixth stage, and some were at the Houtian seventh stage, the scene looked threatening.

Ye Xiwen stood there fearless, then rushed using the celestial step and launched Rushing thunder hand instantly.

“Bang!” A warrior was slapped by his palm and screamed then went flying out of the window.

“Bang!” Another warrior was kicked by Ye Xiwen and severely hit the pillar.

None of these warriors were his match, they had completely lost to Ye Xiwen’s monstrous strength and had fell face down on the ground.

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