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Chapter 17 – Conflict

“These materials, including blasting bear claw, fur of raging flame fox amounts to a total 200 low-grade spirit stones!” Said the owner of a small store who looked like a skinny old man .

The old man had been opening his shop here for over 50 years, but no one knew when exactly he started to purchase these demon beast materials. Ye Xiwen asked Ye Kongming but even he didn’t know, he said this old man had existed from ancient times and none of the disciples dared to cause trouble around him and he would always give fair prices without any deceit.

“Do you have any objection to the price?”

“No.” Ye Xiwen shook his head saying the price was reasonable, even if sold at other places, the price might not necessarily be so high. Of course, the real bulk (money) was not here, but in those demon cores. These demon cores contained the true essence of a demon beast’s body. The number of demon cores in his possession altogether could sell for at least 800 spirit stones and since he already had 1000 low-grade spirit stones, in total amounted to about 2000 low-grade spirit stones.

“These are demon beast body parts, you should have a lot of demon cores.” That skinny old man looked at Ye Xiwen and said, “If there are any, you can sell them to me as well. My offer price will not let you suffer a loss.” Ye

Ye Xiwen also thought that it would save him a lot of trouble, so he took out all of the demon cores from the spatial ring and placed them on the table. That skinny old man looked a bit surprised because Ye Xiwen actually took out so many demon cores. Even if it was a core disciple, it would be impossible for them to take out so many demon cores at once.

“For these demon cores, I fix a price of 850 low-grade spirit stones, is it ok?” The old man looked at Ye Xiwen then asked.

“Very well, thank you!” Ye Xiwen nodded in satisfaction as it was even more than he had anticipated.

After receiving the spirit stones, Ye Xiwen went out of the store and while he was somewhat far away from the shop, suddenly, he heard the voices of people quarreling.

“Nonsense, I didn’t see your ‘celestial steps’!” Said a voice somewhat anxiously.

“Humph, if you didn’t see then how do you that this secret book is called ‘celestial steps’, if everyone is like you , who takes a look and does not buy then how will I do my business like this!” A rough voice came from the crowd “Today, you will have to buy this ‘celestial steps’ secret book, you don’t have an option and if you don’t buy and since you have already seen the book then you must pay money which will be 500 low-grade spirit stones!”

The crowd was in uproar, 500 low-grade spirit stones was a huge amount, which was impossible for many disciples to obtain in their whole life. Ye Xiwen entered the crowd and saw a quarrel between two young men, one was fat and other seemed strong and the fat youth was surprisingly his childhood friend Wang Lie. And the other strong youth was a tall guy, roughly 20 years old, looked rough and crude. He was looking at Wang Lie with a prideful face, full of satisfaction as if it was a face after getting triumph.

“Unexpectedly it is Ma Yan, this disciple really has a bad luck , I did not expect the fraud was actually Ma Yan. I don’t know where he got hold of such a rare secret book but unexpectedly he asked an elder to make the appraisal(identification) and it is said that it is actually a Xiantian level power technique. Although it is an incomplete technique, he still pretends to sell the book and waits for someone to get interested in it . Once someone gets interested and takes a look at it, he forces them to pay up just for looking . There are many who have lost everything to this fraud and went bankrupt!”

“Yes, he is too shameless, but it can’t be helped because his elder brother Ma Ying is said to be the most promising candidate who will one day become the patriarch of his clan and will also emerge as a core disciple. With just a strike he can defeat those other disciples who want to go against his fraud brother so they have no other option but to endure .Even Ma Yan has already cultivated to the peak of the fifth stage and is said to be counted as one of the top twenty inner sect disciples”

“On the surface of your secret book, it’s written ‘Celestial Step’, I am not a blind person so I saw that however I didn’t read the contents!” Wang Lie said anxiously. His family was a rich household below the Qing Feng mountain and his family had many hopes from him so he always had more money in hands compared to Ye Xiwen so after he broke to the fourth stage, he had come to buy a technique. For a warrior, the importance of a technique was understandable but 500 low-grade spirit stones was a tremendous amount which he couldn’t afford without going bankrupt so he wanted to leave and the result was this Ma Yan trying to put false accusations on him.

“If I say you saw it, you saw it!” Ma Yan sneered, in fact, how could he not know, he knew by just looking that Wang Lie belonged to a rich family, so it was actually an act of extortion.

“Enough talk, get me the money or I’ll waste your cultivation!” Said Ma Yan coldly.

The people standing around started shivering because in the past he had destroyed the cultivation of a disciple. This is the law of the jungle. Ma Yan’s elder brother has relations with the strongest disciple from the inner sect so even if that disciple had his cultivation destroyed, all the light and hope from his life gone, higher ups still weren’t strict with Ma Yan.

“I don’t have money!!” Wang Lie shouted

“Fool, you are good at debate, I’d like to see what is harder, your foolish mouth or my fist!” Ma Yan grinned, his fist blasted and twisted up the air making a crackling sound, although Ma Yan was domineering and tyrannical, but even his martial arts was not weak, being one of the top twenty inner sect disciples was not a joke.

Wang Lie clenched his teeth, releasing his power to the limit, assuming a stance of going all out. (TL: suggested by thatguywhosthere)



Suddenly a shrill piercing sound came from the crowd, a small stone like a lightning flash flew instantly across the air and it directly and fiercely hit Ma Yan’s fist.

“Ah!” Ma Yan suddenly squealed like a dying pig!


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