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Chapter 168-1 - Steps into the truth realm

Although this deepwater black serpent was very large, but at this time, its degree of flexibility had actually gone far beyond the imagination of many people, it could be said that it was as fast as the lightning.

It was able to instantly arrive in front of Ye Xiwen, and suddenly, complete darkness spread in front of his eyes. Due to the sudden and quick movement of such a huge sea monster, it was as if several million Jin of sea water was pressing down overhead and Ye Xiwen was withstanding a relentless pressure.

Ye Xiwen was not startled or panicked in this situation and looked coldly at that gigantic deepwater black serpent. He struck his long blade at a strange angle, blasting an inexhaustible Bladelight, which directly cleaved the seawater and cut into the body of that deepwater black serpent.

The flesh on the body of deepwater black serpent was immediately cut open and the loud metal clanging sound resounded after the collision of Ye Xiwen's blade attack with the bones of the serpent. The intense pain immediately left the deepwater black serpent rolling on the seafloor.

But at this time, the Tianyuan mirror dangled and finally assumed an awe-inspiring pose then released bursts of intermittent scarlet color curtain. The scarlet colored light curtain bumped into the body of deepwater black serpent and immediately burnt through the protective cover of Zhen Yuan, it even burnt its flesh. "Roar!" Deepwater black snake felt intense pain and started struggling, and while struggling, it released endless amount of toxin in the water which welled up straight towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not have the slightest hesitation, and instantly, the rushing toxin was completely absorbed by the seventeen surfaced Poisonous dragon water control flag, not even a shred of toxin was able to reach Ye Xiwen's side. After absorbing the toxin, there was a faint light flashing from the seventeen surfaced Poisonous dragon water control flag, this Poisonous dragon water control flag was itself just at the first stage of truth realm, or capable of killing the masters at the second stage of truth realm when used by Ye Xiwen, how could it possibly be on par with a deepwater black serpent that was about to step into the third stage of truth realm.

Ye Xiwen sneered loudly and from the whole body of seventeen surfaced Poisonous dragon water control flag, seventeen large and small souls emerged out. These were the souls of seventeen deepwater black serpents that Ye Xiwen killed so far. They instantly appeared when Ye Xiwen summoned them from the divine toll and all of them rushed towards that deepwater black serpent one after another.

"Boom!" Eighteen deepwater black serpents severely clashed and the souls of seventeen deepwater black serpents immediately began to maliciously attack that deepwater black serpent, the sea was just like the boiling water, seething and boiling tremendously, it seemed as if the huge serpents were churning the water.

When besieged by the seventeen deepwater black serpents, that gigantic deepwater black serpent immediately went berserk and started moving crazily and fiercely to fend off and kill those other deepwater black serpents. With just one lash of its tail, a deepwater black serpent at the first layer of truth later was scattered and dispersed in the water, but fortunately, these serpents were actually just condensed energy and could instantly re-gather the dispersed energy to regain its form.

Although there was some energy loss, but it was not a big deal for Ye Xiwen, because recently, he had looted the treasures from several groups of pirates in the East China Sea, so it could be said that at the moment, Ye Xiwen was quite wealthy and did not lack spirit stones.

Ye Xiwen was waiting for an opening, an opportunity.

Ye Xiwen had already activated the 'Divine calm breath' technique. Since he already reached the acme level of this technique, above his head, from time to time, a faint trace of white smoke would emerge occasionally, it was a sign that this technique's main function was to invoke good fortune. In the legends about this technique, it was said that practitioner was able to succeed three out of five times while using this technique, but there were anomalies as well.

Ye Xiwen was waiting for an opportunity, there was a fearless expression on his face and he was ready to attack anytime, without the slightest fear!

Finally, the opportunity he was waiting for quickly appeared, under the seize of seventeen deepwater black serpents and after being constantly irradiated by the terrifying scarlet light of Tianyuan mirror, this deepwater black serpent's gigantic body was already covered in countless large and small wounds, blood was oozing out from these wounds. From top to bottom, its whole body was covered in lots of nipped and bitten wounds, at some place, one could see the bones. Regardless of how angry it was, it did not have the means to escape, because it was being attacked by seventeen of its own kind and they were all indestructible souls so it was simply impossible to deal with them.

In a flash, Ye Xiwen shot!

Full moon beheader!

Ye Xiwen was calm and collected, only in a flash, the long blade chopped out a bright and dazzling Bladelight which was similar to the stars falling across the expanse of sky in general. The Bladelight went straight towards the deepwater black serpent, leaving trails along the way, and huge amount of water was instantly vaporized by the terrifying Bladelight.

"Puchi!" The deepwater black serpent simply could not react and was instantly beheaded by Ye Xiwen, it entire head was directly severed by the Bladelight.

Its gigantic body was still unceasingly twitching on the seabed but could not save it from its doom.

Ye Xiwen received back the Poisonous dragon water control flag, and all of a sudden, the Lingqi also dispersed. That blow a moment ago was the strongest blade attack he could chop out at his current state, under normal circumstances, he could not simply release such a blade attack, it was a stunning blade attack.

There was silence in the sea water, as if it had been silent like this since the time immemorial.

Under the protection of Tianyuan mirror, not a shred of fluctuations or sound could go out. Ye Xiwen soon took out the deepwater black serpent's neidan and it was larger than the neidans of other deepwater black serpents, it was faintly glowing and exuding a dim blue light.

Without any hesitation, Ye Xiwen immediately sat cross-legged on the seabed and began to build up his strength, preparing for the actual breakthrough from the Xiantian realm to the truth realm.

When Ye Xiwen was at the Xiantian ninth stage, he was able to compete with the experts of truth realm, which was already enough to shock everyone, but now, he was going to have an actual breakthrough and step into the truth realm, which also mean that his strength would have a tremendous change.

While on the other side, the deepwater black serpent's flesh and essence was also instantly and completely absorbed by the Tianyuan mirror and the mirror began to exude dark-scarlet colored rays of light, which appeared somewhat strange. The Tianyuan mirror was finally on the verge of a breakthrough, after all, in a short period of time, it absorbed the flesh, blood and essence of several deepwater black serpents.

Chapter 168-2 - Steps into the truth realm

These deepwater black snakes were really powerful demon beasts, even strength of one was unimaginable for an average man, but Tianyuan mirror absorbed the essence from seventeen of these deepwater black serpents, so it could be said that the strength of Tianyuan mirror had started to approach the second layer of truth realm.

Then, after the flesh, blood and essence of this deepwater black serpent was completely digested, refined and absorbed by the Tianyuan mirror, its strength could be fully restored to the second layer of truth realm, then it would become an even more useful weapon in Ye Xiwen's arsenal.

In many cases and considering a lot of situations, Ye Xiwen had to use Tianyuan mirror to settle many things.

However, compared with the difficulty of Ye Xiwen's breakthrough, the recovery of Tianyuan mirror was a much simpler job.

Ye Xiwen absorbed the neidan he took out from the bodies of the deepwater black serpents he killed in the last few days. Originally, he did not dare to absorb the neidan of demon beasts, because the Zhen Yuan of humans and demon beasts was not the same, some people called this Monster Yuan, which was a heterogeneous kind of Zhen Yuan, it was also very violent and chaotic, in fact earlier, Ye Xiwen had hunted many demon beasts, especially when he was still in the forest of Qingfeng Mountain, there he hunted a lot of demon beasts, but he would always replace the demon cores with low-grade spirit stones, because he did not dare to absorb them directly, the direct and casual absorption could suddenly explode his body and kill him.

However, now the situation was very different from what it used to be back then, before absorbing the energy from neidan, Ye Xiwen would first filter it using the Tianyuan mirror, and after filtering the energy, it would become the same as the Zhen Yuan present in his body, removing a lot of impurities and making it even better and much more pure than the Zhen Yuan already present in his body, so Ye Xiwen could rest assure and freely absorb the refined energy from the neidan.

In a flash, the massive amount of energy contained in the neidan of the this gigantic deepwater black serpent began to gradually enter the body of Ye Xiwen body, it was like the resentful soul of the deepwater black serpent, which was condensed in its neidan, and now, it was not extinguishing and firmly attaching itself to the neidan.

Ye Xiwen simply did not mind, he began to mobilize Zhen Yuan repression, and soon, the digestion of deepwater black serpent slowly progressed, its soul getting smaller and smaller.

And Ye Xiwen was becoming more and more powerful, while his imposing aura was also increasing gradually and becoming more and more terrifying.

During Ye Xiwen's breathing, the surrounding seawater formed waterspout along with his respiration. His strength had already reached deeply into the exceptionally terrifying realm.

The imposing aura of Ye Xiwen finally started to increase successively at a very high speed.

After a long time passed, Tianyuan mirror finally and completely refined the flesh, blood and essence of the deepwater black serpent, and thanks to this, Ye Mo was able to finally restore the mirror to the strength of second stage of truth realm, and now, it strength was enough to suppress most of the masters at the second stage of truth realm.

At this time, Ye Mo finally came out of the Tianyuan mirror and took shape. Originally, the image of the Ye Mo was that of a little devil, but now, he transformed and took image of a young student, with elegant bearing, a green meek clothing, had several points of bearing actually, but could not conceal the breath of a devil, he appeared was somewhat nondescript.

However, he had always been a tool spirit and tool spirits did not have a fixed image, the image they took was always according with the master's preferences. Ye Mo's previous master was a peerless Great devil king, so Ye Mo ended up having an image of a little devil as his master would have imagined him, but now his host was a human, so he also became a human, and for Ye Mo, it was all the same, nothing was unacceptable to him.

Ye Mo looked somewhat bored while watching the imposing aura of Ye Xiwen growing bit by bit towards the final breakthrough from Xiantian realm to truth realm, but although he looked lazy and bored, but he was still very vigilant. The Tianyuan mirror was working nonstop to mask all the fluctuations in the surroundings of Ye Xiwen, in order to avoid another attack from nearby sea monsters, which might lead to a considerable delay in the breakthrough of Ye Xiwen. And the seventeen surfaced Poisonous dragon water control flag was also constantly floating, all prepared to guard against the possibility of emergence of the enemy.

At this time, Ye Xiwen wrinkled his eyebrows, the refined heterogeneous energy had been fully digested within in his body, and the Zhen Yuan had also become much more vigorous and reached a much higher level than before, when it came to purity. He planned to direct this incomparably pure and vigorous Zhen Yuan to open up the gate to the truth realm.

Stepping into the truth realm was said the second major hurdle in the life of a martial artist, because unlike human beings, there were a lot of demon beasts or devil races who were born directly in the Xiantian realm, and by the time they reached adulthood, they would automatically step into the truth realm without any hindrance.

For human beings, breaking through to the truth realm was even more difficult than to the difficulty of practicing and breaking through all the way from the Houtian realm to the peak of Xiantian realm put together.

In order to step into the Xiantian realm from the Houtian realm, it was necessary to open up the world bridge. So during that transition, when the world bridge was opened up, it allowed the body to switch from the initial closed state in the Houtian realm, to open state in the Xiantian realm.

The experts of the truth realm were considered honorable people, which meant that from the time they entered into the truth realm from Xiantian realm, they would give up affectation and go back to the nature, then there would be no value of some representations, there would only be the value of the true essence of the world. Only after stepping into the truth realm, one could finally come in contact with the world's true essence and laws.

It was a new beginning and a brand-new process.


Unceasing impact!

Compared to other people who would find it very difficult to make an impact on the boundary of the truth, Ye Xiwen had the advantage that he had already comprehended the basic laws of the world, because the truth realm needs the master to comprehend the world laws, and he had almost comprehended the required laws by using the mysterious space, and now, he was relying on it and the strength of newly acquired vigorous Zhen Yuan to have a breakthrough.

Did not know how much time had passed already, in the depths of the sea, there was no sense of day or night!

"Boom!" An enormous breath burst out from the body of Ye Xiwen, it was one type of intense imposing aura which was entirely different from his former imposing aura and a completely different breath was overflowing the surroundings.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes in the water!

He had finally stepped into the truth realm!

(To be continued)

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