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Chapter 96 Iron Palm


This was the first time Zheng Xiaolin arrived at H province.

When he was in Guangzhou, he practically took care of the martial art school everyday, and rarely went out.

He was initially a small fry thug. Afterwards, when there was a scuffle, he accidentally stabbed a wrong person.

He was very afraid and also didn’t notice that the man that he stabbed didn’t actually die. So, he fled to escape from his hometown and went all the way to Guangzhou.

Finally, by chance, he did obeisance in front of his master’s door and learned some skills.

Under the suggestion of his younger martial brother, he came to the H province and got into this spacious and luxurious KTV room. Zheng Xiaolin felt like a country bumpkin coming to a city, everything was a novelty for him.

Especially the two beautiful women sitting beside him….their figures are hot, and their looks are outstanding.

Zheng Xiaolin was a bit hard to imagine, although he also has visited prostitutes in Guangzhou, the ladies there were nowhere near this classy!

These two girls are really beautiful….

Seeing their half revealed breasts and rounded thighs, Zheng Xiaolin could not help but swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Young master Lan, this is the one that I strongly recommended to you, Zheng Xiaolin, master Zheng.”

Ma Wei was sitting in the middle of two girls, enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful women. A cigarette was dangling from his mouth as he said to Lan He opposite of him.

“Looks powerful and brave.”

Lan He was also sat on the sofa. An enchanting beauty sitting on his lap feeding him pieces of grapes.

In this Imperial Casino, as long as you have the money, you can enjoy emperor’s treatment.

Especially since this Imperial Casino was one of Lan Family’s estate, Lan He naturally can freely enjoy and being extravagant.

Lan He’s hand was inside the beauty’s clothes, constantly kneading as he smilingly said.

“It’s just that, his Kung Fu is still unknown to me.”

“If you don’t believe, young master Lan can find someone to give him a try.”

Ma Wei immediately said, “Master Zheng, I’m not making this up, is the most powerful person I’ve ever seen.”

“Although I and brother Ma’s friendship is great, friendship is friendship, business is business.”

Lan He spoke and spank the bottom of the beauty in his arms.

“Go, bring Pierce here.”

“At once, young master Lan.”

That beauty immediately twisted her crisp buttocks and left swaying her hips.

“This Pierce is the head security of our casino.”

Lan He explained, “A boxer. I heard he played many International matches, and has a rank. He is the most experienced fighter here. Why don’t you let master Zheng exchange a few skill to increase his skill, what do you think?”

“Master Zheng, please?”

Ma Wei didn’t dare to neglect this master of martial art that he invited.

This is his cash cow!!

“No problem.”

That Zheng Xiaolin chewed the grapes as he nodded again and again.

Fighting, is what he most skilled at.

Moreover, he can also display his prowess in front of these beautiful women.

“Master Zheng would work hard then.”

“No need to be polite.”

Zheng Xiaolin waved his hand and then stood up.

At this time, the room’s door was opened. A tall white man dressed in a black suit shouted as he passed through the door.

“Young master Lan, you want me?”

Hearing this white man’s words, everyone’s face in this private room suddenly looked strange, looking at Lan He and thought.

‘Could it be, this young master Lan and this man have an unusual hobby?’

“Damn! I’m looking for you!”

Lan He immediately scolded, “Pierce, if your Mandarin is suck then don’t say it! I am looking for you, not I want you, OK?”

“Oh, yes, you look for me. Then, you don’t want me now?”

This white man Pierce looked at Lan He like he was suffering injustice.

“Want your sister! These are two different meanings ok!”

Lan He was driven mad.

“This…oh, no, Chinese are way too complicated.”

Pierce said with a half-cooked foreign accent.

“Young master Lan, then why do you want me….em, look for me? Is it like the last time, letting me taste your chrysanthemum (ass-hole)?”

These sentences made everyone’s complexion even weirder.

“Fuck, that’s when this young master gave you chrysanthemum tea! Don’t speak so ambiguous ok!”

Lan He flew into a rage.

“Why do you say that?”

Pierce was even more baffled, “Isn’t Chrysanthemum a flower?”

The beautiful women on the scene could not help but laugh out loud.

Ma Wei even clapped his thigh, smilingly said.

“Hahaha, young master Lan, this man is interesting, he thinks chrysanthemum is delicious, hahaha!”

“Are you laughing at me?”

Unexpectedly, the seemingly silly looking Pierce just a moment ago turned his head. A murderous look burst out of his eyes as he looked at Ma Wei.

Ma Wei suddenly stopped smiling.

“Yo…looks like this guy is angry.”

“Pierce, I look for you not to drink chrysanthemum, but to fight.”

With that, Lan He pointed at the opposite Zheng Xiaolin.

“Your opponent is him. If you win, the reward is ten thousand.”

“Ten thousand? Too little!”

Pierce couldn’t help but pursed his lips, “It’s not enough to play in here for a night.”

“Damn, your appetite is getting bigger and bigger!”

Lan He’s mouth twitched.

“Beat him, and I’ll give you fifty thousand!”

“Nice! Young master Lan, watch this Pierce!”

Pierce suddenly chuckled twice, clenched his fists and stood in front of that Zheng Xiaolin.

Zheng Xiaolin is not short, he is close to 1.8 meters tall.

But, before the 1.9 meters tall, full of muscle Pierce, he suddenly seemed small.

“Hey, hey….my fifty thousand, prepare to cry!”

With that, he swung a violent punch toward Zheng Xiaolin.

This fist pierced the air, with the howl of wind, it sounded very scary. One can see how frightening this punch’s power and speed are.

But Zheng Xiaolin, with one footstep, easily avoided this ferocious left hook punch.


This fist directly hit Ma Wei’s little brother face. This little brother immediately wailed. His body flew up from behind the sofa to the front and fell into the sofa.

Seeing this, Ma Wei can’t even close his mouth, thinking that this Pierce’s strength is huge!

“A reckless bull.”

Zheng Xiaolin, who stood to the side, actually sneered.

“If you’re a man, don’t run away!”

Pierce roared twice and rushed up as he brandished his fist.

Zheng Xiaolin really didn’t dodge Pierce’s fierce punch this time. His left palm lifted up and welcomed the incoming violent fist from Pierce.



Pierce’s right arm was strangely twisted. His bones were unexpectedly broken by Zheng Xiaolin!

Zheng Xiaolin’s Iron Palm belongs to the category of hard martial art. To clash head on like this, Pierce is obviously not his opponent.

Zheng Xiaolin flung his left hand around and said.

“Has the strength, but doesn’t know how to use it. Why on earth you still keep your arm then?”

With that, he suddenly drew close to the front of Pierce and maliciously shot his palm toward Pierce left arm.

With the sound of splintering bones, Pierce was directly hurt into pass-out.

This originally level 7-8 boxer was actually unable to stand head to head with Zheng Xiaolin and was instantly knocked out.

Lan He was suddenly excited.

“Good Kung Fu!”

Ma Wei could not help but clap his hands, cheering.

“To be ridiculed.”

Zheng Xiaolin cupped his fists toward Ma Wei and, without even a single glance at Pierce, sat back on the sofa. He then put his arms around the two beauties and, learning from Lan He’s action, began to fondle them.

Lan He called two men in black suits to tow Pierce away.

About Pierce injuries, he was too lazy to care.

He was excited.

“Master Zheng is worthy to be called the successor of Iron Palm, you’re really powerful!”

“Young master Lan is ridiculing me, this is just superficial, not as powerful as my master.”

Zheng Xiaolin was somewhat proud of himself.

Sure enough, his decision to leave the mountain was right. The guy that was recommended by his junior martial brother for him to follow easily gave him fifty thousand.

Just for hitting a man, he already enjoyed such good treatment.

Zheng Xiaolin’s heart was moved. He wanted to stay in this Northern Dragon City and didn’t want to go back.

He doesn’t give a damn about the idea to go back to his martial art school.

If he stays here, he can hit people, earn money, and can play with women and be happy!

“Young master Lan, the man that I, Me Wei find for you, isn’t inferior right?”

Ma Wei chuckled and said as he smoked the cigarette.

“Since this place is young master Lan’s domain, why don’t we let our master Zheng enjoy the treatment of an Emperor? We two can also privately discuss our matters, what do you think?”

“Good, good, master Zheng, enjoy playing here. Carry, Lisa, the two of you serve master Zheng well, understand? If your services are poor, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Ai, rest assured young master Lan, leave it to us!”

“Yes, yes, master Zheng, your body is quite sturdy!”

The two beauties immediately entangled themselves with Zheng Xiaolin.

Zheng Xiaolin sank into their soft and tender flesh. But Lan He and Ma Wei went out of the room together and came to a small but quiet room.

“Young master Lan, what do you think, are you satisfied with this person?”

“Not bad, he seemed reliable.”

Lan He nodded his head, “As long as he gets rid of Liu Yi, I will be ninety percent sure in wooing Murong Die.”

“But you call me out here, what do you want to talk about?”

“Young master Lan, smoke.”

Ma Wei offered a high-grade cigarette.

“Thanks, I don’t smoke.”

Lan He smiled, “I am a good man. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. If you, brother Ma, have something to say, just say it.”

“Ok then….actually, I just want to know why the leader was recently strict with us? Our Black Dragon Gang these days have to stay low….this kind of thing, is not be good for my domain’s development.

Lan He has an uncle who is a high ranking police officer, thus, Ma Wei wanted to test the water with Lan He.

“The last time matter, when we encircled Liu Yi, was too big.”

Lan He said, “Moreover, the fugitive of the 531 case has been hiding in our Northern Dragon City. Therefore, the security has been beefed up!”

Ma Wei’s heart suddenly thumped.

‘The fugitive of 531 case….that kidnapping homicidal maniac who abduct and rape school girls and then kill them to silence the witness?’ He thought. (The criminal that Yuan Zhenyue refers to)

‘No wonder….This Northern Dragon City is so strict recently.’

“In short, you have to stay low key for a while. You just need to get rid of Liu Yi. When does Zheng Xiaolin plan to step in?”

“Since you want this to be low key, it’s not good to deal with him around school day…..Wait for the 1st of October, (The national holiday; Ma Yuanyuan’s school Autumn sports competition,) I’ll send my people to watch him. When there’s an opportunity, I’ll let Zheng Xiaolin kill him!”

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