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“Boss Yuan, you are our school’s bully. I, Lin Huayang came looking for you today, is to ask you for something.”

After Lin Huayang found Yuan Shaojun, he directly said without any preamble.


Yuan Shaojun immediately became interested.

‘But this Lin Huayang is the son of the Principal.’ He thought.

‘I heard he even more overbearing than me.’

‘I myself have to take into account for the teacher and the director while he, Liu Huayang, was absolutely unrestrained. Because the director and the Principal, are his backer!’

“Young master Lin, you actually still have something to ask me for help? Strange….”

“Hehe, don’t make fun of me.”

Lin Huayang smiled and said, “You see I’m usually pretty capable, but some things I can’t do and need your, Yuan Shaojun’s, head bully capability.”

“Since young master Lin has opened the mouth, please, say your piece.”

After Yuan Shaojun had finished a cigarette, he lit up another one.

He didn’t have any interest in attending class. Hiding here and smoking is natural for him.

He doesn’t understand what were those nerds study about in the classroom.

Even if he didn’t study anything, weren’t those nerds still scared to death in front of him!?

Might as well sit here everyday to drink and smoke, happy and unrestrained!

“I want to beat someone.”

Lin Huayang clenched his fists.


“The second year, second class student, Liu Yi.”

Yuan Shaojun’s eyes were suddenly widened.

The nearby Ma Yixuan was also shocked.

She recalled the scene that day on the rooftop. Her legs became weak and her body trembled.

Liu Yi on that day….

Was really terrifying….

“Why, boss Yuan knew him?”

Seeing the reaction from Yuan Shaojun, Lin Huayang thought that something is obviously not quite right.

“Of course, I know him…. Even if he turned to ash, I will still know….”

Yuan Shaojun bit his teeth until it creaked.

“Young master Lin, even if you don’t come today, I’m also looking for opportunities to deal with this kid….”

“Oh? There’s actually this kind of thing. It seems that this guy is really cheap. Not only he has annoyed me, he also messed with you, the head bully!”

“Humph….since he messed with the both of us simultaneously, he is certainly not going to survive.”

Yuan Shaojun clenched his fists and produced crackling sounds from its joints.

“Then what are we waiting for? Tonight, we’ll ruthlessly give him a lesson!”

Lin Huayang suddenly smiled, “This idiot want to grab my, Lin Huayang’s, woman. I definitely could not forgive him!”

“Huh? He’s really unfaithful!”

Yuan Shaojun mused, “He also want to steal my girlfriend!”

After that, Yuan Shaojun pulled the nearby Ma Yixuan into his arms.


Ma Yixuan loudly exclaimed, and then, with a delicate and unlimited tenderness, took a quick glance at Lin Huayang.

Suddenly, Lin Huayang’s eyes blurred a bit.

Ma Yixuan is a beautiful woman while Lin Huayang is a man full of vigor. In an instant, Lin Huayang’s lower body parts have some change.

But he immediately refrained himself.

This is Yuan Shaojun’s lair, and the woman that he was looking at, is Yuan Shaojun’s woman…

But, it appeared that the woman has a bit desire for him.

‘I should find a chance on another day to secretly meet and have fun with her!’ He promised to himself.

‘Hehe….I didn’t think that this ugly Yuan Shaojun actually has such beautiful girlfriend.’

‘She appears to be a stunner!’

“If I, Yuan Shaojun, don’t kill this kid, how could I become a bully in the school anymore!”

“Looks like we share the same goal.”

After firmly fixing his eyes at Ma Yixuan’s breast twice, Lin Huayang’s finally averted his eyes, and said with a smile, “If the two of us cooperate and ambush him, we can make him understand who own this school.”

“However, this kid is a hard stubble.”

Yuan Shaojun reminded Lin Huayang, “Several days ago, I asked my subordinates to teach him a lesson. Not only they unable to teach him the lesson, he even took down several of my men.”

“What? He is that capable?”

in Huayang didn’t believe this even a little bit.

‘That Liu Yi seemed to be fragile. Can he actually take down several of Yuan Shaojun’s men?’ He thought.

“Young master Lin thought I was kidding?”

Yuan Shaojun’s face suddenly turned ugly.

“No, no. I just thought that he looked weak. Unlike boss Yuan natural aura of a master.”

After hearing these few words from Lin Huayang, Yuan Shaojun became happy again.

“Yes, that kid, although he looks like a nerd, he actually has some real skills.”

Yuan Shaojun squeezed the joints on his bones, and then said, “Therefore, this time, I’m going to give him a big round of package.”

“Oh? How big is the package?”

“Hehe, I will bring all of my men to beat up this kid.”

Yuan Shaojun said, “I don’t believe he can handle my more than a hundred men! Damn it, no matter how good he is, a fierce Tiger can’t possibly withstand a pack of wolves!”

“This is a good idea!”

Lin Huayang quickly gave his thumb up.

“Ai, this is what I’ve been worrying about.”

Yuan Shaojun waved his hand and said, “Think about it, after all, moving more than a hundred people into the school ground is too conspicuous. But now, with the help from young master Lin, this matter can finally be solved.”

“I understand what you mean.”

Lin Huayang nodded, “So be it….After school today, before the first night class, all the teacher in the school will be in a meeting. How about it?”

“You really are young master Lin! You actually have so much power here!”

Yuan Shaojun said with a slight jealous.

“Hei, how could I have that much power. Even if I’m the son of the Principal, it is impossible for me to make all the teacher defer to a meeting that I arrange.”

Lin Huayang quickly explained a bit, “It just that, there is indeed an important meeting that my father had arranged. I heard it’s about the school’s promotion. When the time comes, as long as I notify Director Zhang that old fellow to make the other teacher ignore all the strange sound, if they hear anything, you can be at ease in beating up that Liu Yi.”

““Haha! With this help from young master Lin, the matter is much simpler now!”

Yuan Shaojun clapped and laughed.

‘This idiot….’ Lin Huayang thought.

He couldn’t help but secretly chuckled, ‘You’re a big idiot. I easily make use of you….’

‘Mm, I can even sleep with your woman.’

“But we also need an important condition.”

Lin Huayang added.

“What condition?”

“We need to ensure Liu Yi will come to this medical room after school.”

Lin Huayang said, “If you can make Liu Yi come, you can set an ambush around here and make sure Liu Yi will never return.”

“Hey, this is simple!”

Yuan Shaojun held out his hand and firmly slapped Ma Yixuan’s curled upward buttocks, saying.

“Baby, at that time, I want you to seduce Liu Yi to come here!”

“Why, why me?”

Ma Yixuan suddenly shivered.

“What? You’re not willing?”

Yuan Shaojun’s face turned hard.

“Go….I’ll go….”

Ma Yixuan was aggrieved.

‘Ai, if possible, I really don’t want to see Liu Yi again….’

‘He scared me to death….’

In Ma Yixuan’s heart, she hated and feared Liu Yi.

In particular, thinking that he is her neighbor…

She was even more afraid.

‘If someday he went berserk….and went to my home to put me down (rape), what should I do?’

There are only her grandmother and her sister in her house….

‘Who can stop him!’

‘Actually, it’s nothing if he just put me down….If by any chance, he takes thing too hard and retaliate on me, he might even destroy my face….’

Ma Yixuan suddenly hardened her heart.

‘This time, I’ll have to make sure Liu Yi will be completely finished!’

‘To avoid his retaliation!’

‘Liu Yi….Don’t blame me, Ma Yixuan, you asked for this!’

“Husband, I think this time we need to make sure Liu Yi will be gone for good.”

Ma Yixuan suddenly grumbled, “Did you know that Liu Yi always says bad things about you in the class? He said you’re really ugly and has no differences than an orangutan. I speak for you all the time and he scolded me. Saying, if I speak for you again, he will put me down….”

When he heard this, Lin Huayang, who stood by the side, picked up his eyebrow.

Although he only met with Liu Yi twice, he thought that Liu Yi shouldn’t be able to say such things.

‘It looks like this girl is not a good woman….’ He thought.

“Fuck his mother!”

Yuan Shaojun was suddenly furious. He threw away the cigarette in his hand and heavily stumped it.

“That fucking Liu Yi had lived long enough! If I don’t break both of his legs today, I’m not surnamed Yuan!”

‘Idiot. A gigantic idiot!’

Lin Huayang secretly shook his head.

“Then that’s settled….At that time, we’ll do this and this….”

And so, this group of people, within this medical room full of smoke, put down their arrangements.


“Liu Yi, you are too slack these days!”

In the spiritual environment, Lin Tong sparred with Liu Yi again. After severely beaten him, she said.

“That day you can even freeze me. How come today you can’t even touch this lady’s clothes!”

Lin Tong triumphantly held Liu Yi’s arms, and then reprimanded him.

Liu Yi was very depressed.

Since the last time Liu Yi used his mysterious icy qi on Lin Tong, she never gave him any chance to use his ice ball again.

“This lady already told you, instead of earnestly practice your skill, everyday you study those textbooks; What’s the use? Look, even though you’ve opened your second star jade, its power is not fully stored yet!”

“This is not an exam….moreover, I only need to read the whole textbook once….”

Liu Yi naively said, “I finally have a breathing technique that helps me remember my study….If I don’t take advantage of it, then it would  really be a pity.”

The midterm exam will soon come, so, Liu Yi doesn’t want to mess things up.

Now he didn’t have any escape route. Jiang Youcai has been very cynical toward him everyday. And that words from Zhang Yuren made him can’t stand it anymore.

What’s wrong with having an average score!

Liu Yi wanted them to see that an average student can also go against the heaven’s will (Achieve superb results)!

“Humph, you are not just an ordinary student now!”

Lin Tong cautioned him, “Remember, you’re an immortal cultivator now! Your task is to cultivate!”

“But I’m still a student. As a student, I’m required to complete several tasks. For example, the exam….”

“You oaf!”

Lin Tong said, “You don’t need to worry about such exams. There’s this lady here; this exam is a piece of cake.”

“Why would you say that?”

“You think about this, when the time for the exam comes, this lady will fly to the next class and help you look for the answer. See how easy this is!?”

Lin Tong proudly said.


Unexpectedly, Liu Yi flatly refused.

“I would rather get zero on the test than to cheat! My grandpa said Cheating is not a real skill!”

“Damn, your grandpa spoke too much!”

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