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“I heard you’ve made a confession with Wang Yuzheng from the experimental class?”

The next morning, when Qin Chao get into the class, he heard Wang Lele curiously asked from behind him.

Liu Yi’s face was suddenly covered with cold sweat.

‘What is happening here?’ He thought.

‘When did I make a confession to Wang Yuzheng?’

Wang Lele was staring at him with her pair of curious eyes.

Murong Die, who sat next to her, was looking at her iPad as if she was enraptured by it. But Liu Yi found out that her eyes were just staring at the search engine page for a long time.

“I never made a confession to Wang Yuzheng.”

Liu Yi quickly explained, “Don’t talk nonsense, ok! Bad words will ruin the reputation of a good woman.”

“Gee….Since when did I talk about other people bad reputation!”

Wang Lele cheerfully smiled, “Right now, nobody in the school who doesn’t know this: Yesterday, you, Liu Yi from the second class and second-year student, ran to the experimental class and, in front of Lin Huayang, gave Wang Yuzheng a love letter!”

“That is not my love letter!”

Liu Yi hastily said, “It was Chen Cai, who asked me to deliver it!”

“Oh? Really?”

Hearing this, Murong Die, who was looking at the iPad, suddenly raised her eyes and looked at Liu Yi.

“Of course it’s true!”

Liu Yi looked back and saw Chen Cai entering the classroom carrying a steamed stuffed bun.

He immediately approached and pulled Chen Cai to the side and then pointed at this fellow and said.

“He made me deliver it. Chen Cai, quickly explained to me!”

“What? Boss, I haven’t told you about this yet!”

With the steamed stuffed bun in one hand, Chen Cai looked at Liu Yi with a sad expression and said.

“Didn’t you want to help me chase Wang Yuzheng?….Why are you chasing her instead?….Boss, you can’t be like this. Were you tempted after looking at Wang Yuzheng’s beauty?”

“Damn, tempting your sister!”

Liu Yi immediately gave Chen Cai a punch and then said, “I just met with her yesterday….I even knew her existence just when you told me about it. How could I have a feeling for her! Yesterday, I was just helping you sent the letter okay!”

“Do you really mean it?”

When Chen Cai looked at Liu Yi, he suddenly understood.

“Oh, oh! Yes, I remember now! I seemed to forget to sign my name in that love letter!”

“Damn you, why did you have to make a mistake!”

Liu Yi really wanted to give Chen Cai a kick to the downstairs.

‘What a rare and beautiful specimen!’ He thought.

‘Sending a love letter but forgot to write the name!’

“Oh, that’s okay, Wang Yuzheng probably wouldn’t like me anyway.”

Chen Cai suddenly chuckled and said, “Boss, there is a nice girl in the fifth class. I met with her yesterday in the bus….How about, you help me deliver a love letter to her!”

“Go to hell!”

Liu Yi immediately got away from Chen Cai. He really doesn’t want to see this guy again!

“So you really did help Chen Cai send his love letter!”

Wang Lele exclaimed, “Then why did you have to help Wang Yuzheng stand up against Lin Huayang!”

“I just don’t like seeing him. That’s all….”

Liu Yi said, “He’s gone too far, chasing girls using such a coarse method! Did you know that he threatened Wang Yuzheng at that time?”

“What threat?”

The two girls asked.

Although they had heard that this guy, Lin Huayang, has been domineering and tyrannical, they never directly experience what kind of things did he exactly do.

“He threatened Wang Yuzheng. If Wang Yuzheng didn’t want to recognize him as her boyfriend, he would kiss her in front of their whole class….”

“Damn him! He is not a man, but a scum!”

Wang Lele suddenly couldn’t help waving her fist and angrily said.

“Such a bully!”

Murong Die also slightly frowned, “Relying on his father as the school’s principal to act in an unbridled lawlessness; I, Murong Die, really despise such people.”

Although Murong Die is a big lady of an influential family, toward this young master Lin Huayang, she actually felt really repugnant.

“That’s right. So, you see, how could I not stand up against him?”

Liu Yi said.

“But….since you’re not the one who pursue Wang Yuzheng….for you to carry this punishment….is a bit unfair….”

Wang Lele suddenly said.

“What? Punishment? What punishment?”

“You come with me.”

While the class hasn’t started yet, Wang Lele pulled Liu Yi by the arm and walked outside.

Murong Die also followed.

The three people came to the hallway and stood in front of a bulletin board.

Seeing the red font at the top, Liu Yi’s eyes immediately get angry.

“Disciplinary Notice: The second class of the second year student, Liu Yi, has disturbed the discipline in the experimental class and provoked a fellow student. The bulletin hereby informed the criticism.”

Although it was just a mere reprimand, Liu Yi was already outraged.

‘Is there something more injustice than this?’ Liu Yi thought.

Liu Yi’s whole body turned cold.

‘This is a school, a school!’

‘This is supposed to be a place where people imparted their knowledge, but now?’

‘Now, it might as well be a black site prison!’

‘Just because Lin Huayang is the principal’s son and because I antagonize him, his words can become a public criticism!?’

‘The school didn’t even investigate the matter but directly put on the bulletin board!’

‘What kind of reasoning is this!’

‘Is there any justice in this!’

Liu Yi squeezed his fist, turned around and walked toward the other side of the corridor.

“Liu Yi, Liu Yi, where do you think you’re going? You’re not going to beat Lin Huayang aren’t you?”

Wang Lele quickly shouted.

“Right, right, right, quickly stop this fool….”

The nearby Murong Die quickly said in fear.

If there really is a fight, Liu Yi is bound to suffer a substantial loss!

With him not having any influential backing, the school can easily expel him!

“If Liu Yi wants to beat him, I also want my share!”

Wang Lele’s words almost made Murong Die fell on the ground.

‘This seeking chaos in the world smelly girl!’ Murong Die thought.

“What are you talking about! Quickly chase him!”

The two young beauties immediately pursued behind Liu Yi.

Liu Yi didn’t go to the experimental class but went to the Faculty Office at the end of the corridor.

Li Juanhua was in a bad mood today. When she was about to carry out an annual evaluation, although she continuously had a good review, a student in her class has been publicly criticized.

How could this not make Li Juanhua angry?

This will directly affect her evaluation score and probably reduce her year-end bonus.

‘This Liu Yi, is actually an honest student. Although his exams result were usually not up to par, he never stirs up trouble.’ She thought.

‘But something is wrong with him now….how could he suddenly got a reprimand!’

“Huayang, this criticism, are you satisfy with it?”

Sitting on one side of the office, director Zhang Yuren was asking Lin Huayang, who was seated in the nearby chair while drinking some tea, with some concern.

“Thank you, uncle Zhang. Although this public criticism was too simple, it should give that Liu Yi a lesson.”

With a smile on his lips, Lin Huayang slowly said, “But this Liu Yi is too haughty. He actually dared to come to our experimental class to cause trouble. Our experimental class is a different place than the other class you know.”

“Yes, yes, this matter must be dealt with severely. Huayang, you can be at ease.”

This Zhang Yuren hastily said.

Then he turned his head and said to Li Juanhua.

“Teacher Li, your class recent trend is not good. How could you let Liu Yi be a student who knows no bound? It seemed there was a problem with your teaching method.”

Li Juanhua immediately became a little queasy.

‘This Zhang Yuren, in order to quickly be promoted to the vice-principal, really took great care toward Lin Huayang.’ She disgustingly thought.

‘He simply can’t wait to lick Lin Huayang’s toes.’

‘Moreover, he wants to doubt my teaching method?’

‘Are you kidding me!’

“Zhang Yuren, this child, Liu Yi, has always been very honest and never caused any trouble….”

“Nonsense! Teacher Li, at this time, you’re still siding with your student!”

This Zhang Yuren can’t help but slightly frowned and unhappily said.

“Teacher Li, this teaching method is wrong! If your students had a problem, you should immediately deal with them! With your present attitude, how could you do it! I think you have to go back and reconsider your position. As for your annual review, I must carefully consider your score.”

Li Juanhua suddenly erupted with a grief and indignation.

‘What kind of people is this!’ She angrily thought.

When Li Juanhua was in this vulnerable position. There was a knock on the office door.

“Come in!”

The teacher near the door immediately said.

Subsequently, the office door was shoved open.

Making Li Juanhua surprised when she noticed that the one who came through the door with big strides was her own student, which they were just talking about.

Wang Lele and Murong Die also followed behind him!

‘Oh, god, what’s with this lineup!’ She thought.

“Liu Yi, why….do you came….”

Li Juanhua exclaimed loudly.

“Oh? This is that Liu Yi?”

Zhang Yuren was a bit surprised.

“Lín Huayang!”

Liu Yi originally wanted to present his case to the teacher. But when he saw Lin Huayang just when he entered the office, Liu Yi suddenly enraged.

“Don’t act on your impulse!”

At this time, Lin Tong’s voice suddenly sounded in Liu Yi’s ear.

“Watch out for your second personality…”

Hearing these words from Lin Tong, Liu Yi was immediately taken aback. He quickly made a couple of breathing and adjusted his mental state.

Meanwhile, his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra secretly circulated within his body, making his mind stay awake.

“Director Zhang, did our school is too lenient?”

At this time, Lin Huayang said a few words, making Liu Yi began to get annoyed.

“How can a student could casually enter into the Faculty Office? Just as they casually enter our experimental class, which disturb our study?”

“Liu Yi, this is not the place for a student like you, quickly get out.”

Zhang Yuren mercilessly snapped at once.


Before Liu Yi got enraged, Murong Die was first to erupt.

She was about to speak, but Liu Yi reached out his arms and interrupted her speak.

“You’re Director Zhang, right?”

Liu Yi was furious. His second personality also began to slightly affect him.

The usually inarticulate Liu Yi, this time, loudly and clearly said.

“I’d like to ask, what kind of student exactly am I?”

“Humph, you still want to ask me this?”

Zhang Yuren folded his arms and haughtily said, “You’re an ignorant and a scum who only knows how to harass other students!”

“Oh, really? What makes you say so?”

Liu Yi slightly picked up his eyebrows and then said.

“Today’s notification explained it all.”

Zhang Yuren sneered, “Moreover, I already inquired about your learning achievements from your class. I have to say, you are such a scum indeed!”

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