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Chapter 543    [Open the door for you guys]

Although it is only a rehearsal, but someone took a video of him singing that night and spread all over the place.

That video is turned into a post and put into the forum. It immediately replaces the post where Liu Yi is dating two girls at the same time and become the number 1 click post!

There is also someone who also post the video of Huang Dan singing in the forum. But it is a pity that there is only a few clicks, there are not a lot of people commenting and those that did are her fans.

It seems like that night after Liu Yi finished, most of her fans had become Liu Yi's fans!

The post has a large number of comments and most is admiring Liu Yi.

'Hehe, did not think that Liu Yi's singing is so nice to listen to. We should call him Prince of Love Songs.'

'The song that he sings to confess to Wang Yuzheng is also nice to listen to! The one above should be from QingBei right?'

'Requesting for the song source!'

There is also a person with discerning eyes who see the meaning of this song.

'Did you guys realize it, this song seems to be sung to Wang Yuzheng or Murong Die ah?'

'Wuwuwu, if there is a guy who is willing to sing this way to me, I will definitely forgive him!'

'But who is it sing for ah, I am curious?'

'Perhaps it is sung for the two of them together!'

Xiao Ya who is in the backstage scrolling through the comments with her phone is delighted.

"Liu Yi ah, Liu Yi. Do you see this, within a single night how many more female fans do you have ah! There are a lot of people who are starting to propose to you as well, why don't you consider a bit?"

"Don't speak sarcastically to me anymore Sister Xiao Ya."

Liu Yi smiles bitterly. The number of fans to him has no meaning, after all he is not an artist.

What he care about is the attitude of Wang Yuzheng and Murong Die. After a night, have passed, the two girls do not seem to have any reaction.

He called the two girls as well. As for Wang Yuzheng, it still did not go through. Perhaps his number had been blocked.

While Murong Die picked up the call and only says thanks to Liu Yi and wish him to succeed tomorrow and then hang up. Her tone is slightly calm.

What in the hell are the two girls playing ah! It is really giving me a headache ah!

It causes Liu Yi to be unable to sleep at all and not in the right frame of mind to cultivate.

He is completely confused and if this goes on, Liu Yi estimates that he will really be going to fall apart.

As for handling the relationship side, he is indeed a big rookie. But Immortal Fox sister has given him suggestions. To solve his heart knot there are two paths. Either completely forget about the two girls. Or, once again get them back into his hands! There is no third option!

Liu Yi chooses the second options as the first one is not him.

"Liu Yi it is nearly your turn, prepare a bit."

By his side comes a very familiar voice causing Liu Yi to be shocked as he jolts his head up to take a look. If it is not Wang Yuzheng, who else can it be?

As for Wang Yuzheng, after saying this sentence, she turns around to leave. Liu Yi immediately stands up and grabs hold of her hand.

Wang Yuzheng struggles with all her might but is unable to struggle out.

Seeing that the atmosphere is slightly wrong, Xiao Ya immediately disappears. It is best not to be a lightbulb this kind of thing.

Seeing that she is not able to throw away Liu Yi's hand, she lowers her head and looks at the ground and says coldly, "Please let go of my hand."

"Yuzheng….are we able to restart again?"

Wang Yuzheng suddenly raises her head and stares firmly into Liu Yi's eyes and ask, "Are you willing to give up Murong Die and only be with me?"


Liu Yi feels that the words that he had prepared for a night have been defeated by Wang Yuzheng's question without even a fight.


Wang Yuzheng only clucks coldly, as her expression carries ridicule, "Liu Yi, you are too greedy. Our love point of view is different. The person whom I like can only like me. I only wish to find a person, the two of us eat together, go shopping together, watch a movie together, hold hands together. Ordinarily walking to the end. Do you think that my request is too much?"

"Not too much…."

Liu Yi's complexion is slightly dim. Even if there is no Murong Die, he is also unable to give Wang Yuzheng this kind of life.

By his side, there is still Immortal Fox Sister, Xuefeng, Xiao Mi and Ao Susu.

Especially since he has a foot in the cultivation world, it is destined that his future life will never be ordinary. The life that Wang Yuzheng wants, is what he also want back then. But now that he has a foot nto the cultivation world, all of this becomes far away.

"If you are unable to give me, then please do not bother me again…"

Wang Yuzheng's eyes are moist as she uses all of her effort to prevent herself from crying, "If you still love me, then please forget about me. Otherwise, I am really going to fall apart…"

She looks at her hand which is grabbed by Liu Yi.

Seeing Wang Yuzheng's slightly red eyes, Liu Yi subconsciously loosened his hand.

Wang Yuzheng immediately walks out of the backstage without looking back as Liu Yi grasps the air a few times and finally gives up.

What she says is really right. I indeed should not disturb her. Perhaps letting her walk off is not a good choice.

{Don't think about it anymore.}

Lin Tong who is lying on Liu Yi's shoulder sighs faintly, {What will be yours will be yours. What that is not yours, no matter how you force it, you will never get it.}


Liu Yi takes a deep breath and tries to calm down his messy thoughts.

If his Dao Heart is unsteady, it will cause his future cultivation to be even tougher.

At this moment Xiao Ya emerges again and says to Liu Yi, "Liu Yi, it is nearly your turn. Prepare to go up the stage!"

"Mm, understood."

Yesterday he had rehearsed once, there should not be any problem today. Liu Yi hugs his guitar and stands up.

Hearing the announcer call out his name, Liu Yi walks out of the backstage and stands in the center of the stage.

"Liu Yi! Liu Yi!"

"Liu Yi, we love you!"

Walking out, he instantly receives an earth-shattering applause and shouts, nearly causes him to tumble.

What the….just how many people come….the usually empty auditorium today it is a full house! There are also a large number of people standing at the back watching, all of the black mass is head!

"Liu Yi! Liu Yi!"

At the front most row, a girl is holding a banner cheering for Liu Yi. Liu Yi lower his head and look if it is not Xiao Feng then who else can it be?

Looks like she uses Xiao Ya's position to her advantage and snatches the first row.

This lass has unchangingly infatuated with me ah.

Talking about this, Xiao Feng this lass is indeed pretty, it seems like there are a number of guys chasing after her. But Liu Yi is not a guy who likes beauty. This kind of thing needs to depend on fate.

The things that he had gone through with Murong Dee and Wang Yuzheng is not something that any person can be compared to.

"Nice to meet you, everyone, I am Liu Yi."

Luckily Liu Yi is a person who has seen before such a large spectacle before. Although he is shocked in the beginning, now he is calm and after adjusting the microphone, he sits on the high stool.

But he does not know why but he faintly has an uneasy feeling.

Liu Yi suddenly recalls that today seems to be the day where the laboratory is relocating. But with Long Yi and the rest personally overseeing it, and the operation is being kept such a secret, there should not be any problem.

He feels that he have too much groundless fear, perhaps it is because recently mental state is in a mess. Thus he laughs at himself and hugs the guitar and prepares to start singing.

But just as his finger touches the guitar strings, a violent shockwave suddenly rocks up, battering him.

After which, an enormous sound blasted out!

-explosion sound!-

Among the audience towards the left of the stage, a violent explosion suddenly occurs, surging smoke and fire immediately rushes towards the sky! Smoke, shockwave as well as pieces of human meat flies all over the place.

The auditorium is instantly filled with shock cries and starts to become messy. Everyone rushes towards the door in horror.

Instantly trampling accidents occur in the auditorium as a number of people are stepped on by the crowd.

The Student Union members are also alarmed, furthermore there are also a number of leaders who are here to watch the program. All of them are ashen in fright.

"Everyone do not panic, do not panic!"

A person who looks like a director shouts, "Let the leaders leave first!"

What in the fucking hell!

Liu Yi nearly smashes the guitar into his face. What is the time now and still want the leaders to leave first!

[TL: strange don't auditorium usually have 2 more other exits around the backstage? Usually for performers to enter and leave…]

"Everyone do not be in disorder, do not be in disorder!"

"Everyone queue up to leave! The fire is not that big!"

Luckily Wang Yuzheng and Murong Die are both fine. The two lasses and the rest of the Student Union members are working hard to control the situation.

But the students are crazy with fear. Especially since the fire is becoming large and large, they do not know when would it burn their body.

Why would there be an explosion out of the blue? The more Liu Yi thinks the more he feels something is wrong!

But he does not have any more time to think as human lives are more important!

The two exits of the auditorium are filled with people, with so many people squeezing there, it is almost impossible to exit!

He places the guitar in his hand on to the stool and walks to the wall by the side.

Immortal Qi gathers around his palm turning his entire right palm white as jade.

"Army Destruction!"

Liu Yi enters the horse stance and smashes his palm fiercely against the wall of the auditorium!

Army Destruction and Desolate Flames are different. Although Desolate Flames might is very powerful it only struck a single point!

Wherelse Army Destruction is an area attack. When Liu Yi smacks out his palm against the auditorium wall, his strength is actually hiddenly attacking a radius of over ten meters.


That wall instantly collapses, revealing an over ten meters wide hole.

When the crowd hears this noise, all of them got a shock. No one knows that the wall was blasted open by Liu Yi, perhaps those that know also will not believe.

"The wall here collapsed ah! Everyone escape!"

"There is a path here! There is a path here!"

Seeing the auditorium wall collapsing, a group of students instantly give up the main door and rushes towards that side.

It is a hole over ten of meters large, thus allowing a large number of people to exit.

Liu Yi opened a lifesaving door allowing the students to immediately go out.

As for those leaders, now that their life is in danger, who would care about their life or death!

The door that Liu Yi opened is not small. In less than 10 minutes most of the people in the auditorium have escaped.

While there are still some members from the Student Union staying behind trying to put out the fire.

The intensity of the fire is not big and under the hard work of Murong Die and the rest, it is already starting to become smaller.

Xiao Feng is also helping Xiao Ya to extinguish the fire, this lass is rather courageous.

At this moment, a few mysterious figure appears in the explosion area, attracting Liu Yi's attention.

Chapter 543   [Open the door for you guys]

Lols first time I realize that I can get to know that there is a new reader for MKW through comments, hahaha. He is commenting from chapter 200s onwards for quite a few chapters all the way till 390ish hahaha. Yay!!! New readers

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