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Liu Yi was stunned for a bit. He didn’t know why Big Sister Fox Immortal would scold him and then stop saying anything after scolding him.

However, as he was in front of all the students, he cannot just mumble to himself and start asking Lin Tong.

And at this moment, Wang Lele secretly turned around and made a fist toward her Sis Die.

Murong Die also lightly nodded to her. She was indicating that she did a good job.

Those little movements of these two girls were unable to escape Lan He’s eyes.

Lan He wasn’t a fool, immediately he was burning with jealousy.

It seemed that this Liu Yi really don’t know what happened. Rather, it’s Murong Die who was trying to protect him!

Initially he thought that Liu Yi was just an unlucky fool that had been used as a screen by Murong Die. However, now it appears that she truly had some interest in this guy!

Fuck! I’m fucking Young Master Lan He, how the fuck did a dumbass common student managed to defeat me?!

Lan He was furious!

However, Liu Yi had said to meet up at the basketball court!

If he’s still man enough, then he’ll likely return!

Lan He decided to wait at the basketball court and then fiercely humiliate and teach him a lesson!

A fucking poor loser dared to try to make shit difficult for me?!

I, the great Young Master Lan He, will fuck him up!

“Let’s go… it really hurts a lot…”

Wang Lele winked at Liu Yi. “I, Wang Lele’s life is all on your hands now…”

“Rest assured!”

Liu Yi and Wang Lele walked out of the classroom in front of all the students’ gazes.

When they walked out to the unmanned hallway, Wang Lele suddenly held her stomach and crouched onto the ground.

“Aiyo, I can’t… I, I can’t move anymore… it hurts…”

She was squeezing her brows and pretending to be in pain.

Wang Lele was thinking to herself. ‘Sis Die, in order to delay Liu Yi, I, Wang Lele, would have to sacrifice my sex appeal!’

In a battle of sex appeal, I, Wang Lele, fear no one!

In order to make Sis Die happy, I’m giving it my all!

“Ah? Then what do we do? Let me go find someone for you!”

Liu Yi had never encountered this kind of situation before. He was confused as to what to do.

He believed that his Breathing Technique might be able to help. However, other than cultivators, regular people were unable to do the Breathing Technique.

Sigh, if only Wang Lele was also a cultivator!

“Don’t, don’t… I’m afraid that I can’t last any longer…”

Wang Lele promptly grabbed Liu Yi’s arms and said.

“How about… you carry be on your back to the hospital?!”

If he carries me, Liu Yi is certainly going to be slower!

In that case, the amount of time I would be able to delay would be even greater!


Liu Yi was dumbfounded.

No matter what… Wang Lele was still a girl.

Carrying a girl over his back… more or less, Liu Yi would be embarrassed.

“What, what are you being embarrassed about?!”

Wang Lele saw Liu Yi’s expression and started getting angry. “I, Wang Lele, should be the one being embarrassed!”

“No… it’s that… men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things…”

When Liu Yi said those words, his face was slightly red.

He remembered the scene from last night when he helped Ma Yuanyuan put on her sanitary pad.

“My ass… what kind of situation is it now?! Furthermore, it’s not something that you should be the one saying.”

Wang Lele felt that she’s about to really get stomach pain from all the anger.

This Liu Yi was truly a huge idiot.

“If you’re not going to carry me, then I will just die here!”

After saying those words, Wang Lele leaned against the wall and squatted down. She wasn’t moving one bit.

While squatting against the wall was not a serious matter, but her chest immediately came flying out of her shirt collar.

A deep ravine appeared in front of Liu Yi.

Blood rushed into Liu Yi’s head and toward his nose. He almost started to have a huge nosebleed.

Shit… when have I ever received such an impact?...

That Wang Lele’s chest… the scale was just a bit too astonishing...

No wonder her stomach hurts. With such a large pair of boobs crushing it, how could it not hurt?...

“Boohoohoo, it hurts. Let me die from the pain then, no one would care about it anyways…”

Said Wang Lele casually. Clearly she had not noticed that her boobs were exposed. She was even rubbing her dry eyes.

“Boohoohoo, Wang Lele is so pitiful. No one cares or loves her. She’s about to die in school…”

Liu Yi currently felt as though his head could explode.

Only with great difficulty did he managed to stop his nose from bleeding. And now, he started to have a slight headache.

Wang Lele was truly a buffoon.

Without any better option, Liu Yi squatted back and showed his thin and weak back to Wang Lele.

“What, what are you doing?”

Wang Lele was shocked. She faked crying for a long time and almost actually entered her acting.

“Come up, I’ll carry you there.”

“Humph humph, that’s more like it!”

Wang Lele’s stratagem was a success. She secretly did a victory sign and then climbed up Liu Yi’s back.

Two large balls of softness immediately pressed down on Liu Yi’s back.

Immediately, Liu Yi’s blood started to flow faster.

God damn...

This is going to kill someone…

I would rather fight with Yuan Zhenyue again...

Now, this...

The red stream of qi within Liu Yi’s body started to flow very fast. As if provoked by the red stream of qi, the white stream of qi also started to flow.

After Wang Lele got on his back, Liu Yi subconsciously extended his hand and grasped Wang Lele’s ample thighs.

Now, all of Wang Lele’s weight were crushing on Liu Yi.

Her soft chests had also changed into a crushed appearance as they were squeezed between her and Liu Yi.

However, Wang Lele was truly carefree. She didn’t feel the slightest of embarrassment.

She was even afraid that she’ll slip off. She extended her arms and tightly grasped around Liu Yi’s neck.

“Are, are you sure you can do it?... Your physique is so small, don’t drop me!”

“Rest assured… I’m fine…”

Currently, Liu Yi had two streams of qi circulating through his body and his first Star Jade was also opened. Thus, carrying Wang Lele was not a problem.

Even though Wang Lele’s chest are very big, she wasn’t very heavy.

It seems like she’s only about a hundred pounds.

“Am I too heavy?”

Asked Wang Lele.

“A little bit, but it’s okay, I can preserve.”

Replied Liu Yi honestly.

“You! I will crush you to death! Crush you to death!”

Hearing Liu Yi calling her heavy, Wang Lele immediately grew angry. With her arms around Liu Yi’s neck, she ruthlessly put more pressure on him a couple times.

Liu Yi’s legs grew heavier. However, the qi on his legs mobilized and helped him support his body.

This Wang Lele was too unruly!

Furthermore… she’s way too careless...

With those couple times she tried to crush him, Liu Yi obtained an even better and more real sensation of her boobs...

Oh Heavens, it’s going to kill someone!

“You dared say that this lady is heavy!”

“It’s clearly you who said that…”

Liu Yi didn’t know why Wang Lele was angry. He wanted to cry but had no tears.

“Humph, you dared to call me heavy! So what if my breasts are big? I’m only a little bit heavier than Sis Die, okay?!”

Wang Lele blurted out. “What, could it be that you detest us big boobed women? In that case I’ll curse that you’ll find a woman with bigger boobs than me in the future, humph!”

The heck, detest?... I’d be super freaking glad.

Unable to help himself, Liu Yi started to laugh in his mind at how frank and foolish Wang Lele was.

This chick is too interesting.

“Your stomach don’t hurt anymore?”

“I had forgotten but now that you mentioned it… aiyo aiyo… it started hurting again…”

Wang Lele immediately started behaving better. She laid on Liu Yi’s back and continued to scream in pain.

Liu Yi shook his head. This chick.

However, appendicitis is a pretty major issue, hopefully she’s okay.

Liu Yi carried Wang Lele on his back and, with an agile pace, quickly ran downstairs.

When he walked out of the school gate, Liu Yi saw the coming and going cars and said. 

“Wang Lele, do you have any money on you? The amount of money on me… wasn’t enough for a taxi…”

There is no public bus around here that would directly bring them to the hospital. Taking a taxi is the fastest way to get there.

“I don’t!”

Wang Lele promptly responded.

“Ah? What do we do then?…”

Taking a taxi to the closest hospital would likely cost over ten yuans!

Liu Yi is broke as hell, he didn’t have that much money… all he had in his pocket was seven yuan.

He don’t have enough money to take a taxi...

“Just carry me on your back like this and we can slowly walk to the hospital…”

Said Wang Lele.

“No, your health is more important, we cannot be delay!”

Liu Yi resolutely refused. “Moreover, I still have a match with Lan He, I don’t want to be a deserter!”

After saying those words, Liu Yi took two deep breaths.

He started to circulate the power of the Spirit Fox Steps onto his legs.

While carrying Wang Lele, Liu Yi started to run with large strides.

Liu Yi’s running speed wasn’t slow. Seeing the ever passing scenery, Wang Lele suddenly cried out in surprised.

“Liu Yi, you’re crazy! How could you be able to run to the hospital? You’ll die from overexhaustation!”

“Rest assured! I can do it!”

Liu Yi adjusted his breathing and then said. “Believe in me, I will certainly carry you to the hospital with the fastest speed!”

“You, are you an idiot?!”

Wang Lele watched how Liu Yi was desperately carrying her as he ran and started to immediately have a sensation of wanting to cry.

If this continues, could she still be able to accomplish the mission given by Murong Die?

Even if Liu Yi managed to run to the hospital and then back to the basketball court, he’ll likely be tired as hell!

In that case, won’t it be even easier for Lan He to beat him?!

How could that be allowed?!

“You, you really wanted to compete with Lan He?”

“That’s right! We had already arranged it!” 

Liu Yi remembered the arrogant Lan He from yesterday and immediately started to have all kinds of dissatisfaction in his heart. “I will show him that I, Liu Yi, am not a good for nothing! I must go to this basketball match no matter what!”

“You big fool, big idiot!”

Wang Lele was extremely anxious, was this Liu Yi stupid or what?!

“Do you know who Lan He was? He had played basketball since when he was a kid, okay? Furthermore, he’s the reserve for the powerful youth team. He’s awfully good at basketball! If you were to compete with him, isn’t that just seeking your own humiliation?”

Hearing what Wang Lele said, Liu Yi suddenly stopped running.

“What, you finally came around?”

Wang Lele was startled, she thought that Liu Yi had came to a realization.

“Fellow classmate Wang Lele, please take back your words.”

Liu Yi stood there. Word by word and said it seriously.

“I won’t take them back, what about it?!”

Wang Lele immediately gave Liu Yi a side glance. She thought to herself ‘This Liu Yi is rejecting the good intentions of others!’

“Fellow classmate Wang Lele, please understand.”

Liu Yi said loudly.” The match between Lan He and I is not a match about basketball. Rather, it’s about my dignity. If I were to not show up, then even I would look down upon myself afterwards. Therefore, this match, even if I were to lose, I would still want to lose beautifully!”


Wang Lele suddenly was a bit dumbfounded.

This Liu Yi...

Is he really stupid… or, thoroughly stupid?...

“Dignity… is it something that you can eat?”

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