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The wheat-colored beauty stepped back a couple steps before running forward.

Then with a twist of her slim waist, she instantly pulled her two legs together and, like a bullet, she kicked the man on the motorcycle with her legs.


Before this man could even scream, he was already kicked off his motorcycle.

The motorcycle immediately overturned. It did several rolls and rushed toward Liu Yi.


Liu Yi was deeply shocked, isn’t this beauty a bit too fierce?!

A fierce woman!

Liu Yi stepped aside, he dodge the rampaging motorcycle.

The motorcycle gave birth to rows of sparks on the road. It then hit the railguard and bounced back out to the middle of the road.

The motorcycle flew out from nowhere into the middle of the road. Immediately, all the cars behind it immediately hit their brakes so as to not crash into it.

However, the motorcycle came out way too sudden. A bus was unable to brake in time and crashed into it.

However, the bus was already braking and it’s speed had slowed.

The cars in the back wasn’t able to react in time. One by one, they crashed into the car in front of them.

“Bang bang bang!”

The bridge had suddenly turned into chaos.

The cars on the bridge piled up on each other, it was a complete chaos.

As for that wheat-colored beauty, she currently had one foot on the bag snatching thief’s arm and was holding the woman’s bag on one of her hand.

Seeing the chaos she created, she shrugged. 

[TL: not really a shrug, but I can’t find the best word to describe what she did. It’s like ]

“Crap… I caused troubles again…”

Liu Yi was also completely dumbstruck seeing the scene.

“Thank you, thank you…”

The woman who had her bag snatched received her bag back from the beauty, she kept on thanking her.

“You don’t need to thank me, I am a policewoman, this is something that I am obligated to do.”

The wheat-colored beauty waved her hand and said. “Check if there’s anything missing…”

“Okay okay…. thank you, the people’s police…”

The woman continued to thank repeatedly.

The bag snatching thief on the ground pleaded incessantly. 

“Police comrade… police beauty… please let me go… this is the first time I’ve done such a thing….”

“Enough of your rubbish!”

The wheat-colored beauty heavily stepped on that bag snatcher’s arm.


The bag snatcher screamed in pain. Liu Yi who stood on the side hearing his scream began to shiver all over.

This beauty… was she a T.rex in beauty’s clothing?...

“Big... big sister fox immortal… could she be one of your demon clan’s… female tiger demon?...”


Even Lin Tong was struck dumb, she shrink herself behind Liu Yi’s neck, undaring to emerge.

“I know that you’re a repeated offender by the way you act! What awaits you will be the severe sanctions of law!”

While saying those words, the beauty touched her waist, it seemed that she habitually tried to get her handcuffs.

At this moment, she suddenly remembered that she was still doing her morning exercise. She was in civilian clothes and doesn’t have any handcuffs.

However, it didn’t matter to her. She took her towel around her neck that still had her fragrant on it and, without any regards of the shrieks of the bag snatcher, pulled his two arms together, wind them up together with her towel and tightly tied a tight knot.

That bag snatcher looked very miserable. Like a tied up pig, he had his hands tied behind his back and was kneeling on the ground with his butt sticking out.

The beauty clapped her hands and then turned around saying.

“Aunty, come with me to file a police reco…”

Before she was able to finish her ‘record,’ she became dumbfounded.

The woman who had her bag snatched had disappeared from her sight.

Right when the beauty was stunned silly, the cell phone in her pants suddenly started ringing with a wah wah sound.

The capable and experienced appearance that she had earlier completely faded away from the beauty; in a flurry, she took out her phone to answer it.

Liu Yi’s ears were very keen, he immediately heard the roar coming from the phone.

“Yuan Zhenyue! What the hell are you doing?!”

The roar was so loud that Liu Yi felt that it would even shatter the phone. It clearly showed how angry the person on the other end of the phone was.

On the other end of the phone was the hysteria of a middle aged man. The beauty named Yuan Zhenyue took the phone away from her ears, she even picked her ear, it seemed that her ear hurted a little.

“Yuan Zhenyue! Haven’t you already been suspended from your investigative duties?! How the hell did you manage to cause such a major chaos?!”

“Bureau Chief Wang… how did you know that it was me?...”

Said Yuan Zhenyue as she rubbed her ears and helplessly held the phone in her hands.

“Nonsense! The only police that would job across the Jiangpu bridge every morning is you! We received reporting calls, other than you, who else could be the female culprit that they described?!”

“Aiya, Bureau Chief Wang… you’re as insightful as ever…”

“Stop trying to flatter me! You stay there for me, don’t you dare run away from your crime!”

“Aiya! Bureau Chief Wang, I’m not the culprit! I just accidentally damaged the surroundings as I was catching as thief….”

“Enough of your nonsense, it’s not the first time that you have done such a thing! You stay there and wait!”

After saying those words, that Beaurue Chief Wang hanged up the phone with a smash.

Yuan Zhenyue helplessly put her phone away.

“Beautiful police officer… police officer sister… I, I am willing to be your witness, can you please untie me?...”

Asked the bag snatcher sullenly.

Robbery would at most land him a couple years in jail...

However, he felt as if his arm was about to break if he were to continue to be tied up!

A couple years in jail is a small thing...

His arms breaking was a much bigger issue!

“Be your ass! You better behave yourself! You main culprit of this disaster!”

Yuan Zhenyue kicked that bag snatcher’s ass. “If there wasn’t for the repulsive thieves like yourself, then this lady here won’t have to work my ass off! You even caused me to be yelled by my superior, I’m sure to have to write a report again…”

“Police sister…”

“Sister my ass!”

It appeared that Yuan Zhenyue really wasn’t at a good mood. She took out a rubber band and tied her hair up in a ponytail. She then pointed at the bag snatcher and scolded.

“Who the hell is your sister, who the hell is your sister?! Why the hell do you even bother trying to talk with me? What, can you write the report instead of me?!”

Yuan Zhenyue’s anger were completely running awry.

Not only did she created an enormous traffic accident, the woman whose bag was snatched also disappeared!

How the hell could she explain the situation now?!

Although it seemed like there wasn’t any casualties… but the damages that was done doesn’t seemed to be small either.

If there wasn’t any witness to prove her innocence, then she would really be finished!

Perhaps, her career as a police officer would end here!

Yuan Zhenyue swept her gaze around and finally landed on Liu Yi who was standing nearby with his eyes wide open and still stunned.

Seeing Yuan Zhenyue’s gaze landing on him, Liu Yi suddenly started shivering. He have a bad premonition...

This, this violent female police… what is she planning to do?

“Student, help me out.”

Yuan Zhenyue was suddenly all smiles, she waved at Liu Yi.

“I, I don’t know how to write a report…”

Liu Yi promptly shook his head, he held the protective rail on the bridge and didn’t dare to let go.

Holy mother of god… so fucking scary...

This female police officer was even more scary than that black suited uncle from yesterday!

Which god did I, Liu Yi, angered?! Why is it that the people I meet gets scarier every time?!

God help me...

“You, you good for nothing… it’s only a woman, what’s scary about that?...”

Said the little fox faintly while shivering as she was holding Liu Yi’s neck and hiding behind him.

“Go… did, didn’t I taught you the Great Brilliant Sun Palm?...”

“That, that, that’s right… big sister fox immortal… can you teach me a technique to breathe under water?...”

“Why do you want that?...”

“So that I can jump down the bridge…”

“You good for nothing! Don’t you feel shamed for being an immortal cultivator?! Go, go up there!”

Said the little fox as she strongly pushed Liu Yi from behind with her paws.

Liu Yi didn’t pay attention and stumbled forward a couple steps, he almost fell face-first into that Yuan Zhenyue’s ample bosom.

Yuan Zhenyue immediately frowned and began to look at Liu Yi angrily.

“Little bastard, you dared molest the people’s police?!”

As she said those words, one of her hand started to go toward Liu Yi’s shoulder while her leg kicked his. She wanted to throw him down.

Her moves came at Liu Yi skillfully, one can tell that she had practiced it countless times.

However, this time around, she missed!

She kicked Liu Yi off balance. However, to her surprise, Liu Yi grabbed her arm with his left hand and did a 360 degree rotation using her arm as the pivot and then steadily landing behind her.

“Huhu… it worked…”

After last night’s training, Liu Yi had indeed grew a lot stronger.

Had it been him from before, then he would’ve already been dropped to the ground!

However today, he was able to steady his body and do an aerial acrobatics. 

Liu Yi felt very thankful toward Lin Tong. Had it not been her, he’ll be destined to be bullied for the rest of his life!

Even watching the show would lead to him being bullied… is there even justice?!

“Not bad, you got some skills!”

Yuan Zhenyue’s eyes shined, unable to help herself, she licked her lips.

Holy shit!

Liu Yi immediately detected a sense of danger. A thick cold air rushed from his toes to his head.

He stepped back a couple steps and walked into the already chaotic road.

This bridge road could be considered to be already paralyzed. Cars were packed all over, no one could get out and no one could enter, all they could do was wait for the arrival of the police.

Liu Yi walked back into a van, the cold steel of the van woke him back up.

“Holy… this woman actually have… such a strong fighting aura…”

“Fighting aura, what is that? Could it be that there’s magic?”

Hearing Lin Tong’s astonished shout, Liu Yi asked.

“That’s totally different!”

Lin Tong gave Liu Yi a side glance. “It’s the will to battle… this woman… is like a natural born warrior… her desire to battle is very high… Liu Yi… I think… it’s better for you to flee…” 

Liu Yi looked at the chaotic bridge that surrounded him and began to grief.

This… where exactly can I run to?...

The bridge was already paralyzed on both sides.

Could it be that I really have to jump down the bridge into the river?

Seeing Liu Yi looking left and right, Yuan Zhenyue could already tell that he’s planning to flee.

“Little bastard, where do you think you’re running to?! You still have to be this my witness!”

Said Yuan Zhenyue. She then started rushing toward Liu Yi. Her hands began going toward Liu Yi’s shoulders.

Liu Yi wasn’t going to have himself caught by this female police officer again.

He suddenly bend his waist, lowered his head and dodged Yuan Zhenyue’s grappling hands.

Having done the devil’s training, plus the breathing technique, Liu Yi’s reaction had grew a lot more nimble!


Yuan Zhenyue caught the air. However, she grew even more excited. “Interesting… again!”

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