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Chapter 188 Can Be Hot



Liu Yi spent his day in school today, not to listen to lectures, but hiding in his spiritual environment, practicing those skills that were taught by Li Biyue.

Especially the Shadow Step!

Before in the training room, Liu Yi failed his first attempt. When he cast his Shadow Step, he crashed into that training puppet….

It was an unforgettable experience!

Therefore, during the school hours, Liu Yi gave all his effort to train his Shadow Step.

Although it can’t be said that his Shadow Step level was superb, at least he achieved the level of “mastery through a comprehensive study.”

At this time, Liu Yi suddenly appeared in front of Chen Dahai, startling him.

When did he run?

Didn’t he just stand seven or eight meters away from me?

Before Chen Dahai reacted, Liu Yi’s palm has struck Chen Dahai’s right chest.

Liu Yi purposely avoided the heart position on the left, lest his palm caused Chen Dahai a problem.

Even if he avoided a critical spot, Chen Dahai was still unlucky.


A surge of airwave burst out from behind Chen Dahai; At the same time, his body arched up like a shrimp and instantly flew back.


Chen Dahai was pasted on the wall like a painting.

His internal organs were in a mess and his bones were badly hurt.

This palm of Liu Yi….How could it be so fierce….

Could it be, he is the legendary master of internal martial art?

Chen Dahai began to sweat.

If he is an internal expert….Then I am absolutely not his opponent!

In the army, they have several Kung Fu masters as army instructors, some of them looked like a wizened old man!

At the time, although Chen Dahai was quite proud of himself, he did not dare to look for trouble from those instructors.

One of them was a 1.6 m tall old man; He was as thin as a monkey. Previously, Chen Dahai was not convinced of his ability.

But when one day this old man lifted a 120 kg barbell with one hand, Chen Dahai was thoroughly convinced.

In daily practice, when he lifted that barbell a few times with both of his hands, he already felt tired like a dog.

When that wizened old man picked it up, he did not look tired, as if nothing has happened.

The student in front of him looked very thin and weak, but he was able to send him flying in a single palm strike.

If someone told him the student was not an internal expert, Chen Dahai would not believe it.

Seeing their boss flying backward because of a palm strike and then slowly slipped to the ground, the sea gang members looked silly.

How…How is this possible!

Our squad leader is a fighting master….No matter how bad, he couldn’t possibly be sent flying by a palm strike!

But Chen Dahai thought in his heart, I have run into an internal expert!

But this actually made him excited, If this person is willing to help me….Even if I have to be his subordinate, later on, in the list of famous gangsters, there must be my name, Chen Dahai, written in there!

Chen Dahai like to follow the strong, but he must determine if the boy was tough enough!

Holding back the pain, he suddenly looked up and saw two Russian battle-axes hanging on the nearby wall.

Thus, Chen Dahai directly crawled up, reached out and took those two Russian battle-axes. Carrying them in his hands, he loudly roared and came at Liu Yi like a wild bear.

“F*ck me, this is too far!”

Hu Rui shouted, “He actually uses weapons! Liu Yi, take this! Use my nail clippers!”

“F*ck, shut up!”

Tang Guo directly kicked Hu Rui on the leg.

Rather than retreat, Liu Yi actually rushed forward toward the ax-wielding Chen Dahai.

“Liu Yi, be careful!”

Sun Haoyuan anxiously warned.

“Rest assured, it’s gonna be fine.”

Liu Yi rushed forward two steps and suddenly lowered his head.

“Swoosh, swoosh!”

Chen Dahai wielded his left ax, swishing over Liu Yi’s head.

Meanwhile, he swung the other ax toward Liu Yi, who was squatting down, aiming for his head.

The whistling of wind indicated that the force was not light.

But Liu Yi calmly put his hands on the ground and jumped up.

At the same time, his body did a backward rotation and, using the momentum, used his right foot to kick.


Liu Yi’s foot hit that ax’s handle.

Chen Dahai suddenly felt a surge of vigorous force coming from the ax. The web between his thumb and forefinger tore and spilled out blood; He subconsciously loosened his grip.


That ax spun in the air toward the ceiling. It pierced the ceiling, looking very frightening.

A long crack also appeared on the ceiling.

The people were stunned.

How powerful that kick could be to be able to make that ax pierce the ceiling….

“Still want to come?”

Liu Yi straightened up and recovered his right foot. Then he smiled and asked Chen Dahai.

“No, it’s over….”

Chen Dahai directly cupped his fists and, with a respectful manner, convincingly said.

“From today on, you are my boss.”

“Squad leader, you’re crazy!”

Zhou Jinle hurriedly exclaimed from the said, “They are nothing but a bunch of students, how can we submit to them?”

“They are stronger than me, so why not?”

Chen Dahai bluntly said, looking very imposing.

“The Black Dragon Gang is also stronger than us! Squad Leader! Why don’t we join the Black Dragon Gang?”

Zhou Jinle quickly said, “The few of them are just students! Even if they can fight, so what? Can they fight against the Black Dragon Gang?”

“Can I exclude this person from the senior cadres?”

Liu Yi asked Chen Dahai, “Because he has no ambition at all.”

“Old Zhou, what’s wrong with you?”

Chen Dahai also frowned and looked at Zhou Jinle, “Why are you so different today?”

“It’s nothing….I just don’t want to be a few students’ goon.”

Zhou Jinle looked a bit unnatural.

“Later on, this is our boss.”

Chen Dahai pointed at Liu Yi and solemnly said, “He is my boss, so naturally he is your boss, understand?”

“Yes, we understand!”

Except for Zhou Jinle, the other Sea Gang members replied in unison.

Their voices were loud and very imposing; After all, they were all former soldiers.

These people saw how Liu Yi defeated their squad leader in two moves, so they already felt a heartfelt admiration toward him.

They were all people who admired a strong person!

“Very good, later on, everyone will be brothers. Boss, I have to be honest with you. What you take now is in a terrible mess.”

Chen Dahai gloomily looked at Liu Yi and said, “As you can see, our bar has no guest at all. Now in our account, we have no more than 20 thousand yuan, it’s not enough to maintain the bar for the next month!”


Sun Haoyuan had a headache, “Just as I fell excited for finally scoring the first turf….I never thought this place could be so miserable….”

“I, your old mother can sponsor….Two hundred yuan!”

Tang Guo did not seem to have a lot of money.

“I can sponsor 50 yuan!”

Hu Rui pulled out a crumpled bill from his pocket.

“F*ck, I see you the two of you are stupid.”

Liu Yi can’t help but give the of them a look, “How could this little money be enough? How much is the usual monthly expense for this bar?”

“More than 50 thousand…..”

Chen Dahai sighed.

This is the cheapest expense, he added in his heart.

The normal monthly expense for a bar was definitely in the top five digit upward….That 50 thousand was just his lowest estimation.

He did not know how would they manage to survive.

“I….I can cover the rest.”

Liu Yi thought for a moment and decided to use his account.

Money in the bank is useless anyway.

I should let them circulate, and then “money begets money.”

“But even so, it can barely support the expense for a month….”

Chen Dahai’s face was filled with sorrow, “Boss, you don’t know this….But our bar really has no business. Sometimes I have my own doubts, maybe leading my brothers to break into the Eastern Xing district was a mistake….I heard that this place is a gold mine, but I came to know that it’s actually hell.”

“Even if it’s hell, we can still make money.”

Liu Yi frowned, “Haoyuan, Rat, little Chili, do you guys have any suggestion on how we can survive here?”

“How about we open a billiard hall?”

Little Chili’s idea was quickly dismissed by Liu Yi.

F*ck….It’s strange if opening a billiard hall could make money here!

And even if it can, it’s just going to be fractions of small money.

“I think….I don’t have business acumen….”

Hu Rui also began to rack his brain.

However, Sun Haoyuan directly sat on a nearby seat, loudly munching the french fries on the table.

F*ck….A freeloader!

Liu Yi was helpless, I have to think it myself.

At this time, the little Fox, who was lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder all this time, suddenly curled her lips and said.

“Fool, you can’t even come up with an idea to save this place, yet you still want to be a gangster?”

“Fox sister, do you have a way?”

Liu Yi immediately looked for Lin Tong’s help.

“Of course, who do you think this big miss is! I am talented little Fox, ok!”

Lin Tong wagged her tail and proudly said, “This is just a small matter, very easy to solve.”

“Then please advise, Fox sister….”

Liu Yi rushed to ask for advice.

“It’s very simple; What kind of business does this Eastern Xing district lack? Bars, KTVs, night clubs, casinos, red light district? There are many of those here….Therefore, if your Red Scarf Army continue to operate this bar, it will definitely run to the ground. Because the market is saturated, do you understand?”


How could Fox sister understand all this ‘market saturation’ stuff?”

“You don’t believe me, don’t you?….Before I met you, this big miss self-studied all kinds of economic and marketing courses in the University, okay?”

Wow….Fox sister is really Fox sister….

She’s like a goddess!

“Then Fox sister, do you have any idea?”

“How can I just simply tell you about it? You need to properly ask this big miss.”

Lin Tong smiled smugly, happy to hear Liu Yi beg for her!

“Fox sister….Please….”

Liu Yi has no other way and had to ask for Lin Tong’s help.

“Hihi, this big miss is actually too lazy to help you with this mundane human thing. But since you are so sincere in asking me, I will tell you.”

Lin Tong fully enjoyed the pleasant sensation of being asked by Liu Yi. She patted her small claw and said.

“Actually, this thing is simple; Although the market for bars and other things is already saturated, we can look for other businesses that are yet saturated. Can you think of a business that has the potential to be hot (popular)?”

“What else? Selling fire arms, of course!”

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