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Chapter 175 That Is My Family Jewel


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Liu was curious and he opened the closet.

There were few pieces of clothes hanging there, most of them were black trench coats.

Sister only has one style of dress….

Liu Yi looked around and saw a set of gray pajamas hanging there.

Liu Yi was surprised. It was not a woman’s pajamas, but men.

And the size….Was almost similar to his.

Although it’s a bit bigger than him, he can still comfortably wear it.

“Sister….How can you have a pair of men’s pajamas in your house?”

“That’s my brother’s….”

Li Biyue’s eyes slightly dimmed, “He is very tall….A few years ago, it’s almost this tall….But don’t worry, this pair of pajamas are new….He hasn’t had the time to wear it….”

“Okay, I’ll go change my clothes.”

Afraid to bring back Li Biyue’s painful memory, Liu Yi hastened to run to the bathroom obediently and put on the pajamas.

This is actually quite comfortable….

At home, Liu Yi usually slept naked, without wearing any clothes, or just a piece of underwear.

But this time, sleeping in a girl’s house….He did not dare to do that….

That would be the same as declaring myself as a pervert….

Looking at the mirror, Liu Yi seemed to see someone else’s image.

In Li Biyue’s eyes, does she think of me as her brother’s substitute?

But….If that makes her happy, I am fine with that….

Liu Yi did not want to see a girl sad.

Grandpa said that, men should make girls smile, not making them cry.

Men who make women cry are b*stards.

Oh no….I seem to have made Murong Die cry once….

Does that make me a b*stard?

“Liu Yi? What took you so long?”

Li Biyue’s voices floated from the outside.

Liu Yi started to think evil.

It seems like she’s calling me to bed (have s*x, same words as go to bed)….Alas, unfortunately not!

Liu Yi put his clothes back to his spatial ring and then walked out in that set of gray pajamas.

When Liu Yi stood in front of Li Biyue, her eyes lit up a bit.

“Sister, am I really similar to him?”

Liu Yi could not help but ask.

“Not particularly similar….There is still a huge gap between the two of you.”

Li Biyue covered her mouth and suddenly laughed, “My brother is more handsome than you.”


Liu Yi suddenly has an impulse to die.

“Okay, okay, I am just teasing you, come on, go to bed. I am tired, let sister hug you.”

Li Biyue kept on beckoning Liu Yi.

His sister….

This woman definitely has a brother complex!

But Liu Yi cannot say anything….In any case, being hugged to sleep by a girl seemed pretty good.

He obediently climbed into bed and crawled next to Li Biyue.

Li Biyue’s body has a fragrant flavor, which Liu Yi found it odd.

Why a girl’s body always smells fragrant?

Is it because they always take a bath?


Chen Cai, that guy always take a bath daily, but never smells fragrant.

Liu Yi was curious so he sniffed twice. Looking at him sniffing from the side, Li Biyue could not help but strangely ask.

“What are you doing?”

“Sister….Why do you have a fragrant smell on your body?”

Liu Yi unconsciously asked.

He was really curious….

“Do I?”

Li Biyue blinked her eyes, stretched out her arm and sniffed it twice.

“I don’t smell anything….Brother, are your nose fail to work because of the injection? You may have experienced a side effect of this shot since this is your first time.”

“No! It really smells fragrant! Not only you, sister, other girls are also the same!”

Liu Yi remembered Ma Yuanyuan, Wang Lele, and Murong Die. All of them have fragrant smells.

But every girl’s scent….Seems to be a bit different.

Ma Yuanyuan’s fragrance is quite tender, it faintly feels like the smell of musk.

While Wang Lele’s body….Seems to have a milk flavor in it….

Is it because of her huge chest?

And Murong Die’s fragrance is relatively fresh. It makes people at ease.

Sister’s Li Biyue’s fragrance….Has a trace of temptation in it….


Seeing Liu Yi’s eyes, Li Biyue suddenly asked an ambiguous question.

“My baby brother….How many girls have you smelled?”

“Huh? No, no, that’s not what I mean!”

Liu Yi felt that Li Biyue’s thought has certainly gone astray. Therefore, he quickly said, “It’s not like what sister think…”

“I did not say anything!”

Li Biyue covered her mouth to laugh, “Even if brother has girlfriends, that’s fine….My brother is outstanding and very handsome….”

“Em….Sister is talking about me, right?”

Liu Yi did not know which brother Li Biyue refer to….

Alas, a living one loses to a dead one….

“Idiot, of course, it’s you!”

Li Biyue could not help roll her eyes playfully at Liu Yi.

“Ahem…Sister has good eyes….”

Liu Yi suddenly laughed foolishly twice.

“Then why don’t you tell sister….How many girls have you smell?”

But Liu Yi underestimated a woman’s curiosity. He thought it was all right, but Li Biyue turned out to be more inquisitive.

“This….It seems….Probably….”

Liu Yi hesitated, did not know what to say.

“How many?”

Li Biyue tilted her head and looked at Liu Yi.

At this time, this beautiful woman actually looked cute.


Liu Yi was about to say four, but at this time, he felt as if he was possessed, somehow it burst into his head.

His other personality affected him!


Liu Yi’s eyes became somewhat deep, and then he held up two fingers and said.

“Oh, really?”

Li Biyue slightly raised her eyebrows.

“Uh huh, two.”

Liu Yi pulled down one of his fingers.

“One is you, sister.”

“And the other one?”

“The other one is my mom.”


Li Biyue happily laughed, a super cute laugh, which made Liu Yi a bit sluggish.

“I know that my dear brother is the most honest….Come here, sister wants to hug you to sleep.”

With that, Li Biyue turned off the light.

The room suddenly plunged into darkness.

But Liu Yi’s eyes can see in the darkness. He can clearly see the beautiful face of Li Biyue.

Li Biyue casually laid down and then patted the pillow next to her.

“Go to sleep.”


As he laid down, Liu Yi secretly slightly relieved.

Sure enough….I still don’t understand a girl’s mind….

If just now, my other personality did not anxiously come out to affect me….

Letting me tell the truth….I’m afraid….The consequences would be very serious….

Perhaps, sister will hate me for it.

At this time, Liu Yi subconsciously opened his eyes of favorable impression and took a glance at Li Biyue.

Li Biyue’s favorable impression: 40


Sister’s favorable impression of me….Is actually this high?

Is it because of the similarity between me and her brother?

It seems like….Li Biyue really loves her brother….

But how could her brother die….?

She is obviously very powerful….

Liu Yi could not help but somewhat curious.

But he knew enough not to directly ask this question. Therefore, he can only keep it in his heart.

But before long, Li Biyue suddenly leaned over to Liu Yi, stretched out her hand and hugged him like she was hugging a pillow.

Li Biyue’s face was on Liu Yi’s chest while her other arm was stretched under his armpit to the other side.

Meanwhile, she also stretched out her leg, pressing Liu Yi on the waist.

His mother….!

This temptation test….Is a bit too much!

Under this situation, Liu Yi did not even dare to breathe heavily….For fear that his breath would hit his sister’s delicate cheek.

Goddess….Absolutely a goddess.

If sister….Is in my school, her popularity will definitely reach the goddess-level….

Em….It seems like I am ruining sister’s reputation….

Liu Yi, Liu Yi….Sister is sister….She is sacred and inviolable….

But sister smells so good….

How could it be….?

All of these, plus Li Biyue’s soft body, made Liu Yi, a normal boy….has a normal boy reaction….

Soon, little Liu Yi became valiant, spiritedly stood straight.


Li Biyue’s hug was quite tight so when little Liu Yi became hard, she immediately felt it.

Li Biyue reached out her hand, touched little Liu Yi a few times, and said.

“Why are you carrying this….Hard….Thing into sleep….Put it away….”

Liu Yi went silly….

How am I going to put this thing away?

Isn’t this making things difficult for me….


Liu Yi did not know how to explain.

“Oh, right….I am pressing you….I’ll take it away for you….”

Li Biyue said, her soft and warm jade-like hand immediately grabbed the sturdy little Liu Yi.

At that moment, Liu Yi nearly broke down….

Oh sh*t….Sister….We cannot….

Liu Yi continuously shouted in his heart.

“Huh? Why is it so hard….?”

Li Biyue somewhat forcefully moved her hand up and down a few times.

Liu Yi’s soul was about to fly away.


You can’t….



“Strange….What is this thing….” Li Biyue said.

Her hand suddenly traced the elastic waistband in Liu Yi’s pants, seemingly wanting to reach inside.


Liu Yi quickly held down Li Biyue’s hand.

“Sister….No….You can’t reach inside to touch it….”


Li Biyue was surprised by her her brother’s big reaction.

Li Biyue can also see in the dark, when she opened her eyes and saw Liu Yi’s somewhat flushed face, she suddenly understood.


Her mouth suddenly uttered a cry. She suddenly felt as if she was holding something very hot.

She wanted to let go of her hand, but her hand has no strength….

My God….

At this time, Li Biyue really wanted to be helped.

On the other hand, Liu Yi did not know what to do, his lifeblood was in his sister’s hand…..

Help me….

On the bed, the two people were lying face to face, they can feel each other’s breaths.

At this moment, time seemed to stop.

Liu Yi faintly can hear their two heartbeats….

Its over….Things seemed to get a little weird….


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