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Chapter 141 Wonderful Father And Daughter


“Ma Yuanyuan had no one at home, you this kid want to play me for a fool!”

The girl spoke some harsh words.

“The student, what you said is not right.”

Liu Yi was somewhat uncomfortable, but he can’t be angry because of a girl. Therefore, he said, “In any case, I am older than you, right? Moreover, the school didn’t stipulate that the elder brother can’t participate in this sports game, am I right?”


The girl gave Liu Yi a middle finger, “We have long known that Ma Yuanyuan had no father and mother! Otherwise, how could they raise such an uncouth wild girl.”

Hearing this, Liu Yi’s brows deeply wrinkled, thinking.

‘Even if Ma Yuanyuan usually likes to trouble me, but truly speaking….this girl is too lonely, lacking someone who can accompany her. As a result, she becomes mischievous, wanting others to pay attention to her.

To say she had no father and mother, an uncouth wild girl….

I’m afraid this is too much.’

“The student, please pay attention to propriety when speaking.”

Liu Yi, therefore, returned the courtesy, “In my opinion, your manner of speaking, should belong to the uneducated.”

“You dare to say that to me?”

The girl suddenly exploded in anger.

The other surrounding female onlookers stood behind her and menacingly looked at Liu Yi.

“Do you know who I am? You dare to say that to me?”

“Then you know who I am?”

Liu Yi asked back.


The girl instantly asked in amazement.

“How will I know who you are….”

“You don’t know who I am, how could I know what are you?”

Liu Yi curled his lips, “This morning news said that a gorilla ran out of the zoo, is that you?”

“D*mn, you dare talk to me like that!”

That girl was furious, initially wanted to give Liu Yi a harsh satire, but didn’t expect Liu Yi to embarrass her instead.

This anger was hard to swallow.

“Your mouth is too cheap! No wonder you’re Ma Yuanyuan’s brother, you’re just as bad as her (originally: Jackals of the same tribe)! No father and mother to discipline the both of you!”

The girl viciously scolded.

Liu Yi’s heart became more uncomfortable, thinking.

‘Where did this girl come from?

As long as I live, this is the first time I see such a loathful girl.

Compared to Ma Yuanyuan and Wei Yi….they now seem like an obedient girl!

Poison Jasmine that killer is one hundred times better than her.

This girl must’ve been spoiled rotten at home, much much more than Ma Yuanyuan!

Otherwise, she will not be taught to talk this way, can’t even understand a little courtesy.’

Liu Yi really doesn’t want to quarrel with girls. He felt only a b*tch who scold at others.

He turned around, wanting to ignore the girl.

“See that, he’s afraid, sure enough, what I said is right!”

The girl noticed Liu Yi’s silence, immediately said in triumphant.

“The kind of people without parents to teach is exactly like this, loathful to see.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Look at his long and ugly face, with a monkey-like wide mouth, ugly to death.”

A group of girls twittered around together.

Liu Yi’s nose crooked with anger, thinking.

‘F*ck, who has the long and ugly face?

Are these girls blind?

Even if I’m not handsome, my features are delicate, a fresh and cool youth!’

Liu Yi wanted to walk away in anger, but he thought that if he leaves, Ma Yuanyuan would surely be disappointed. Liu Yi sighed, stood there, despite whatever curses those girls threw at him.

“You also come to attend the parents’ 800 meters race? Based on you, you think you can win? See your small arms and legs, poor and mediocre; Better give up earlier, and take that d*mn Ma Yuanyuan back to your house! Save us from being annoyed!”

That girl continued.

Liu Yi’s mouth twitched twice.

He hated people said he is poor, mediocre, has no future, and so on.

This world should differentiate between those who are tall, rich and handsome, and those who are poor, mediocre, and no future?

Liu Yi thought that this division is not natural.

Even those tall, rich and handsome, or those of second generation rich, they all have to start from nothing.

In this world, there are only two kinds of people, one is the upper-class people, the other is one who abandon oneself to wanton ways.

Even Murong Hong didn’t dare to talk like that to him, where did this girl come out from?

“Xu Xin, pay attention to your mouth!”

When Liu Yi was extremely tired of listening, a beautiful girl in red cosplay costume, furiously came over, pointing the keep on hammering away girl, and said.

“My Liu Yi gege is not someone who you can scold! If you let me hear you scold my Liu Yi gege once again, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

“Whoops, hey, the little bastard is back?”

That Xu Xin actually grinned, and carelessly said, “You’re not going to be polite to me? How are you going to not being polite to me?”

“Xu Xin, you don’t go too far!”

Ma Yuanyuan’s mouth has always been powerful, but actually, this girl never knew how to fight.

Otherwise, how could she let Liu Yi spank her ass?

“I go too far? How am I too far? I heard your elder sister is one of those bad girls, how could the brother and little sister be any good, gee….”

“I forbid you to talk about my sister!”

Ma Yuanyuan was furious and was about to rush over to scratch that girl’s face, but was stopped by Liu Yi by grabbing her waist, and holding her in his bosom.

“Stupid Ox, don’t try to stop me, I want to tear her mouth!”

Ma Yuanyuan struggled and said.

“Yuanyuan behaved, my grandpa said, don’t lower yourself to the same level as the villain.”

Liu Yi said to comfort Ma Yuanyuan.

“Who is the villain, tell me one more time?”

Xu Xin suddenly stared at Liu Yi and shouted.

“Who wag one’s tongue, that one is the villain.

Liu Yi said with a smile, “This is the characteristic of a villain.”

“Bastard! You dare to say I’m a villain! I’m going to get you out of here!”

“This school is seemingly not owned by your family, right?”

Liu Yi said, “Moreover, I openly came here as the parent to participate in the competition. You want to get rid of me? I’m afraid you don’t have this ability.”

“You, you!”

That Xu Xin was speechless with anger, eyes staring at Liu Yi.

Being stared at, Liu Yi didn’t care one bit; let her stared to death.

But at this time, some parents slowly walked over.

One dressed in sportswear, a handsome middle-aged uncle went to Xu Xin’s side and gently asked.

“My little Princess, who make you angry?”


Xu Xin stretched out her finger toward Liu Yi, “Daddy, this man is especially cheap! At 800 meter race, I want you to beat him!”

“Hehe, sure.”

The middle-aged uncle touched her daughter’s head, dotingly smiled.

“Humph, my Daddy is in the Sports Bureau, before that he was a long-distance race star athlete in the national team!”

Xu Xin smiled smugly, “He will quickly leave you, this soft legs behind!”

“I have to say, uncle, you spoil your daughter too much.”

Liu Yi can’t help but ask the middle-aged uncle.

“My, Xu Tianliang’s daughter, is naturally a princess.”

The middle-aged uncle said with an arrogant attitude, “Unlike you two kids, who have no father to teach and no mother to raise.”


‘Sure enough, they really are a pair of father and daughter, the kids imitate the parents; their conduct is similar!’

Liu Yi clenched his fists.

It’s not proper for him to pick a fight with the daughter, but he can’t be polite to the father.

“People speaks need to pay attention to propriety.”

Liu Yi’s voice became somewhat cold.

“Hehe, why do I need to give you any propriety? Me talking to you is already giving you big face.”

Xu Tianliang is a young cadre of the City Sports Bureau.

His frame of mind is very arrogant, never put common people in the eye.

Much less a guy with student appearance like Liu Yi.

“One’s behavior shouldn’t be too crazy.”

Liu Yi’s voice was even colder, “My grandpa said, Overbearing one tend to die quickly.”

“I think the one who’s arrogant is you, do you know who I am?”

“How come this sentence again….Is your dad Li Gang?”

(TL: “My Dad is Li Gang!” is a popular catchphrase used ironically among Chinese netizens to avoid responsibility. The phrase stems from a fatal hit and run incident that occurred near Hebei University in Baoding, China, in which a drunk driver named Li Qiming yelled at his pursuers, “Go ahead, sue me if you dare. My dad is Li Gang!” referring to the Deputy Director of Baoding Public Security Bureau. As a result, any reference to “Li Gang” has become associated with acting recklessly above the law because of supposed connections to government officials.)

Liu Yi asked.


Xu Tianliang was dumbfounded for a moment.

“F*ck, just a young Sports Bureau cadre, but think himself as Li Gang. Tell you, don’t believe that you’re above everyone, your right is given by the people; the people can give and take it back. Go back and discipline your daughter. You can’t even teach your daughter well, and you want to act high and mighty as a high-ranking official?….You don’t deserve it!”

Liu Yi’s words suddenly made Xu father and daughter flew into rages.

“Good boy, remember me!”

“No problem, I’ll remember.”

Liu Yi smiled and said, “But uncle, the next time you participate the sports competition, remember to hide your Patek Philippe, don’t be too obvious.”

He said and faintly smile, glancing at that uncle’s wrist.

Xu Tianliang subconsciously covered his right wrist.

Indeed….there was a Patek Philippe on it….

This Xu Tianliang has no other hobby besides collecting wristwatch.

This Sports Ministry appears to be a ‘dry’ place, but it’s not.

Do not know how many people per year, to try to forge relationships, gave gifts to Xu Tianliang.

And although Xu Tianliang is not the Head of the Bureau, he also occupies an important position.

Many people know that Xu Tianliang never collects the money….He only likes wristwatch.

Thus, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin….

Various brands of wristwatches, went into Xu Tianliang’s pocket.

“In short, in the competition, I’ll make you look bad.”

Xu Tianliang said, “I am the former long distance race star athlete in the National team….Although you are young, in running, you are not my opponent.”

Xu Tianliang after these many years, although enjoying corruption, never reduced his physical exercise.

After all, he is the face of the Sports Bureau. If you let people see the former National team star athlete, now the Deputy Bureau Chief, turned into a fat person, what would it look like.

“That’s good, at that time do not cry when you lose.”

Liu Yi replied with irony.

“Humph, when the time comes, we’ll see who is going to cry!”

Xu Xin smiled proudly, “To compete long distance running against my Daddy, you’ll simply embarrass yourself!”

“When the time comes, you’ll know.”

Liu Yi actually didn’t care. In running, he is confident with himself.

Because he is an immortal cultivator.

At that time, the one who bring disgrace upon himself, will not be Liu Yi.

“The competition will begin soon, I’ll see you on the field.”

Xu Tianliang said, and turned away.

“Stupid Ox….”

When they left, Ma Yuanyuan apprehensively looked at Liu Yi.

“What’s wrong?”

“I, I’m sorry….”

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