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Chapter 133 Go To Your Home

At this time, Poison Jasmine’s figure has disappeared into the night. This female killer went to God knows where.

Liu Yi’s clothes had changed back into his school uniform when Poison Jasmine woke up.

Murong Die faintly chirped twice, sober in Liu Yi’s bosom.

“Where am I….what happens?”

Murong Die discovered she was lying in the arms of Liu Yi; her whole body was hugged by him. Her heart immediately filled with sweet delight, but also slightly trembled.

Just a moment ago….

Someone seemed to chase them….and, she noticed that person threw a canister-like thing, and then she remembered nothing.

“You inhaled a sleeping gas just a moment ago and fell asleep.”

Liu Yi explained, “After I beat the killer away, you woke up.”

“You said I’m like a pig….”

Murong Die pursed her mouth and said, “This big miss didn’t mean to fell asleep….did you fight off the killer?”

“You see, I’m just a messenger.”

Liu Yi vaguely laughed.

“As long as there’s justice, no need to be afraid, no matter what kind of evil it is.”


Murong Die didn’t believe in Liu Yi’s nonsense, but it seemed no one came after them anymore.

“You this fellow….before this, I never knew that you are actually so formidable.”

“That’s because you didn’t take a closer look.”

Liu Yi smiled mysteriously at Murong Die, “Moreover, my grandpa said, a man has to be low-key.”

Hearing the words from Liu Yi, several words suddenly flashed through Murong Die’s mind.

You can’t judge a person by appearance….

This saying was really appropriate if applied to Liu Yi.

She remembered at that time when she and Lele took the bus. When Lele pointed at Liu Yi and shouted his name, she didn’t have any impression on him.

But in less than a few months….this youth, has dug deep into her heart.

‘Liu Yi, Liu Yi….what charm you have in your body….’

While he was holding Murong Die in his arms, Liu Yi suddenly remembered it was late, and he should send her back.

“Right! Murong Die, I should send you back home.”

“Back home?”

Murong Die suddenly blinked twice, “This big miss doesn’t want to go home.”

“If not home, where do you want to go then….”

Liu Yi said, “Even if you’re angry with your dad, you can’t just run away from home, that’s a childish act. Be good okay, I’ll send you home.”

“I don’t want to!”

Murong Die desperately struggled to get away from Liu Yi’s arm, “Let go of me, you smelly rogue!”

Cold (-sweat, speechless)….

‘How could I suddenly be promoted to smelly rogue!’

Liu Yi had to put Murong Die down.

After Murong Die this girl landed on the ground, she angrily walked toward the outside of the Amusement Park.

Liu Yi quickly followed behind her.

“Big miss Murong, where are you going!?”

“Humph! Where this big miss is going to go is none of your business!”

Murong Die didn’t look back and said, “You don’t need to care about me anymore!”

“Hey, hey….do n’t talk like that….the night is so cold, where are you going to sleep, you could catch a cold.”

“None of your concern! In any case, you’re a jerk!”

‘Does Murong Die really hate me?’

Liu Yi felt weird.

He opened his eyes of favorable impression.

On Murong Die’s head, suddenly floated a string of numbers.

Favorability: 58.

‘Holy sh*t!’

‘It’s actually 58!’

‘With such a high degree of favorability, how could she lost such a big temper at me!’

“Murong Die, stop running will you!”

After he figured it out, Liu Yi pursued Murong Die from behind.

“Who do you think you are? This big miss’ housekeeper? Leave me alone. This big miss doesn’t want to see you!”

“I’m not sending you home, okay!”

Liu Yi has no other choice than to turn 180 degrees on his decision.

“Wherever you go, I’ll go with you, OK?”


Murong Die halted her footsteps, turned her head around, and looked at Liu Yi suspiciously.

“Of course, it’s true!”

Liu Yi nodded, while thinking, ‘finally have some effect….’

‘Girl…really is a lot of trouble….’

“You said this yourself!”

Murong Die seemed to seize this opportunity, and said, “But this big miss is now a bit sleepy. I want to find a place to take a shower and get a good night’s rest.”

’Your mother….’

‘This girl has just taken a bath and slept!’

‘She even slept a sleeping beauty sleep while I’m being surrounded by perils.’

‘Girl is really a strange species!’

“Then let us go find a Hotel….”

Liu Yi thought, ‘this girl doesn’t want to go home, so I have to let her stay outside.’

“This big miss doesn’t bring any money with her.”

Murong Die spread out her hands and said.

“Shoot, a big miss like you go out without bringing any money?”

“What? What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing….what now then.”

“This big miss want to stay in your house!”

Murong Die’s words were truly astonishing.


Liu Yi was petrified.

‘Is this a joke….’

‘Murong Die the wealthy big miss, want to stay in my house?’

‘Murong Die….is not kidding is she!’

“My, my house?”

“Yes, don’t think I don’t know. Your parents rarely stay at home all year round.”

Murong Die said, “I’m sure nobody is in your house tonight. This big miss will only stay for one night, ok?”


Liu Yi was somewhat awkward, thinking.

‘In case my mom suddenly get back and saw a beautiful girl sleep in my room….’

‘She would not appreciate my picking up girl skill….rather, a beating would be inevitable….’

‘I still want to live several years more.’

“Humph, if you don’t want to, just forget it!”

Murong Die was about to burst with anger.

‘Does a man like him really exists!’

‘Is he still a man!’

“This big miss will sleep on the street! Sleeping in a dumpster is better than seeing you, you son of a b*tch!”

With that, Murong Die turned around and walked.

Liu Yi quickly reached out and pulled Murong Die’s arm.

“What are you doing? Let go of me, this is bullying, I will shout for help!”

Murong Die shouted.

In this middle of the night….if the police were provoked, then….

Liu Yi quickly said.

“My big miss Murong, don’t shout, I’ll take you to my house, okay?”

“No! You make me look like I’m a child who begs you to go to your home!”

Murong Die immediately said, “This big miss doesn’t have a place to live!”

“Yes, yes, yes, my big miss Murong, I beg you to go to my house, OK?”

Liu Yi wryly smiled, “You’re a girl who runs outside in the middle of the night….but the murderer in the 531 case is still on the loose in the vicinity, aren’t you afraid?”


Hearing what Liu Yi said, Murong Die was indeed nervous.

“Therefore, it’s better to go to my house. It’s safe there.”

“Humph….this threat of death is your ruse to beg me to go to your house!”

Murong Die haughtily raised her chin, and said, “This big miss is not asking you to go to your home!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m begging you.”

“Very well, if this big miss doesn’t go, it means I’ll let you lose too much face. If you lose your face, perhaps you will take things too hard and commit suicide. In order to prevent you from killing yourself, this big miss would reluctantly promise you.”

Liu Yi was speechless.

This Murong Die was too much!

But, in any case, he managed to temporarily calm the girl.

‘I hope my mom doesn’t come home tonight.’

“This big miss is tired, carry me on your back.”

Murong Die stretched out her hands and said to Liu Yi.

‘This girl….’

Liu Yi has no other way but to obediently squat down

He has become this girl’s royal mount for the night.

‘Truly….a female knight!’

Murong Die happily lay on Liu Yi’s back, enjoying the pleasant sensation of the night ride.

‘Humph, so long as I show him my power, I can certainly defeat this d*mn smelly guy!’

‘Murong Die, Murong Die, sooner or later you’ll be able to make this guy worship under your feet!’

While Murong Die was pondering about how to deal with Liu Yi, Murong Hong was nervously walking back and forth in a spacious Hall.

“Why there’s still no news….”

“Sir, would you like me to find out?”

Wang An can see Murong Hong’s anxiety.

No matter how you look at it, the precious daughter of this unofficial Emperor of the Northern Dragon City was still missing.

And the Heavenly List’s assassin that they sent out has not given them any news even after waiting for a long time.

This matter was indeed odd.

“Very well, you can go!”

Murong Hong has never been so anxious.

Even when in the past he was framed and almost bankrupt, he was not this anxious. Finally, after calmly thinking out a solution, turning defeat into victory, not only he successfully navigated through the crisis, he framed his rival and acquired his company.

Murong Die….is the Achilles heel (soft underbelly) of this Northern Dragon City’s unofficial Emperor.

“Wang An, I give you a mission to bring back little Die home safe and sound. If you want to bring any support, just tell me.”

Murong Hong gave his command.

“Understood, sir. Wait here for the good news.”

Wang An nodded his head, turned around and walked out of the door.

He never let Murong Hong down.

He would not let him disappointed tonight.

Wang An walked out of the Villa entrance, came to the courtyard, lit a cigarette, and smoked.

Heavenly List assassin didn’t send any messages even after this long….there’s only one possibility.

Poison Jasmine failed.

Although he didn’t dare to believe this fact, Wang An was a senior police criminal investigator. He knew that in order to deduce one thing, the first thing to do is to get out of his own shackles of thinking.

And who knew, perhaps the master behind Liu Yi’s back suddenly lend a hand to help him.

After much thoughts, he finally went straight to the garage, got into an SUV, and prepared to go directly to Liu Yi’s house.

His big miss went out without bringing any cash; the purse was still in her room.

And Liu Yi didn’t seem like a wealthy youth, in this late at night, no matter where the two of them go, they will certainly get back to Liu Yi’s home.

‘If I want to look for big miss, that place is the likeliest place to find her.’

‘Liu Yi, Liu Yi….what kind of ability you have that could possibly make big miss dead set on you. Which in the end even make her doesn’t even hesitate to quarrel and become enemy with the old master?’

Since the Madame passed away, the relationship between the big miss and the Master has been excellent. After all, big miss is personally raised by the Master.’

‘Worry that big miss will be deprived of fatherly love, the Master never invite a nanny to take care of big miss.’

‘But now….’

‘Alas, Liu Yi, you make a wrong move this time, why for God’s sake must you invite the wrath of the Master.’

‘The unofficial Emperor of Northern Dragon City….even if the Heavenly List’s assassin fails today, Master can continue to put a higher bounty to attract the higher rank assassin.’

‘By that time, Liu Yi would not be able to deal with it anymore….’

Wang An looked at the night sky outside of the window and suddenly felt this Northern Dragon City doesn’t seem to be so calm anymore.


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