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Chapter 131 I Am Hot


The air was distorted.

The power of this cyclone was very strong. If it hit Liu Yi, it would definitely annihilate him.

Lin Tong suddenly gritted her teeth, turned into a red light and, in a blink of an eye, coalesced into a human form, becoming a spirit essence, standing in front of Liu Yi.

Just then, the air under the red sky of the late Autumn suddenly floated with white snowflakes.

A revolving blue-white ice rolled around Liu Yi’s body and spread out.

Lin Tong was surprised but immediately understood. She quickly went back to her little Fox form and landed on the side, looking at the roaring spinning ice.

The air wave fell on top of the roaring ice and instantly cancelled each other out.

Lin Tong’s eyes widened in surprise. She discovered that Liu Yi’s power….right now has become very voluminous and billowing like a rushing of a turbulent wave.

A portion of immortal energy dispersed on all direction.

The strength of Liu Yi’s current immortal energy actually surpassed that of his dark personality!

‘….What just happened….exactly….’

Lin Tong opened her Eyes of The Star Jade, and looked at the Immortal Cultivation Universe’s Chart inside Liu Yi’s body!

The third star jade was impressively lit up with dazzling light, surrounded by three forces.

The white stream of qi was the most powerful, the black and red stream of qi silently wound on the side.

Immortal-Evil, all into one.

A Sovereign is easy to become a devil, while difficult to become immortal even in a millennium.

Although Liu Yi was constantly being influenced by the Demonic and Devil qi, what is rare was that, his awe-inspiring righteousness has never changed.

At this time, his breakthrough was complete, all of Liu Yi’s barrier were broken through.

His strength finally reached the third star jade….

‘This also means, I can be free from Liu Yi’s body….’

Without knowing why, when she thought about this, Lin Tong’s heart was somewhat ached.

‘Why am I feeling hurt….’

‘Must be because I’m forced to changed into my human form just a moment ago….yeah, that’s right, it must be so….’


Her attack failed, the spiritual form of Poison Jasmine was definitely angry.

She raised both of her hands, her palms faced against Liu Yi, sending out cyclones after cyclones, continuously bombarding Liu Yi.

“Mountain Mist….”

At this time, within the roaring ice, came Liu Yi’s voice.

A huge frost palm print of a three or four meters in diameter, flew out from the roaring ice to welcome those cyclones.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The cyclones, one by one, hit the frost palm print and blasted out.

The ice chipped away in all directions, but the frost palm print was still largely intact and continued to charge forward and then finally arrived in front of Poison Jasmine’s body.


Poison Jasmine was thrown upside down very far. The frost palm print also completely broke off her shock wave blast.

The roaring ice gradually dissipated, and Liu Yi came out from the inside.

His attire has some slight change.

His suit collar was dotted with white snowflakes.

The clothes under the suit turned into a white shirt, and the red scarf changed into a red tie and squeezed under the shirt collar.

Liu Yi’s sleeve cuffs and trousers hems were adorned with dots of white snowflakes pattern.

His hair has several strands of blue and white mixed therein.

He held one of his palms before him, apparently having sent out a palm strike.

His other hand was inside his pocket. With such a cool appearance, Lin Tong thought that the other Liu Yi has awoken.

“Nice power, all the injuries turn out okay.”

Liu Yi put his palm down, touched his own body, and said with surprise.

Seeing him like this, Lin Tong breathed a sigh of relieve.

It appears this was the original Liu Yi….

Not being encroached by his black belly (two faced) character….that was really great…

Breakthrough the third star jade….from that day, Liu Yi was a genuine immortal cultivator.

He was no longer a little newbie.

“Die, go die!”

That spiritual body state of Poison Jasmine, after being sent flying by Liu Yi, apparently infuriated.

The airwaves around her constantly rolled and formed several true black whirlwinds on her left and right sides, like a several Black Dragon.

“That girl is going to retaliate….big fool, be careful!”

Lin Tong cautioned.

“I know, Fox sister! Look at me….although I am only a third star jade….but I’m not the same as before!”

Liu Yi obviously felt he has some transformation.

His way of thinking was clearer.

At present, not only he can use his immortal power.

He felt that he could use all the three power inside his body.

But it was primarily the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra. The Red Blood Sutra Code was only a supplement.

Liu Yi’s power was not a simple third star jade power….

His Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra plus his Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra, both have the power of third star jade.

While his Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra plus his Red Blood Sutra Code, both also have the power of third star jade.

If all his three forces can be fully mobilised….

Then, to defeat a four star jade expert….should not be a difficult problem.

But unfortunately, Liu Yi felt his Devil qi was still like a wild horse, making him difficult to tame.

Although he has smartened up now, if he wanted to truly mobilize, it was still tough.

However….there must be a way.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

These black whirlwinds suddenly rushed toward Liu Yi.

Liu Yi stepped on the Spirit Fox Steps, turned into several afterimages and instantly dodge those cyclones.

The roaring whirlwinds entangled all things around them, making the surrounding seats and facilities in the Amusement Park twisted and broke down.

Luckily Liu Yi has brought Poison Jasmine far away from their original encounter. Otherwise, it will definitely affect Murong Die.

Liu Yi rejoiced in his heart.

The several black whirlwinds that were controlled by Poison Jasmine continued to sweep over toward Liu Yi.

Those whirlwinds directly moved from several directions toward Liu Yi at the center.

“Liu Yi…. Be careful….”

Lin Tong was very concerned.

Those cyclones have blocked all his exits.

“Don’t worry, Fox sister.”

A confident smile hung on Liu Yi’s face as his palm mercilessly struck the ground.

“Desolate Flame!”

The first palm strike of the Great Brilliant Sun Palm.

The ground under Liu Yi’s feet suddenly covered with a thick layer of ice.

This layer of ice burst open and spread out around him.

The surrounding whirlwinds were impacted by this blast of ice and immediately twisted.

Taking advantage while two of the whirlwinds exposed a gap between them, Liu Yi immediately stepped on the ice-skates and quickly passed through, escaping the siege of these cyclones.

Lin Tong was surprised.

She did not expect Liu Yi’s judgement to improve so much!

His fighting awareness was getting higher and higher….

‘His fighting ability, from the newbie stage to the present….’

‘Really is the result of my teaching?’

‘As for me….on the aspect of fighting….it was as if, somewhat inferior to Liu Yi….’

‘Could it be, Liu Yi is really a genius?’

‘This is impossible….’

‘Liu Yi is a fool, a simple-minded fool.’

Lin Tong always felt that her encounter with Liu Yi was similar to Huang Rong’s encounter with Guo Jing (Condor Heroes).

That simple-minded Liu Yi, sometimes, totally made her want to die in anger.

But the present Liu Yi….who stood before her, in Lin Tong’s eyes, his figure was taller and more straight.

Moreover….she was filled with a sense of security.

Liu Yi….was no longer that green youth she previously met….

“Come on….I’ll deal with you….”

Liu Yi rubbed his hands, looking at the floating in the air Poison Jasmine.

This breakthrough of the third star jade, although it didn’t give him a new ability, he was now able to fully control his Amorous Ripple Hand.

Liu Yi looked at the floating in the air, oppressive woman, and said, “I will wake you up….”


Poison Jasmine stretched out her finger, pointing at Liu Yi. A black whirlwind suddenly flew out from her finger and went straight at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi stretched out his left hand, which was fully covered with ice, forming a thick ice claws and welcomed the rushing tornado that was coming from above.


A lot of ice chips floated up, like snowflakes, blown away in the night.

Liu Yi’s left hand literally caught this violent black whirlwind.

Meanwhile, Liu Yi exploded out his icy-frost power.

“Vein Seal!”

This whirlwind started to unceasingly condensed into ice.

Soon, a long column of frozen ice appeared between Liu Yi and that Poison Jasmine.

Liu Yi jumped, stepped on ice-skates and rapidly rushed toward Poison Jasmine.

Liu Yi’s speed was increasingly fast, gliding above the ice column like a wind.

“Whiz whiz whiz!”

But Poison Jasmine obviously will not let Liu Yi easily come close. She released a cyclone along the track toward Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi’s body magically moved down. In a blink of an eye, he hung upside down from the ice column and continued to slide.

The skates and the ice column seemed to have a mysterious suction force, keeping Liu Yi from falling down.

With such a circular motion, he directly evaded the cyclone.

For the next few cyclones, Liu Yi dodged using the same method.

His whole body glad upside down around the icicle and, in the blink of an eye, has bypassed all those cyclones and came to the front of Poison Jasmine’s body.

An invisible air wave protected Poison Jasmine.

Liu Yi maliciously struck with his right palm

“Desolate Flame!”


This palm mercilessly hit that wall of air.

Suddenly, Liu Yi’s palm stopped followed by the tremendous impact sound.

The four star automatic defense was very tough….

Liu Yi felt his chest tightened, his blood swelled upward.

Obviously, he was shocked by this reaction force.

But Liu Yi did not give up. His eyes burst out a dazzling light.

“Krak krak krak….”

The wall of air suddenly froze into ice.

Liu Yi’s right hand broke through the ice wall and came before Poison Jasmine’s face.

The power of Desolate Flame instantly faded away.

Liu Yi launched his Amorous Ripple Hand and caught Poison Jasmine’s forehead.

The whole cyclone around Poison Jasmine’s body was instantly gone.

Her body also lost the ability to float and, along with the broken icicle as well as Liu Yi’s body, fell to the ground together.

While he kept on clasping Poison Jasmine’s forehead with his right hand, Liu Yi supported her body. His left hand unceasingly erupted out blue-white frost to control their momentum as they charged into the ground so as not to experience a hard landing.

At last, when they finally landed on the ground, Poison Jasmine breathed heavily again and again.

Her whole tender body collapsed into Liu Yi’s bosom.

Her voice echoed near Liu Yi’s ears.

“Ehm….I….I am hot….”

Liu Yi’s firm and upright belief almost collapsed at that moment.

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