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Chapter 122 Flesh Pain


Liu Yi curled his lips, indicating his disdain toward Long Yang.

“Do not underestimate me!”

Long Yang said and spat out some blood-arrows at Liu Yi’s feet.

Suddenly, the floor under Liu Yi’s feet corroded, making Liu Yi almost fell to the ground.

He immediately jumped to the side as he looked at the piece of floor falling down.

“Tsk tsk….biological weapon….”

Liu Yi sighed with emotion.

“Puff puff!”

Long Yang continued to spray blood-arrows at Liu Yi.

This blood-arrow was more powerful and extremely corrosive. Liu Yi continued to dodge around while simultaneously snapped his fingers toward Long Yang.

“I can’t just let you take all the fun….I will also send you a gift….Flaming Shot….hmm, this name is very evil.”


Along with the sound of Liu Yi snapping his fingers, a meter thick column of flame erupted out from beneath Long Yang’s body, and directly attacked his body.


Long Yang’s whole body was covered with fire, the man turned into a burned man. With endless screamed of pain and struggle, he finally rolled around on the floor.

“Hey, I did not expect you could survive this long.”

Liu Yi clapped his hands, “If you roll again, you’ll extinguish all the flame.”

With that, he unleashed a chain of fire, wrapped it around Long Yang’s body and hook it into the ceiling.

Long Yang continued to struggle but was restrained by the fire chain.

If he were not a cultivator, he would already dead.

“Great God Religion…will not let you off….”

Long Yang roared.

“Then let them come after me, but remember to make an appointment, otherwise, all my time will be set aside for beautiful women.”

Liu Yi did not care the threat of Long Yang.

“Even if I die….I will not let you off!”

Long Yang suddenly roared, a huge yin qi burst out of Long Yang’s body.

This huge yin qi continued to condense and finally broke the fire chain.

A huge black skull, almost as large as half the room, tried to swallow Liu Yi.

“Already at the death’s door but you’re still such a disgusting person….”

Liu Yi sighed, a powerful flame burst out from his left palm as he welcomed the huge black skull with this palm.

“Mountain Mist!”


A huge palm print, as high as a man, emerged out in front of Liu Yi.

“This is….the third palm strike of the Great Brilliant Sun Palm….”

Lin Tong was surprised in amazement.

Truly speaking, the third palm strike of the Great Brilliant Sun Palm can only be trained by a fourth star cultivator!

But the Liu Yi before her….completely defied all the common sense!

Lin Tong felt that her head was completely thrown into confusion….

‘Master, quickly tell me….what the hell is going on with this….’

“Au au….”

The huge skeleton was unwilling and roared twice as it, under the might of Liu Yi’s third Great Brilliant Sun Palm palm strike, reduced to ashes and dissipated from the middle of the room.

“Finally settled.”

Liu Yi clapped his hands, and said, “I have wiped your ass, if I stay out any longer, the beautiful immortal fairy will find me for sure, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

With that, the silver long hair began to fade, and Liu Yi soon returned to his original form.

Liu Yi’s original personality reawakened, stood there while leaning on the wall, gasping for breath.

Whenever his other personality awakened….it consumed a lot of his strength.

Although Long Yang has been successfully resolved, he was uncomfortable about it.

‘Is the other me always going to be better than me?’

‘Being looked down upon by my own self….this feeling is so weird.’

‘Grandpa said….everyone hid a small monster in their heart….’

“Young master Lan, that eyesore has gone now, it is time to talk about our matter.”

Liu Yi put the discussion about his little monster to the back of his mind, he still has some pressing issue to handle.

“No….do not come here….devil….you are the devil….”

Lan He was so scared that he wet his pants, the two people’s fight that he saw just a moment ago was completely beyond his imagination.

‘His mother….’

‘Are they still human….’

‘What’s more, Uncle Long was so powerful….but this man actually able to defeat him….’

“Don’t hurt me…whatever you want, I will give it to you….”

Lan He begged.

“I only want one thing.”

Liu Yi arrived in front of Lan He and said.

“What is it, just tell me!”

Lan He’s heart was excited.

‘As long as I am able to buy this guy!’

‘I thought he is already otherworldly, but he actually still has a desire!’

‘As long as I can escape this time….With Lan Family’s power, we will find this person and kill him….no problem….’

“What I want is very simple.”

“Tell me!”

“It’s your finger.”

Liu Yi said and, without giving Lan He any other choice, took the fruit knife then directly cut Lan He’s right little finger.

“Aaa! My finger….my finger….”

Lan He pitifully screamed as the blood gushing out of the root of his lost little finger and covered his hand.

If this continued, he would die for sure.

So, Liu Yi smoothly covered the wound with a layer of frost. Although this stopped the flow of blood, it also freezed to death the blood vessels and flesh around the wound. Even an excellent medical team would not be able to reattach Lan He’s little finger anymore.

“Seems like cutting your finger is not enough….”

Liu Yi looked around the room and noticed Lin Huayang, who was about to awake. He suddenly had an idea.

He picked up Lan He’s spray which was dropped on the ground and spurted the lying on the sofa Lin Huayang.

Then he pulled Lan He from the frost that bound him on the floor and threw him on the sofa.

While Lan He was still feeling an extreme pain, he vaguely saw Lin Huayang crawled toward him, and he immediately shouted in horror.

“Don’t….don’t come here….”

“The other people seems to be interested in you, why would you resist it?”

Liu Yi smiled, shook that bottle of spray, aimed it at Lan He’s face, and sprayed it.

The spray filled the entire room, and Lan He instantly quieted down. His finger pain also disappeared.

“I won’t disturb the two of you, enjoy it.”

Liu Yi said, walking out the room and closed the door.

“Kilk,” the door automatically locked itself. In this VIP room, the doors are automatic.

As for what happened inside the room, he did not care it anymore.

Lin Huayang woke up in a daze and suddenly found Wang Yuzheng was lying on the sofa, his blood boiled (excited) immediately.

He felt his lower part seemed to respond this time, making him wild with joy.

‘This beauty….finally arrives in my palm….’

Lin Huayang came up, ripped off his “dream girl’s” clothes, and vented all his pent up desire.

After dreaming it for a long time….today, it finally happened….

Especially because his lower body returned to normal again, although it was a bit small, it was enough to satisfy Lin Huayang.

After he vented it twice, he finally tired, and lie on top of the sleeping “Wang Yuzheng.”

‘This beauty is tight….but her chest is quite small….’

After he had fallen asleep, a pounding sound came from the room door.

Lin Huayang got up with bleary eyes and angrily shouted.

“D*mn, who disturb this father’s sleep….”

“Lan He, Lan He are you in there?”

A middle-aged man roared from the outside.

Lin Huayang suddenly remembered that he and Lan He was inside a VIP Karaoke room….

He was going to open the door, but everything that just happened….he didn’t remember it.

He looked down and saw that he did not wear any pants.

And Lan He’s upturned buttocks were lying underneath him.

‘Holly sh*t!’

Lin Huayang was so frightened that he almost peed himself.

‘What the f*ck is happening here….’

‘What did I do….just now….’

Lin Huayang’s eyes suddenly caught the spray, which was lying nearby, and suddenly seemed to understand what was going on.

“Lan He! If you’re in there, come out!”

The shouting from the outside was getting louder.

Lin Huayang was terrified, but he can’t afford to be timid.

Very quickly he put on his clothes, then put Lan He’s pants and clothes back regardless of how torn they were from their previous sexual activity. He then closed his eyes and continued to pretend to sleep.

At this time, the room door crashed open with a loud sound.

Lan Jiaying took several bodyguards and burst into the room.

When he saw Lan He motionlessly lying there, he was suddenly frightened and quickly rushed over.

“My son, my son….”


Lan He woke up confused, turned around and gaze the shouting Lan Jiaying.

“My son, you’re alive, that’s great….”

Lan Jiaying cried.

This is his only son….

Just now he heard him screaming, so he let Long Yang downstairs looking for him.

After a long time, Long Yang never came back.

“Son, where is your uncle Long?”

After seeing Lan He was alive and well, Lan Jiaying felt relieved. Therefore, he was now concerned about the whereabout of Long Yang.

“Dad….Uncle, uncle Long is dead….”

Lan He suddenly remembered the previous scene and instantly pale.

“My, my finger….was also cut off….”


Seeing what was left of his son’s right little finger, Lan Jiaying was surprised and angry at the same time.

He was surprised that Long Yang has died and angry that his son’s little finger was cut off.

What kind of person….who was able to do this!

Long Yang’s power….he, more or less, knew some of it….

‘No, I have to report this to the Great God cult, so they will personally deal with it!’

‘I can’t let someone get away with cutting off my son’s finger!’

“Son, did you see his face?”

“No…he wore a mask….”

Lan He shook his head, remembering that person’s appearance, his eyes were panicked stricken.

“It’s all right….Dad will find a way to avenge you….”

Lan Jiaying secretly clenched his fists.

“Dad….I’m feeling really hurt….”

“What, son, where is the pain?”

Lan Jiaying jumped out of his skin, fearing the man has done something evil to his son.

“My butt is hurt….”

Lan He held his buttocks and said as he grimaced in pain, “I don’t know why it’s so painful….”

Lin Huayang, who was pretending to be unconscious to the side, listened with horror….

‘Mom….I hope Lan He does not remember what just happened….’

‘It was a nightmare….’

Lin Huayang felt his lower part was even more withered…. ‘I, could actually do that thing to a man….’

‘My God….’

Lin Huayang suddenly had an impulse to die….

‘Who is the man who harmed us….’

‘If I know, I will make him die miserably!’

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