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Chapter 953: Who Is So Outstanding?

These were all families who were on good terms with Mr. Huang. Why were they all here at the Imperial Mansion? Wei Ling didn’t understand for a moment and lowered her voice to ask him, “… Could it be Mr. Huang’s birthday today?”

She had not heard any news of Mr. Huang’s birthday previously, but with so many people gathered here, she couldn’t help but think in this direction.

“I don’t know.” Shen Jingyan couldn’t guess what was going on. He was more pragmatic. He only thought for a moment before looking up and saying to the two of them, “Mr. Huang and the others are on the second floor. Since we bumped into them, let’s go down and greet them.”

His wishful thinking was loud. He said to Wei Ling and Qiao Chen in a deep and powerful voice, “If Mr. Huang and the others aren’t celebrating their birthday, we’ll invite them again and see if they’re willing to come up for a meal.”

Today was Qiao Chen’s apprenticeship banquet. If Mr. Huang, Nie Mi, and the others were willing to come for a ‘meal’, it would undoubtedly raise Qiao Chen’s status!

In any case, it wouldn’t hurt to go down and greet him. Shen Jingyan had been in the government for many years. He was naturally willing to do this kind of thing that could be done without effort and also to curry favor.

In the beginning, Qiao Chen did not know who her uncle was talking about. When she realized who he was talking about, her eyes flashed as she recalled that Qiao Nian had chosen the Chinese Medicine Faculty.

Mr. Huang…

She smiled and her mood became better.

Qiao Nian couldn’t reach him even if she stood on tiptoe, but she herself could go down to greet him with Shen Jingyan and Wei Ling like this. It could be seen how important her background was.

The Jiang family’s background was not bad. Unfortunately, they didn’t think highly of Qiao Nian. Even if they did, compared to the Shen family, the Jiang family was still a little less confident!

It was almost ten in the afternoon when Qiao Nian received a call from Shen Yugui to remind her that it was the apprenticeship banquet Mr. Huang had arranged for her today. He asked her to remember to go to the Imperial Mansion.

Qiao Nian had not slept at all last night to draw the design plan SEVEN wanted. She only finished the final draft at eight o’clock and sent it to Yuan Yongqin.

When she received the call at ten o’clock, she had basically only slept for two hours before getting up again. In order to stay awake, she took a cold shower and changed her clothes before coming downstairs.

Downstairs, Gu San was moving things. Seeing her coming down, he immediately greeted her. “Miss Qiao, you’re up? What do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll get the nanny to make it.”

“No need. I’m going out for a while.” She had taken a cold shower and was actually not very awake. She was extremely sleepy and with her eyes narrowed. Fortunately, she was wearing a sweater. Qiao Nian pulled her hat up and covered her eyes a little. However, she was still sleepy. Looking up, she did not see that familiar figure.

“Master Wang went out because he had something on today.”

When Gu San heard that she was going out, he was quite surprised. After all, Qiao Nian had not gone out much since she came to Beijing. However, he reacted quickly and immediately put down the things he was busy with. He said thoughtfully, “Where are you going, Miss Qiao? I’ll send you there.”

“Imperial Mansion.” Qiao Nian had no intention of hiding it from him.

Imperial Mansion? Gu San was a little curious as to why Qiao Nian was going there. However, he was only a little curious. He didn’t ask and picked up his car key to drive…

Shen Yugui had already mentioned to her that the apprenticeship banquet today was only a small meal. Not many people would be invited.

Qiao Nian wasn’t used to crowds. If it became like the last school promotion banquet, she might not have agreed.

Therefore, she had no objections to Shen Yugui’s suggestion to have a small meal.

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