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Chapter 862 Sister Nian

She’d known before that Qiao Chen wasn’t a person who easily admitted defeat. She was just like a gecko. If you swatted it with your shoe, you’d think it wasn’t moving anymore. Later, when you looked at it, you’d see a tail left there. It would survive even with a broken tail.

Qiao Chen was also such a person.

She might not cry even if she saw an impending death!

For example, even now that the evidence was obvious and was thrown on Qiao Chen’s face, she could still react calmly.

She was too good at this.

(Qiao Chen: When the thunderstorm hits me, I’ll just treat it as mud.]

She attached a scenery picture below. It looked quiet and peaceful with a lot of positive energy. It was just short of describing the extraordinary aura in Qiao Chen’s updated Weibo.

Her fair fingers tapped on her phone as she narrowed her eyes. She wasn’t awake yet, so her eyes were cold. She didn’t waste any time and directly forwarded Qiao Chen’s latest post.

Jiang Li had just leaned forward to look at Qiao Nian’s cell phone. At this moment, he was holding his cell phone and posting a new Weibo post. When he looked again, he saw that there was a new notification among the people he followed.

Wondering who it was, he clicked on it.

His sister reposted Qiao Chen’s artistic Weibo post and succinctly mentioned her.

[Zhui Guang: Will you die if you stop acting cool?]


Jiang Li looked at Qiao Nian’s concise repost on Weibo and his lips twitched. He was completely in admiration of her.

In comparison, the words he had just reposted with Qiao Chen’s Weibo post were extremely weak.

[Will you die if you stop acting cool?]

The topic on Weibo went straight to the trending searches.

The online space was filled with greetings #Will you die if you stop acting cool?#. This whirlwind face-slapping speed made the netizens boil.

The person involved was still sitting on the couch with her eyes half-closed lazily. She crossed her legs and leaned against the couch as if she didn’t realize that she had smashed Qiao Chen’s face with a repost. She stood up and said to Ye Wangchuan, “I might have to go to Beijing early.”

“Hm?” Ye Wangchuan was also looking at his phone. Seeing that Qiao Nian had reposted Qiao Chen’s Weibo, he then looked at the girl’s calm and composed appearance. The more he looked at her, the more he liked her. His deep eyes darkened as he asked her, “Why so suddenly?” Now that Qiao Nian’s results were out, she would have to go to Beijing sooner or later.

After all, Qing University was in Beijing.

However, when Ye Lan called her previously, she had only said that she would consider it. Now, she suddenly decided to go over early. He was quite surprised. Qiao Nian had no intention of hiding it from him. She explained concisely, “I just called Grandpa. He wants to hold a school promotion banquet for me before school starts. I agreed.”

She had previously promised Jiang Li to call Jiang Weishang. When the results were out, she went out to make this call. On the other end of the call, Old Master Jiang mentioned acknowledging her as kin. As she spoke, she even wiped her tears. She had never known how to interact with her elders, so she agreed to the banquet.

“He wants to treat us to a meal. The time is set for next week, so I’m going over early.” Qiao Nian thought for a moment and added.

Ye Wangchuan raised his eyebrows. Surprised, he asked in a low voice, “Why the hurry?” The Jiang family would definitely acknowledge Qiao Nian. Old Master Jiang had never had the intention of not acknowledging her. Now that the college entrance examination was over, the matter of acknowledging her as kin should indeed be on the agenda. However, he didn’t expect Old Master Jiang to be so anxious. Jiang Li had also just heard it and was as surprised as Ye Wangchuan. He frowned and looked at Qiao Nian. “That’s right, Nian Nian. Time is so tight, even I didn’t know about this.”

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