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Chapter 855 You Have to Apologize to Me!

What he meant was that Qiao Nian’s joint examination results were fake.

She had gotten in through the back door.

Wen Ziyu tilted his head and looked at him with an even more ironic gaze. He asked back, “Fu Ge, you don’t know?”

When Fu Ge began to speak, his first question was whether Wen Ziyu had heard about Qiao Nian’s score of o. When he was suddenly asked by someone else, he was stunned for a moment. He subconsciously closed his fingers, and his heart tightened. “Know what?”

“You don’t know why you’re still talking to me here for so long.” Wen Ziyu put down the mineral water calmly and smiled. His eyes were filled with sympathy as he looked at him. “The person you mentioned who bought fake reviewers on the Internet is your girlfriend.”

Fu Ge was so stunned that he didn’t react on the spot. He frowned. Even if the person who said this was Wen Ziyu whom he couldn’t afford to offend, his face still darkened. He subconsciously spoke for Qiao Chen. “When did Chen Chen buy troll army on the Internet to create a ruckus? Why didn’t I know? She has been busy writing music recently and has no time to go online!”

“Oh, I would have forgotten if you hadn’t mentioned it. She was busy writing the arrangement? Are you sure she wrote it herself?”

“What do you mean?” Fu Ge was really angry. He threw the towel on the ground and said with a cold face and a serious tone, “Young Master Wen, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t talk nonsense.”

When the people in the same dormitory saw that the two of them were about to quarrel, they quickly pulled Fu Ge away and advised him in a low voice, “Fu Ge, stop talking. Ziyu is like that. He has no ill intentions.”

“He has no ill intentions, but he can casually slander my girlfriend?”

Fu Ge was also a rich second-generation heir who had a good family background. The Fu family’s status in Rao City was not low. However, when he arrived in Beijing, he realized that the world in Rao City was too small. There were too many families outside that could crush them. He had no choice but to restrain his arrogance as a rich kid and follow Wen Ziyu every day like a little sidekick.

He had been suppressing his temper all along, but that did not mean he didn’t have a temper. This time, it involved Qiao Chen’s reputation. He was quite angry and refused to give in.

He walked to Wen Ziyu and clenched his jaw tightly. He said in a deep voice, “Wen Ziyu, apologize to me. Otherwise, there’s no need for us to continue being friends…”

Wen Ziyu raised his eyes as his temper rose. He smiled and replied sarcastically, “Why should I apologize to you? Why? Am I worthy of being friends with you only if I apologize? Then tell me, which word did I say wrongly that I need to apologize for?”

“You said that Chen Chen is buying fake reviewers on the Internet to liven things up.”

Fu Ge felt that he was being too stubborn and was too dissatisfied with Qiao Chen. He didn’t even admit it at this point. “He even said that she didn’t compose her own tune!”

“Heh.” Wen Ziyu laughed ambiguously. He raised his chin and said provocatively, “Then, shouldn’t you apologize to me for saying that Qiao Nian scored zero in the exam?”

Fu Ge frowned and emphasized, “I’m telling the truth!”

Wen Ziyu snorted and sneered.

Truth, my ass! The two of them were furious. Someone gently pulled Fu Ge’s arm. He looked like he couldn’t bear it, but he still stood out and told the truth. “Fu Ge, Qiao Nian did not get o points. The results on the Internet are already out. It’s not 0. The Education Bureau took the initiative to clarify that the reason her results were o previously was that they hadn’t been admitted


The other party looked at Fu Ge’s stunned expression and couldn’t bear to tear it open.

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