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Chapter 85: They Came to Fetch Qiao Nian From School

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Qiao Nian stopped in her tracks. She looked at the person with her hands in her pockets.

“Are you Miss Qiao Nian?”

The butler looked like he was in his sixties. His grey hair was combed back and he was wearing a suit with a welcoming demeanor. He didn’t look like trouble.

Qiao Nian nonchalantly answered, “That’s right.”

“That’s great. I was worried that I got the wrong person.” The butler smiled and answered as he handed her an invitation card.

Qiao Nian took the card. She frowned and asked, “What’s this?”

The butler smiled and answered, “Our matriarch will be having her seventieth birthday soon, and she will be celebrating it in Rao City. She’s sincere in inviting you. The date and location are stated on the invitation. Do join us if you’re available.”

Qiao Nian opened the card and saw only two words written on it: Tangwei.


She thought for a while before remembering where she heard of that name before. It was on the first day after leaving the Qiao Family. She was having a meal at the Waterside Loft. She bumped into Qiao Weimin and Qiao Chen having a meal with two ladies in traditional dresses. One of them was even close to her grandfather. She remembered having a conversation with her.

She remembered that Tangwei was Qiao Chen’s teacher.

The Tang family was powerful in Rao City. Hence, she expected a lot of people to be at the celebration. She didn’t like crowds.

Even though Qiao Nian wasn’t interested, she accepted the card. She then replied, “We’ll have to see about that.”

The butler wasn’t disappointed. He replied with a smile and bowed to her. “We will be expecting you, then.”

He had delivered the invitation. Hence, he didn’t need to stay any longer. He then said, “So… Miss Qiao, I will be heading off, then.”

As the Bentley left, a familiar car stopped right in front of her.

The windows were lowered and a kid’s cute face popped out of the car. He looked at her excitedly and greeted her. “Sister!”

Qiao Nian took a look. Other than him, there was another person.

The guy had a deep look on his face and wore a bracelet on his slender arms. Even though he gave off a sense of danger, he felt like a gentle soul. None other than Ye Wangchuan could emit such a vibe.

Qiao Nian stared at him for a while.

She was reminded of the way he carried her yesterday.

She felt shy.

“Sister, get in the car,” Ye Qichen said.

Qiao Nian didn’t hesitate. She opened the door and got in the car.

“Waterside Loft.”

“Alright, Master Wang.” The driver wasn’t Gu San, but someone unfamiliar.

After Ye Wangchuan told the driver where to go, he turned to her and explained, “Chen Chen wanted to treat you to a meal. Uncle Chen hasn’t woken up yet. We should be able to make it to the hospital in time after eating.”

“Alright.” Qiao Nian was feeling hungry, so it was okay by her.

Ye Qichen rubbed his hands as he asked nervously, “Sister, do you like the food at the Waterside Loft? Uncle and Gu San mentioned that they serve the best food around here. I chose it because I didn’t know your preferences. If you have something in mind already, we can go somewhere else instead.”

Ye Wangchuan was then reminded of the street cart that she chose when he offered to treat her to a meal. He was worried that she would suggest a place like that again.

The boy was weak since young. He would often get stomachaches.

However, Qiao Nian didn’t suggest anything weird. She gently replied, “I like the Waterside Loft, actually.”

Ye Qichen’s eyes lit up. He was really happy.

Hehe, Sister likes that place.

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