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Chapter 76: Director of Brain Surgery Is Qiao Nian’s Support

Liu Yuanyuan also came in with a large group of troops. She was completely covered in a surgical gown and stood with a group of brain surgery doctors. Qiao Nian could see the doubts in their eyes through the protective cover.

But she didn’t care and quickly put on the surgical gloves.

Weak people liked to ride on others’ coattails and question those they were unfamiliar with. Those who had seen the vast world outside knew how big the world was. Not having witnessed something before didn’t mean it was unreasonable!

At this time, the Head Neurologist came over, ignoring his colleagues sitting on the sideline. He directly asked Qiao Nian, “Do you want me to help?”

“Yes, please. Hand me the instruments beside me.”

“Okay, I’ll cooperate with you. Just tell me what you need.” The Head Neurologist didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with being a second to a female high school student. It was reasonable to him.

The other neurologists exchanged glances, all thinking the same thing: The Head Neurologist is crazy!

More than crazy, his behavior had completely stunned everyone, and they couldn’t understand what he was doing at all!

Not only had he agreed to the absurd request of a female high school student, but he had also assumed that she was really an expert.

Wasn’t Qiao Nian just a high school student who hadn’t grown up yet? She hadn’t graduated from college, but he had been the chief doctor of a tertiary hospital for decades. Why would he act as a second on the operating table?!

Liu Yuanyuan and the others couldn’t comprehend his actions. They followed them to the operating table with suspicion, reluctant to lend a helping hand.

Qiao Nian concentrated on the operating table and first checked Uncle Chen’s condition, her eyes darkening.

The brain tumor had compressed the blood vessels, and his chronic anemia had led to malnutrition. His internal organs weren’t well, and he wasn’t ill, but because he had been lying on the hospital bed all year round without exercising, hematopoiesis of the heart was extremely poor, and he had some minor liver problems.

With his current situation, he had his two legs hanging on the edge of the gates of death.

The reason why he hadn’t died yet probably had something to do with the meat Ganoderma. Otherwise, the hospital would be notifying his sudden death instead of his critical illness.

“Curved vascular clamp.”

Someone passed the instrument to Qiao Nian, and she used the forceps to clamp the blood vessel rupture, cutting off the tumor in the brain.

Her movements were smooth and without any unnecessary movements. Watching her undergo an operation was like watching a perfect performance.

The neurologists originally thought she was just messing around, and the Head Neurologist was playing along with her, but they now stared with widened eyes in fixation.

What kind of a joke was this?

A female high school student was more skilled in craniotomy than the doctors in the top three hospitals, and she was even performing the operation at such a tricky angle.

There was no mention in the book that a craniotomy could be performed at that location, but with careful consideration, that location was actually more accurate than the common craniotomy positions that they had learned, as it caused the least harm to the patient!

“Tissue shears.”

Qiao Nian’s voice was incredibly hoarse.

Today, she had a highly challenging exam and an operation, and she hadn’t drunk a sip of water all day. The people watching her intently in the operation room didn’t think of wiping her sweat or giving her water.

Uncle Chen’s condition was too bad, and even if she tried to feed him a small pill before the operation, his heartbeat continued dropping.

“… Give me the surgical forceps.”

The Head Neurologist burst into fanatical light, chasing Qiao Nian’s every move during the operation.

Liu Yuanyuan exclaimed, watching Qiao Nian remove the tumor attached to the meninges, intact.


How was she a high school student?

This highly challenging surgical technique was unheard of!

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