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Chapter 703: It Should Be Beijing

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Qiao Chen clenched her hand tightly and her chest heaved violently, gasping for breath. Her eyes were dark and unclear.


Fortunately, Qiao Nian’s brain wasn’t good, and she was used to doing things as she wished. She was the top scorer but did not follow Liang Lu to learn under her, and instead chose the Chinese Medicine Faculty…

She had Cheng Wu to guarantee her a promising future, and the Shen family would be her backing. As long as she worked harder, one day she would truly enter the Beijing circle.

By then… she no longer had to care about these people from Rao City!

She remembered Wei Ling’s tone on the phone just now, and her heart was enveloped in a haze. She pursed her lips bitterly, thinking about how to regain her heart…

It didn’t matter whether they held the school promotion party or not. Anyway, Qiao Nian’s results would be announced by Qing University tomorrow. Her results were destined to be a sensation.

Even if her entrance banquet was held, it was nondescript and would be a slap in her face.

She might as well not hold it!

But she must please Wei Ling. Otherwise, without her help in the music exchange conference, she wouldn’t be able to get the international masters to notice her.

After replying to her message and blacklisting her number, Qiao Nian looked up again at the Class A students and said, “I’ll be leaving Rao City for a while in a few days. I’m thinking of putting together a practice booklet for you guys, based on the questions I predict for the exams. What do you guys say?”

She spoke lightly as if it was nothing much.

However, Chen Yuan knew how good she was at predicting questions. In the past, Qiao Chen was able to maintain her top position in the school because of Qiao Nian’s predictions.

“Yes!” Although Liang Bowen didn’t know whether Qiao Nian’s predictions were good or not, he was the first to raise his hand. His handsome face was filled with a wide grin. “Hey, Sister Nian, I’m depending on you for my dreams!”

“Me too!”

“Me too.”

With him taking the lead, everyone raised their hands.

Qiao Nian glanced around and took a mental note of the number of people. She then put her hands in her pockets and said coolly, “Okay. I’ll give it to Chen Yuan when I’m done, and whoever wants it can make a copy.”

“No problem.” Liang Bowen made an OK gesture.

Jiang Tingting and the others also had no objection.

The focus then shifted to what to eat tonight.

Chen Yuan paid more attention to the first half of what she said. When everyone was discussing where to eat after school, he took the opportunity to ask the girl in a low voice, “You’re leaving? Where are you going this time?”

Qiao Nian was originally leaning on the edge of the podium, with her elbows on the podium and one leg on the edge of the podium. She casually listened to everyone’s chatting.

She looked up at him, rubbed her temple, and said slightly hoarsely, “I don’t know yet, it should be Beijing.”

She had heard of the Ninth Branch before.

It was one of the most powerful organizations in China, and many rare resources and cutting-edge unreleased technologies were in their hands.

But where exactly was the Ninth Branch located, she had no idea and was never concerned enough to check it out before.

“You don’t know?” Chen Yuan was stunned by her answer and didn’t react for a while, but he instinctively believed in her ability, so he pursed his lips and said, “Then, when will you come back?”

Qiao Nian lowered her eyes and pondered for a moment before giving an approximate time. “If it is fast, it will be a week. If it is slow, I don’t know, but it shouldn’t be too long.”

“That’s good.” Chen Yuan smiled. “Let me know when you’re back. My mother has been talking about how you haven’t come to my house for dinner in a long time. She brought an old hen from her hometown a few days ago, and she has been raising it all the time, unwilling to eat it. She’s waiting for you to come so she can cook chicken soup for you. I’ll tell her when you come back. She can cook it, and I’ll send it to you.”

Qiao Nian thought about it and said, “Wait for me to come back. I haven’t visited Aunt Chen for a long time.. I’ll go directly to your house when I get back.”

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