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Chapter 70: Make That First Place, Then

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Everyone heard about the two Form Teachers’ bets in the morning, and few were in the mood to study seriously.

Shen Qingqing, the Class Representative for Language, tapped the table as she saw that nobody was studying. She said blankly, “What are you guys doing, nobody’s revising? What about the test next week? Do you guys want to lose the bet?”

Someone talked back at her. “Nobody wants to lose. But someone in our class is dragging us down.”

Shen Qingqing didn’t wish for her deskmate to be bullied by others. She immediately stood up for her and said, “Who are you referring to? Make yourself clear.”

Jiang Tingting didn’t back down. “Who else can it be if not Qiao Nian? If it wasn’t for her, Teacher Shen wouldn’t have placed a bet with Teacher Chen.”

“Is Class B targeting Qiao Nian? No, Class B is targeting the whole of our Class A.” Shen Qingqing placed both her hands on the podium as her face turned red.

At this point, Liang Bowen stood up and slammed his book against the desk while scanning the class. He kept his gaze on the girl who was talking back at Shen Qingqing, then said, “What’s the fuss! Are we all planning to lose? Don’t you forget, we’re all from Class A. We’re a whole entity. We win together and get embarrassed together.

“Now, who doesn’t want to win?”

The moment he asked that everyone in Class A hung their heads low. Nobody was making noise anymore. Even Jiang Tingting kept her head down guiltily; she wanted to win too.

Seeing that the class had quietened down and that everyone was getting back their focus to study, he turned towards Qiao Nian. “Qiao Nian, you’ve just transferred over, so it’s normal that nobody knows what your grades are like. You’ve seen our class’s examination results from before, how high do you think you rank?

“It’s not that we don’t have faith in you. We’re all from the same class, just give us a number so we know what to expect. Spend more time revising on all that you need to over the next few days. We’ll try to pull up your grades and Chen Yuan’s.”

Chen Yuan wasn’t in school yet. When Chen Yuan arrived, he would talk to him about it privately. Everyone had seen Chen Yuan’s results in the past before, so it wasn’t a huge worry. The critical point was Qiao Nian.

The score that Qiao Nian could manage to attain was very important.

Qiao Nian had been leaning against the wall as she played some cell phone games. She now looked up at him after she heard what he said to her.

She hadn’t thought about how many marks she was aiming for. In the past, she used to just try to achieve an average score. That way, she could avoid being the center of attention. It was too much trouble!

But now… it seemed like that wouldn’t work.

Seeing that there was no reply from Qiao Nian, Liang Bowen thought that her results were really far from ideal. But he thought about her friendship with Shen Qingqing and said with encouragement rather than reproach, “It’s alright if you can’t do well. Shen Qingqing, I, and the rest of the class will help you out. Teacher Shen has really gone all out for us this time, we can’t let her down.”

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes as she scanned the dozens of eyes looking back at her expectantly. She felt responsibility on her shoulders for the first time and opened her blank notebook. After a short moment, she said casually, “Make that first place, then.”

Liang Bowen was speechless.

So was Shen Qingqing.

The entire Class A was quiet.

Big boss, are you sleeptalking?

Liang Bowen was the first to react to her response. He said to her seriously but a little more quietly, “Qiao Nian, I’m talking to you seriously.”

Her cell phone vibrated.

[Wei Lou Hundred Feet Tall: Qiao Nian, I’m talking to you seriously.]

Her eyes twitched. If it wasn’t for the fact that Liang Bowen and Wei Lou did not know each other, she would’ve thought they were performing an act.

They said the exact same thing!

Qiao Nian typed on her cell phone, her mind preoccupied with the things she assigned Wei Lou to check out. She said distractedly, “I’m also talking to you seriously. First place.”

B*stard! Liang Bowen had never wanted to use this word on anyone until now. The thing was, the first place of Class A was usually also the first place in the entire First High School, one that was recognized in the district rankings. Did Qiao Nian know what was going on or not!

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