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Chapter 670: Didn’t Qiao Nian Take the Examination Too?

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“Let’s go.” Principal Liang felt relieved after settling this matter. He said in a good mood, “It’s my treat today.”

Nie Mi did not say anything. He turned his head and looked at Qiao Nian with a gentle expression. “I’ve booked a seat in the hotel restaurant. Nian Nian, let’s go.”


Qiao Nian shrugged and followed them.

Along the way, Principal Liang found all kinds of topics to talk about to close the distance between them. Qiao Nian would reply from time to time, and the three of them got out of the elevator and walked toward the restaurant…

Coincidentally, they bumped into ten people walking in this direction.

Wei Ling tilted her head as she chatted with Cheng Wu about Qiao Chen. Qiao Chen walked obediently beside them. Occasionally, Cheng Wu or Wei Ling would ask her a question, and she would answer with a smile.

Her actions were magnanimous.

It was much better than when they were in Rao City previously. Even Shen Qiongzhi nodded repeatedly when she saw this and couldn’t help but feel smug. Sure enough, Chen Chen had gone to Beijing to see the world. Her social skills were much better than some hooligans!


Not only were Wei Ling’s two friends among the people who came along, but there were also a few relatives from the Qiao family who arrived first.

When her third uncle saw her walking with the professor, he couldn’t help but show an envious expression. He whispered to her, “Is that the Professor from Qing University?”

“Yes, Professor Cheng Wu from the Finance Department, an authoritative financial expert in the country.” Shen Qiongzhi glanced at him and asked coldly, “Didn’t you hear of Professor Cheng Wu?”

Her third uncle was a little embarrassed. “I, I’ve heard of him. How could I not have heard of him?”

In reality, it’d be strange if he had heard of him!

The Qiao family had been working hard for three generations and were still so poor. It was the kind of situation where they came from the county city and had to work hard one generation after another to achieve the results that Qiao Weimin had in the past few years.

Many of his relatives had remained in the county city. How would they know any Qing University professors and their names?

They were relatives, after all. They were always like that. If you lived well, they would be willing to pamper you even if they couldn’t bask in your glory. If you didn’t live well, even if you sent them gifts every day, they wouldn’t even bother to look at you.

To the Qiao family, Qiao Chen’s admission to Qing University was an unprecedented matter. With a person from a prestigious school appearing in their family, everyone felt proud. When they went to Rao City and saw that Shen Qiongzhi and the others had booked a five-star hotel for a meal and invited a professor like Cheng Wu, their eyes shone as they said pleasant words one after another.

“I used to say that Chen Chen will be promising in the future. I heard that only the city’s top scholar and the provincial top scholar can study at Qing University. When she comes out of society in the future, she’ll surely make a lot of money…”

Shen Qiongzhi had never liked these relatives of the Qiao family. In the past, when she was living well, she did not think much of them. Now that the Qiao family was down and out, she still did not like these people. She pursed her lips and nodded proudly. “It doesn’t matter if she earns money in the future. I only want her to be happy and live well.”

“Of course.” Her third uncle nodded in agreement. Then, as if he had thought of something, he said casually, “I heard that Qiao Nian participated in this exam, too? Her results were a little better after she transferred schools. This time, when she went to take the exam, I only heard her saying that Chen Chen is going to be admitted. Why didn’t I hear about Qiao Nian?”

“Her?” Shen Qiongzhi straightened her lapel and said with a cold expression, “She didn’t make it. Her results are far from Chen Chen’s. She didn’t even make it to the interview. I wonder if she got 400 marks.”

“So bad?” Her third uncle was shocked.. He didn’t expect Qiao Nian’s results to be so bad.

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