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Chapter 659: How Do You Explain Her Superb Computer Skills

Qiao Nian got out of the taxi when she arrived at the hospital.

It was cold out, so she put on a coat over her sweater. She was still wearing a cap, and the brim was pressed very low. Only a pointed chin was exposed, making her outline cold and charming.

She carried a thermos container in her hand as she entered the hospital familiarly, going through a long corridor, and then went up the elevator to the 8th floor of the Inpatient Department.

All the wards on this level were for VIPs.

Compared to Uncle Chen’s ward on the 6th floor, the conditions here were much better.

She didn’t need to go specifically to Ye Wangchuan’s ward. Pulling the brim of her cap and looking up, she found that the second ward near the inside was extremely lively, and people visited it from time to time.

She pursed the corner of her lips, held the thermos in her hand, and walked to the ward.

Before she went in, she heard Luo Qing’s loud voice as he spoke to Ye Wangchuan. He even mentioned her name.

“Master Wang, do you know where Miss Qiao is from?”

“Huh?” The man’s voice was deep and charming, and its faint nasal sound seemed slightly sultry.

Qiao Nian put her hand on the doorknob but didn’t push the door open first.

Luo Qing’s voice resounded inside.

“I have investigated her background. She has been staying in Rao City and attends school here. Before she transferred to First High School, her grades were quite satisfactory. They weren’t brilliant, but she also was not underperforming. She was expected to get into a third-tier university.

“However, after she transferred to First High School, her grades skyrocketed. Not only did she get into the best Class A, but she also was the top scorer in the Qing University entrance examination. I think she has a lot of secrets.”

Qiao Nian wasn’t the least bit surprised that Luo Qing was suspicious of her.

She chose to help out that day and guessed that someone would check on her background afterwards. She cleaned everything on the Internet as early as last night.

All Luo Qing could find out was what happened after she transferred to First High School. Her previous life experiences were basically removed.

Everything was ordinary.

It seemed like Luo Qing was not satisfied with what he had “investigated”.

“She’s a high school student and has never properly studied programming before. Yet, her coding skills are better than my technicians. Tsk, I haven’t figured it out even after I went back. This doesn’t make sense!

“My men are all extraordinary, top-tier IT talents in the country. They’re at the level of being the technical backbones of the country. She’s just a little girl, but she managed to crush more than a dozen of my men. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never believe it.”

Gu San’s slow voice rang out to help her. “Leader Luo, you’re thinking too much. You have so many questions. Some people are born smarter than ordinary people and learn things more quickly, too. Miss Qiao was… she was adopted by the Qiao family. Those people were partial to her sister. Her brilliance would only have made those people more biased against her, so she was relatively low-key and didn’t show her talents to the outside world. Later, she found out that they weren’t her blood relatives, and she also managed to find her biological father. She reunited with him and returned to her ancestry. She was much more relieved after that and naturally did not need to hide her talents anymore. With that, her grades started to reflect her true ability.”

“What about programming? How do you explain her superb computer skills?” Luo Qing was obviously not convinced.

Gu San casually said, “She can learn that from reading up on her own.”

“Can’t she self-learn it? There are so many online courses for programming and specialized books in the stores. Miss Qiao could just be very interested in computer stuff and got some books to read, or learned about them from online courses..”

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