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Chapter 610: You’re Familiar With Trading in Stocks?

However, Qin Si and the others were also present. Even if Qiao Nian wasn’t receptive to the flaterry, he couldn’t get upset. He could only put on a fake smile as he spoke coldly. “It seems like your studies are very good.”

“It’s okay.” Unexpectedly, Qiao Nian replied to him directly. She raised her eyebrows and admitted calmly.

The man choked on his words for a while and was at a loss for what to say.

Good at reading the atmosphere, Zhang Yang immediately gave the man, who looked like he wanted to go home, a warning look.

He immediately smiled and said, “It’s not easy for all of us to gather and play. Let’s talk about something other than school. By the way, there seems to be some kind of cultural festival being held in Beijing recently. There have been a lot of people coming to Chang’an Street lately. What kind of event is being held there?”

Someone followed up and said, “Ah, that would be the Hanfu Street Parade. It’s said that there will be many students from all over the country coming to participate in the parade. It’s a very lively event.”

Everyone was able to read the mood properly. By continuing the conversation smoothly, they were able to keep the room lively.

Pleased, Qiao Nian was silent. She lowered her head and turned on her cell phone to play.

She was nestled on the edge of the sofa. The faint light from her cell phone lit up the side of her face, which was as white as snow. Her hands moved occasionally, as though she was playing a game. Qin Si leaned over curiously and ignored the lively conversation in the room. He looked at her cell phone and asked, “Are you playing a game?”

Qiao Nian had a good impression of him. Not hiding what she was doing, she agreed and continued to move her hands.

Qin Si saw the colorful lines on her cell phone. She wasn’t playing a game. She was clearly playing with her stocks!

A look of surprise appeared on his face, and he looked at the girl’s relaxed but focussed expression. He then spoke with a tone of surprise. “You’re familiar with trading in stocks?”

Master Wang’s sister was knowledgeable in many things.

Qiao Nian raised her hand slightly. She had just sold a stock. She returned to the previous page and replied briefly, “No, I’m just playing around.

“There’s not much money involved.” She paused for a while and continued explaining.

“Tsk.” Qin Si had also guessed that at her age, she would at most be playing around with her allowance. She couldn’t possibly be spending a lot of money.

He picked up his cell phone on the table without thinking too much. He turned around and asked Qiao Nian, “Nian Nian, what’s your WeChat?”

Qiao Nian raised her eyes and saw that he wanted to add her as a friend. She slowly brought up the QR code on her cell phone and handed it to him.

Qin Si scanned the code, and a verification message was immediately sent.

Qiao Nian confirmed the message on her cell phone.

In the next second, there was a notification about a transfer.

Qin Si had transferred her 100,000 yuan.

Qiao Nian’s fingers hovered over the screen as she counted the number of digits. There were only six digits, just one hundred thousand.

After Qin Si transferred her the money, he raised his head and said, “This is a small token from me. You like to play with stocks, right? Take this money and play. You don’t have to feel bad if you lose it.”

At this moment, Qiao Nian’s phone vibrated.

There was a notification about the stock she had just sold. The transaction was successful, and the earnings were transferred to her.

Similarly, the first digit was a 1. However, the number had three more zeros at the back.

Qin Si was far away and did not see the transaction amount that Qiao Nian had just received.

Qiao Nian silently deleted the notification and returned to the previous page. She returned the money to Qin Si and raised her head casually. She pressed the brim of her cap down, raised her eyebrows, and said, “This gift is too extravagant. I cannot accept it.”

Qin Si saw that she had transferred the money back to him. He thought for a moment and realized that it might have been too abrupt.

Although 100,000 yuan was a small amount to him, this was not necessarily the case for Qiao Nian. It was normal for people not to accept such an amount on their first meeting.

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