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Chapter 565: Haven’t You Always Called Me Brother Ye?

Ye Wangchuan looked at her slouching on the sofa and raised his overly beautiful face. She even asked himself lazily what was wrong. He lowered his eyes and chuckled very attractively. “Nothing’s wrong. But haven’t you always called me Brother Ye?”

His voice was low and deep. He was already very charming without deliberately lowering his voice. Now, Qiao Nian seriously suspected that he was doing this on purpose!

She pursed her lips. The brown sugar water suddenly stopped being sweet. To hide her frustration, she lowered her head and took two sips. Then, she raised her head and composed herself before replying, “I also called you Uncle like Chen Chen does.”

In other words, if he felt that something was wrong, she could call him Uncle.

Ye Wangchuan had only wanted to tease her, but who knew that she would make him speechless? He put down his coffee cup and rubbed his forehead. His handsome face revealed his helplessness as he said, “Forget about Uncle. I’m not that old. You can call me whatever you want.”

“Then, I’ll call you Master Wang.” It was rare for Qiao Nian to win against him. In a good mood, she said straightforwardly, “They all call you Master Wang. It’s more natural when I call you that.”

In the past, she didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with calling him Brother Ye. Later on… when her alias fell, she couldn’t be bothered to pretend in front of him.

It felt strange to call him Brother Ye again.

Ye Wangchuan had no objections. When he saw that she was obediently drinking the brown sugar water he had made for her, his eyes became more relaxed. He looked at her disheveled appearance and asked, “What are your plans later? Are you going to school?”

Last night, Qin Si had sent him an email saying that the Red Alliance had accepted their order and had even taken a screenshot of the goods. He seriously suspected that it had something to do with the girl in front of him.


Ye Wangchuan pursed his lips and controlled his temper. He was in no hurry to ask a certain someone, in case he aroused her rebellious thoughts.

Master Wang was always better than Uncle, and better than… good friends!

Their relationship had progressed at least a step, hadn’t it?

Qiao Nian didn’t know what he was thinking. She lowered her head and took another big sip of brown sugar water. It was still so sweet that it made her nervous. However, at least the faint pain in her stomach was much better. She put down the cup and raised her eyes, then said lazily, “I’m probably going to the hospital.”

“To the hospital?”

“Yeah.” Qiao Nian nodded blatantly. “I want to go to the hospital to see Uncle Chen and tell Chen Yuan to attend school.”

Chen Yuan still didn’t know that his punishment had been withdrawn. As the college entrance examination was approaching, every day was very important. He couldn’t possibly continue to skip classes like this.

Chen Yuan… Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes. His black eyelashes drooped as he retracted the light in his eyes. It took him a long time to remember who Chen Yuan was. He seemed to be a boy who often followed Qiao Nian. He was average-looking and had an introverted personality. He wasn’t as eye-catching as Liang Bowen, but he was more focused on Qiao Nian than the latter.

He didn’t take the young boy, who hadn’t even grown all his hair, seriously. He took his car keys magnanimously and said to her, “Let’s go. I have nothing on today. I’ll send you there.”

“Er, I can take a taxi.” Qiao Nian was unwilling to let him send her off, so she got up slowly.

“This is the villa district. Even if you call a taxi, they won’t be able to enter. Anyway, I’m free. Aunt Chen treated me to hot and sour noodles before. Since her husband isn’t in good health, I should visit the hospital as a polite gesture.”

Qiao Nian was speechless. After treating him to a bowl of 7 yuan hot and sour noodles, he would make a special trip to the hospital?

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